Bodybuilding Motivation - Be a Champion

Bodybuilding Motivation – Be a Champion

bodybuilding more than anything is a mind game is what you bring to the table mentally you could have you could have somebody antastic genetics something of all the all the tools keep it together mentally you know day to day work out to work out and especially as a show draws in I mean that's what guys start paluszek to get where Arnold got in life you have to be willing to step on a few fingers and step on a few friends and funk a few people over you don't get to that level without done in this world you're either the Barracuda will you that little minnow swimming around like this and Arnold's the Barracuda I remember waking my wife up in milah nights and I can't blame her mr. Olympia that was the most amazing feeling ever I mean you work your whole life where's 33 years old in life is really always on to you it's always up to you now do you knows people that are out there working out five days a week do they have more time than you do is that a wife less busy it's just a must for them they must work out that way and they made that turn their life change so if you want to make real progress then you really got to look at your life in a different way you gotta say I gotta take control of this process and not just hope that's going to work out like people do who make a resolution nobody in your mind – shush the Bible said is what one thing I can tell you is that dedication to what you do you're eating you're training constantly reflecting on what you're doing we'll bring you so much further than anything else

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  1. what happened to this video makers, Shaqx, Zhasni, renat666, godofvroidz and muscle factory to name a few? this shit was very motivating, even they had great editing skills. Guys like Varyjer, Makaveli, are making just conventional videos, every week, with no motivating purpose on them.

  2. When the guy says about fucking a few people over. He doesn't literally mean go out of your way to hurt a person. It's a figure of speech. It just means that you can't be nice to everyone and always do what other people want. You have to put yourself first. People are so stupid.

  3. Why does the video not show how they take stereoids and human growth hormones? To get so much muscles you must swallow every day 1-5 tablets. And every 3-5 days you must take 1 syringe.
    A German university published a study: 24% of 9,6 million bodybuilders in Germany take drugs.

  4. Since the last year to this day (it's my birthday that's why I remember exactly) I realized I'm obsessed with bodybuilding.I realized that I don't get out at nights with my friends,I'm getting exhausted and moody (especially on low carb days) and my family and friends are constantly tell me to take it easy and ''enjoy'' life,they keep telling my that I'm obsessed and I'm loosing the best years of my life (I'm turning 22 today).Well…It's the best obsession any person could ask for and I'm grateful that it's happened to me.I respet and love my slef,I've learned so much things about me.I'm evolving every day to a better person.So keep up what you're doing brothers,sure you have to loose some things in life to have some other,but in the end of the day is our choices that makes us who we are.
    love,a fellow iron brother.

  5. 0:43 – 0:50
    if you have to step on fingers and friends to get where you are going then you are going in the wrong direction is all i have to say.

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