Bodyweight HIIT Cardio Workout - Sweaty At Home Cardio HIIT (no equipment)

Bodyweight HIIT Cardio Workout – Sweaty At Home Cardio HIIT (no equipment)

hey guys it's Kelly from Fitness and today I have a body weight only hit workout for you I've included both your warmup and your cooldown and I'll be providing low-impact modifications all the way through let's go ahead and get started all right for our warm-up we are doing exercises for 25 seconds apiece no rest in between so we're gonna start off nice and light I'm gonna be doing just a boxer shuffle so getting our lungs and our muscles warmed up for the work that we're about ready to do like I said I'll be providing low-impact modifications all throughout so choose the level that works for you if you've been sitting for a long time you might want to do a longer warmup than this just don't really get those muscles ready all right next up I'm gonna be doing toe touch circles so I'll plant our feet face down to the toes on one side cross over to the toes on the other side and then come back up so do this do all of these at whatever pace do you need to to feel good but you're getting a nice touch through your lower back and your hamstrings the backs of your thighs here ok next up we're gonna be doing a reach plus a chest opener so I'm gonna work on their upper bodies a little bit alright so right here I'm reaching forward really dramatically really over exaggerate it and then back so you should feel this when you're reaching forward through your upper back and then when you push back you should feel it through your chest you can even get your wrists in there a little bit then warmed up as well if I'm pulling those hands back next up we have a high knee twist so bringing up one knee to time come across pull with your arms reach up high and pull down if you don't have the same range of motion of me that's okay just go as slowly as you need to get the most range of motion and then work on picking up the speed from there all right next time we're doing a slow buck kicker plus the arm cost swing so you're swinging your arms in the front a different arm on top each time and kicking yourself in the body alright just a few more seconds I'm gonna be doing a basic squat all right so these are feet shoulder-width apart and you're sinking back so you start this motion by hinging at your hips you can weight in your heels and then squeeze your glutes on the way up keep your core pulled in nice and tight your eyes up on the wall in front of you flat back okay next up we're gonna be doing walk downs this is more upper-body we're cooler work and we get a good stretch through our lower back in thighs again so you're walking all the way down incrementally come here and then walk yourself back up try to remember to start with a different hand each time just to mix things up pick up the pace as you get more comfortable next step we're gonna be doing lunges all changing lunges stop coming out dropping down right in between your body till they get between those two feet good posture yeah nice and neutral posture here and your weight should be roughly evenly distributed my next up we have front kicks right here you're just putting out one foot at a time you can even add your arms in there all right next up we're pissin picking up the pace a little bit we've got split jumps – come on here we go so just hopping your feet apart did you want to keep this low-impact just go front and back front and back and there goes the pony tail always next up we have Fred Jack's coming out arms in front try to land nice nice and soft you want low impact just step out side to side pick up the pace five seconds left we're switching to buck Eagers so right here again you want to land soft if you want to keep it low and hard just cut out the jumps get your arms in there I guess I'd trying to pick up the pace as we get towards the Internet interval but stay control nice and soft all right so that is our warm-up keep moving and we'll get right into that hit workout all right so my first exercise it's going to be a jumping jack plus a touchdown so I'm gonna be alternating which hand we touch down with in between each jumping jack so here we go so out for the jumping jack touch down to the ground jumping jack touch down the other side if you want this low-impact just come here out and down so like I said choose your own difficulty level you are free to move back and forth between the two of them as you need to we're doing three sets of each of these hit exercises so yeah if you are doing the hard version before you stop completely always switch to the easier version again go as long as you can before chains that brick here we go try to move as quickly as you can with clean form only go down as low as you can to fit a squat with clean you form about 5 seconds left all right one more of those remember to keep your feet moving the whole time at least a boxer shuffle three two one here we go pulling your core make sure that your eyesight is staying up so that you're not rounding your back on the way down remember that low impact version all right so next up we have a mountain climber plus a plank Jack so three mountain climbers plus the plank Jack so be working a little bit of coordination here as well so one two three and apart one two three so start with a different leading leg each time if you want low-impact up and out one two all right there's one take night nice two breaths while you can two one here we go one two three five seconds left all right one more of those left keep your feet moving or to hold the plank boy you down there here you go halfway done all right okay nice up we were doing a jump squat plus a front kick recover as much as you can in here and here we go so down jump up as hard as you can and kick my stuff we'll be doing with the opposite way low impact down for your squat do it Tori's and then come up with that kick okay keep moving five seconds left two one turn it up so you're jumping up as hard as you can and landing as soft as you can so you're working your butt and your thighs your entire core do one that's two so one more of those to go three two come on here we go I'm sure you're not holding your breath to one okay next up we have high knees catch your breath here we go so in your knees up as high as you can as fast as you can on if you need that low impact version stay right here you can even add arms into it I do what you need to just tell on yourself five seconds left okay there's one of those down so don't get discouraged because this is meant to be hard you're meant to sterling doing these workouts so just adjust it so that you're pushing yourself but you're not making yourself completely hating exercise it's a fine line especially with hit right have we done keep it going five seconds okay one more of those three two one here we go breathe ten seconds five two one alright so next up we're dropping down to the ground I'm gonna be doing push-ups hey man so the hardest version that you do and you can do a full run or a half I don't think my lungs are gonna let me do a phone right now this is hard because push-ups aren't necessarily high cardio challenge but when your lungs are completely tapped out from the hip I was an entirely different ball game all right one down I can feel my face is purple here we go step flat back nice straight line through your body make sure that you're not collapsing in on yourself pull in your core squeeze your glutes you can easily turn this into total body exercise make sure that you're keeping a slight bend in your elbows even if the top of the range of motion so your arms keep working ok one more of those there's the spider do not like that it spreads in this garage okay I think we're safe these are there exactly have a jumping lunge these are way scarier than spiders anyways so your hardest version is me coming down switching so that your other foot is leading if you want to make it low-impact just do a regular lunge cut out the jumps completely if you want kind of in between you can pop in into the middle so you're breaking up that big one all right two more to go five seconds left under a minute left over before we get a water break okay one more 20 seconds left of hard work he's got me back okay do one alright so that is our first water break don't stop moving at don't drink too much water we'll be right back you alright we're already over halfway through the zoo team so we're getting there next up we have three intervals of pop squats so we're gonna be dropping down between our two feet touching the ground and then coming back up with our feet together over our heads so here we go so down and back up so if you want the low impact version just break apart down in the center back up move it whatever piece you need to to get it done five seconds to one all right there's one so keep those legs moving your arms your legs don't hold still three seconds here we go down back up find a nice breathing pattern alright there's two or three done one more of those left three two one here we go keep it going low-impact three two one alright so next up we have burpees plus a squat jump sorry squat jack so don't hate me I'll show you the low impact version to you so coming down kick your feet out come back up so low impact you're stepping into put one step at a time just pick up the pace from there all right one down already two more to go calm your breathing here we go five seconds left all right one more to go three seconds rest all right so next up we have Christie jumps curtsy lunge jumps so ready here starting in the center coming down and coming up from that foot as hard as you can so the low impact version do that lunge raise up on your tiptoes three all right quick rest keep your feet moving three two one here we go can you say nice and up and down on your torso here like I said jump up as hard as you can so as low as you can control them and up as far as you can three seconds oh okay one more of those left five seconds rest here we go last one all right we have one more of those step 3 you guys know nobody knows I will do one more for good measure keep it going five seconds remember to just cut the jump if you needs you okay next up slowing it down a little bit we're not lessening the burn so we're gonna be doing squat pulses so holding it as long as you can it's just difficult when you're breathing hard from hiss so this is what you really work you control your breathing deep breath in through the nose out through the mouth and just stay here and you're not drinking to go as low as you label value stay in the squat okay one of those down five seconds three two one here we go so drop down so again you should be able to lift your toes up off the ground or ethically so all your waves in your heels squeeze your glutes your back flat pull in your core just hold it here go to happy place three seconds huh okay actually I'm curious if you've made it this far tell me what your happy place looks like for me it's usually like a warm beach somewhere possibly with an adult beverage so I was in the same sort of thing maybe wakes our thing keep it going remember it's okay to stop and shake out your legs okay take a break there for a second okay one more of those takedown you're holding it breathe ten more seconds so as much as this burns there's a chance to catch our breath all right and I stop with dropping down for a bicycle crunch so maybe alternating back and forth knee to elbow so you one here we go three sets if I can keep count this time to find a breathing pattern that works so you're not holding your breath good inhale at one knee exhale at the other guy one down two to go we are almost done with this whole routine hang in there here we go so try to keep your back flat on the mat nice smooth motion lifting up towards that knee as much as you can exaggerate the motion feel like you're on a bike all right that's it for that one more of those to go here we go – one all right I can tell by my interval or the time I have left that I definitely must help over the intervals but we were moving so the counts so mega having me doing a squatted sidestep one should squat down to the side stay low and jump up as hard as you can same thing the other direction if you want to make it low-impact just come here and do that toe raise otherwise jump up as hard as you can like I said stay low in between you all right one down three seconds rest here we go so the floor is getting all slippery from my sweat ten seconds already halfway done okay one more minute left hang in there five seconds rest left three two one here we go ten seconds five seconds three two one all right so we're gonna do just one interval of this last one and the interest of keeping it around thirty minutes you gonna do up and out jumps sorry jack so here we go I would enough so alternating arm positions moving as quickly as you can ten seconds to one all right so that is our hit workout she's gonna do a quick cool down here so for a second just give yourself a moment to catch your breath thing get comfortable again just swing your arms around a little bit get moo-ving deep breath in exhale out and through your nose out through your mouth all right so I'm gonna reach up overhead plant your feet take your time stretch your fingers get a nice rich wrist stretch on this once we're here come down to one side again take your time do this at your own pace and we're gonna walk across to that other foot so take your time and work through places where you find any tension come back up do that one more time this time in the opposite direction enjoy this full-body starts for just a second like back and forth and I'm gonna come down to the other side so by now you should find that your heart is slowing down a little bit you breathing and starting to return to normal you're probably still sweating but the more you work out the smarter you work out the fitter you get the faster you recover from these things and that feels really good to go from the point where you're completely out of breath to feeling alright and like you could do it again in a minute so next up we're gonna pull your foot up to your butt so we get a good stretch through your front of your thigh here you can always hold on to something for balance if you need to still focusing on that deep breathing alright we're going to switch sides all right next up we're gonna do that inside tie so plant one foot out here gonna be leaning away from it so come down as low as you need to to get a nice stretch through the inside thigh you can even lean away from yourself and get a good stretch through this side as well go back and forth between the sides changes the stretch completely it's kind of a balancing act so do we can now in your switch sides so again if you want to add on that side stretch you can balance yourself here I mean away first yeah just to lean towards that leg I have extended alright now I'm going to straighten out here for a good calf stretch so if you plant that foot on the ground that toe on the ground and act as if you're trying to press your heel towards the floor should feel a nice stretch to your calves you'd switch sides so you gonna want to make sure to drink lots of water after this replace everything you just spit out alright now I'm gonna bring my feet together and come down and act as if you're trying to press your my hands into the ground so you get a good shoulder stretch and if you kind of eat inch away from yourself a little bit you can get it starts through your lower and your upper back here alright now I'm gonna come up place a hand behind myself and reach up here so you get a nice stretch do the fun of your body size all right you do one more here and do a nice glute stretch so laying flat on your back cross one foot over the other and grab that leg supporting the other one you should feel a nice stretch deep into your glutes and the back of your thigh here all right switch sides just if you feel nice and relaxed now so we're gonna end off with a full body stretch so arms and legs arms and feet pushing in opposite directions again you're kind of inching back and forth so you get a good stretch through your side all right and what it relax okay guys we did it so this is an awesome workout for around 30 minutes so like I said make sure that you drink lots of water eat a good healthy meal as soon as you can after this otherwise good job guys this workout is complete

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  1. Day 37. My second and last workout of the week. But this was so good, so sweaty. Reminded me why o love working out

  2. I called it about 15 minutes in. My legs were shaking!!! I 10/10 recommend this, but to gradually do it. I felt good stopping at 15 because I used to run hiit on the treadmill at 15 minutes, so the day after tomorrow i'll try for 20 minutes and so on.

    lol and I really thought I was going to do this workout twice to get a 60 minute workout. THIS IS HIIT! no jokes about it

  3. I did it!! I love you, Kelly. I think you are so beautiful and I feel so good after this workout. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Woah, this was so much fun. I pushed myself as hard as I could and now I’m sweaty, proud and moving onto another workout ? Oh, why am I doing this to myself?! Oh right, getting ready to show off all my work this summer XD. #FBSweat Day 15 complete! 25.02.19

  5. I did this one a couple of days ago. And I noticed how badly in shape I am. I struggled so much due to me gaining 5kg about 1.5 years ago… which makes a huge difference. And I haven’t worked out much in those past 1.5 years, especially not HIIT. Last time I worked out was in August – that went good until I had a cold in September and after that… I haven’t done much.

    Anyway… I sucked!! I’m going to try this again soon, I think. Hopefully with your videos I’m going to lose those 5kg soon and more!

  6. 11 months postpartum with #3 and I finally finished a complete one of your workouts again!! I had to do the low impact on a few but still happy ?

  7. amazing workout as always! as someone who’s not the best at cardio, tho, i do have a question:

    is it better for me, when i get too tired to do the high impact, to switch to low impact/whatever movement i can do, or should i pause the vid a few moments until i can continue with high impact for a while?

  8. Doing those curtsy lunge jumps when Kelli says “Is that 3? Who knows ? Nobody knows”, I’m here screaming at the screen “I know! It was 3! , it was 3!” ?? . What a great workout , thank you! ?

  9. I did not like other YouTubers videos at all. Finally, when I found Kelli and Daniel's videos, I just loved them. Thank you guys.

  10. Took a three day break after doing challenge for busy people. This killed me in between. I would rate this 10 out of 5 in terms of hard excercise! Paused at 16:03 coz had a massive burn and no breathe.

  11. I wonder was it too good idea to do this after 1 month break and all that Xmas food haha 😀 *nearly dead and only half way thru"

  12. This teacher is so lovable! Great workout kept it fun and I like that it’s a challenge even for her too! 🙂

  13. my happy place is that I try to feel like an Olympian competing lol I act like kicking and jumping is just a natural state. Also! Big epiphany – if you hold the pulse squat with your butt instead of quads- it's so much more bearable and easier to hold in your abs

  14. Getting back into the game this workout took me more like 40-45 minutes to complete. Now my legs feel like cement T_T

  15. This workout is great but today I had the worst migraine and I detested every exercise that consisted of jumping since it made it worst. I’m proud of myself for showing up and doing it even though I wasn’t feeling too well. I’m great haha ? #FBSweat Day 15 done! #workoutcomplete 05.11.18

  16. I hadn't done hiit in years… but today was the day… to come back to my fav channel and kick ass ! ! Kelli I hope you are blissfully cuddling your kitty today… love to you <3

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