Boxing for Beginners | BEST CARDIO

Boxing for Beginners | BEST CARDIO

hi guys so today with over an amazing cardio session and how to build your stamina and your muscle endurance we're gonna go for five minutes straight no breaks guys so let's jump right into it welcome [Applause] [Applause] like that yeah what's good YouTube it you were HP so guys today we'll go over an amazing cardio session by boxing the most important thing is just stamina is your muscle endurance doesn't matter if you have a strong shot doesn't matter if you have good footwork and great technique if your stamina is horrible you're done because if the person can outdo that crazy couple of seconds that you have when throwing your hardest shot when throwing as many shots as possible they're able to get past that you're done because remember boxing is 12 rounds it's not just the first round so this video I'm going to show you a great way on how to build that muscle endurance and that stamina by doing a few combos for 30 seconds each for 5 minutes straight and non-stop I know it's gonna burn what we're gonna do it together guys so let's jump right into it you guys ready let's get it hi guys so we start this off jab jab cross 30 seconds let's go this exercise is not for me don't hands up so now when you switch it up let's go to the body look at the top to the body just jab right hook left hook to him today looking to the body right suit when the turtles punch Jeff course welcome to the back jab cross for ministry non-stop down body it's gone let's go guys homestead Oh shoulders of burnt you the guys to get used to it you have to keep consistent because remember boxing is consistency you can just go into the ring don't just go into a gym and think you're gonna be the best boxer you're gonna be a problem same thing as building muscle it doesn't just build overnight you have to stay consistent you have to stay at it and that's exactly how are you gonna do the same thing with this whole team so to intensify this routine try it out five minutes straight there's too easy for you do the second round ten minutes that's how you're gonna better yourself every time you throw this routine into next time you hit a boxing champ so guys also don't forget keep their notification funny sitting on my next video comes out it's your boy legend be like my people subscribe my video see whether you guys do that I'll be rid of you

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