Bulking & Cutting (Natural VS Enhanced) | Kali Muscle

Bulking & Cutting (Natural VS Enhanced) | Kali Muscle

hey hey hey you what's up with everybody you by way Kylie muscle here do you flip for each other yeah well today uh you know I still been getting a lot of questions and you know you guys send your questions a team showstopper at gmail.com and not the ones that's pertinent I'm gonna get to you know was doing the Mondays and county muscle but it started getting monotonous same questions so I bagged above that but I'm still going to do some answer questions here and there for those that don't know I'd livestream a lot on YouTube gaming but in that live stream if people support the stream I will answer their questions give up shoutouts things of that nature so today's topic is cutting and bulky that's a big question that I'm running into and a lot of kids are asking me this and this is quite unsettling because kids think they posed to eat hell of food get fat then cut it down the muscle and that's not that's not it let me get our history behind cutting at Boka in Arnolds Aaron let's start there 60 70s when guys were competing they were they were not over five pounds at the most 10 pounds over their competition weight and that was for maybe us high sodium they wasn't concerned with salt on the food at the time what not when you drop your soul your sodium your salt water releases from your body so you're going to weigh less so 5 to 10 pound nowadays when the Dorian Yates era hit that's when this big cheat meal ah that's one lose big get up to 300 pounds full of hdh insulin steroids ton of food whatever that's when that came about you know it is unsettling to me because when I grew up it was about working out and eating getting clean muscle we weren't trying to get fat if we if a blowers in her fucking six-pack something was wrong you know me in which I always been with my six-pack all my life because I've been active all my life from a kid we ran up and down the streets I was always active with a fast metabolism so I got away with even eating high-calorie foods but back to what I'm saying you got kids 12 to 18 19 years old come in my live feed in this unsetting because they don't grasp what's going on they're watching guys and you know I'm not gonna say names and all that but you got guys save they're bulky a cut team let me just keep it honest man if you Bokan been cutting you own some it just in just what it is an person that's natural is going to gain consistent clean muscle you said I mean and so a lot of these kids are trying to bulk up and you know I'm gonna get fat and cut it down no it doesn't work like that if your natural if you have a slow metabolism you should be eating a lot of clean food cuts clean food karlie killing this is clean food there's only a few items you should be eating rice oatmeal potatoes meat eggs that's it that's it you know so people bite down some fruit in there whatnot but I never was a fruit guy because I just never wasn't ever said we'll buy system and vegetables some guys are vegetable guy but to it yawn stuff vegetables is it's go fill you up faster than you should be fool you know it's really uh overrated in my book because I can't eat vegetables so how you gonna tell somebody to eat vegetables when they can't it did fucks up these system then give them terrible gas and things of that nature that's like you tell the person they should drink bill milk isn't even for the human consumption that's why so many lactose intolerant people and doctor Bechet there's a real study out that MIT we already knew this why don't people drink milk when they catch a coat because it builds mucus mucus is bad for your system that's when you start catching diseases when mucus buildup in your system you know so back to home sad when I grew up bokken I had a fathom tablet I had to eat a lot of calories for those of you that predisposes fat your you should be eating clean you said I mean adding good quality muscle ain't no fucking all these people now with that cheat meal shit and now to me that's weak people a man if you have a fast metabolizer I have a fast metabolism up in my stomach I can eat what I want but I can't because God made me a different idea right now I can only eat four to five things my daily eating is oatmeal fish chicken rice that's it for things if I'm gaming or something I might have a pop-tart because they don't fuck about study uh but that's all I eat every day all day you know I may and so and I'm not a foodie a lot of 99% of people in the world foodies so they have problems people wonder why I look the way I do year-round I'm not a foodie I have I'm a man I'm like a fucking robot like a machine all my life I've been focused and driven on a path you know and uh I just been disciplined man I haven't found a motherfucker like me yet now you know I see a few people putting in new work whatnot you know but I'm just here to tell y'all since man work out if you predispose the fat if you'll see your fucking six-pack you should be eating those five things six things I day once again i'ma tell you cuz I do comprehension is up oatmeal rice potatoes and when I say potatoes that's sweet potatoes regular potato little red but potatoes all potato right fish chicken eggs and if you want to veggies so set a date that's all you probably fucking eating and you ain't probably letting your parents throw a hell of salt on their salt is the killer made so it has its purpose but if you consume too much you're not gonna see your cuts you're not gonna see your veins and all that cause it's like creatine it's gonna have your body retaining water you see the mean that you know it's just time you know I've been holding back a lot of scientific stuff and I didn't want to confuse y'all but I'm going to show you how what I eat what not a lot of people get caught up on the hyphy food that's for you youngsters that has a fast metabolism that's working this football and wrestling and track baseball a basketball you active you swimming you're doing this net you need high calories and you need extra sodium but for guys this has a problem with seeing a half you've not seen your absent on shake I'm just keeping it what it is you know I mean uh you got a lot of guys icing me on you how can I blow my youtube channel up hi can I do this hacking and I tell you it's like five of us that has set the bar high you gotta talk a lot you gotta be jacked I'm not talking about fat bloating don't nobody power lifters on that this thing thing that's cool but if you talking about being successful in Fitness YouTube you got to look the part it's just what it is I see guys you know they're doing a YouTube channel I'm bulking you looking fat nigga you fat cuz you you don't have a discipline to stick to what you post stick to you didn't fell off you got weak simple as that you know I mean uh this shit is for real if you're gonna do it for lifestyle do it for lifestyle yowzers don't get caught up and trying to emulate your life behind a pro bodybuilder is taking how the drugs hell is shit they got a boca the ideology behind that is they broke up ten pounds each ten pounds they add of weight because it is not muscle they didn't want to hold seven pounds of muscle when he cut down so a lot of y'all don't know that songs you know I mean and when they take in when people take all these drawers HGH ensalada most of that shit is water man when you come off that shit that water release you back down you might say ten pounds maybe you know and so you guys really I'm giving you straight out cut there's only two options fitness if you're natural to buy else's if you fat cut down your carb sodium eat clean if you got a family tablet you having problems gaining weight high calories and that's how you go to build weight and would weight come strength right so it's those two things man uh you know it is time to me y'all send y'all serious questions at our bathroom as truthful as truthful can be you know so that's what's up with that bow can to cut shit if you'd actually you should never be said bulking to cut nothing is a simple add quality muscle I've been at this shit 30 years right now as a now look the biggest flood right 235 that's how much I weigh right now 235 you know why because I'm only eating a few things I'm not in gorging myself with food when I'm hungry I'm hungry if I'm not I'm not some day they eat two days times a day some three some force of five it varies I listen to my body I'm not trying to be the biggest mother for the even though my proportions in my muscle foot as a muscle bellies make me look like that but I don't want to beat 300 I don't want to be 260 again I want to look good be strong fit healthy to bang out 20 25 reps hold it every day do muscle ups how far top should be energetic but none for the start playing over 250 pounds your energy fuck your sleep fucked sleep apnea I can barely tie your shoe so don't worry about the weight that's what this generation has got caught up in how much weight they push and how much they weigh look good look like a fucking alien be different you feel man don't get caught up in that weight shit their diet is everything I'm telling you until I'm gonna write Dead videos back in the day talking shit oh he kentucky mechdyne knows pizza hood all this shit I looked good because my genetics metabolism let me do so but once I want the science of tewi and I didn't need as much to eat it to look good monster status so I'll give you our game and you take you don't I'm helping those that want to be helped so you could cut through the bullshit you'll have to guess all this fucking information out here cutting the bokya macros that this shit is simple made simple I read one magazine as a kid I always say this and I knew how to get jacked Arnold put in a article that said how many calories he was eating cuz he has a fast metabolism I said I gotta tell who's faster I can't what he did a six thousand calorie jack ninety days wouldn't even creatine I then I'm everybody asked me about creatine I'm not a fan of Korea tea because I always want to see cuts always want to see them cuts always then I want to see vascularity that's when I grew up like if you had veins of shit you was the shit you know what that mean you was doing something right you healthy into this day when I see vascularity I'm I definitely got discipline they eat and write you know so with that I love those who love me if you have any fitness questions go to Kali muscle books dark car go to my website Carly muscle calm we go keep it pushing we go have a good 2017 and I hope y'all learnt a lot from this video make sure you check out my live streams gabbing on and poppin for 2017 we having loads of fun a lot of new videos coming out we try to bang them out at least four or five videos a week we pushing baby so with that Allah does love me get your flex boom chat with that if you mad and meet our team – or any my supporters fans you oh man gah gah gah gah mr. love the fucking rough sluggish last one hit the motherfucking reps like each last one rap rap rap don't stop we ain't go stop weapon to it make sure you order your hiking mud if you want to take your training to the extreme level that Khali muscles all you see behind but you see behind I'm off the – mud I want say – mud

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  2. Asking kali muscle a bodybuilding question is like asking LeBron James how to play basketball. It's all genetics guys. I'm sorry to tell you. Kali muscle could have never touched a weight, and ate at burger King seven days a week., and he would still look more jacked than 99.9 percent of lifters.

  3. My parents don’t let me eat to much chicken they say it’s bad to eat everyday I eat roti with vegetable and oatmeal

  4. That’s what’s up brother. I love how real you are wish everyone could be real and stop all that bullshit

  5. I still come back and watch this video from time to time just to hear some REAL SHIT regarding bulking and cutting. Hope you decide to go back to doing videos like this one, and your “Rant” videos. That’s the REAL KALI! Thanks G. ?

  6. @KaliMuscle Your a real dude yo! Thank you for you educated advice bro! New subscriber to your channel and I'm lovin the videos. Keep it up baby and be blessed!!

  7. Thank you Kali Muscle for that in your house cuz I got to snow tab ilysm Thor just trying to I'm just trying to get everything right natural muscle I'm only 5 1 in height

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