Burn Up To 300 Cals in 20 Mins! High Intensity Fat Burning Workout

Burn Up To 300 Cals in 20 Mins! High Intensity Fat Burning Workout

hi everyone its Joe and I'm here and today I want you to burn up to 300 calories in under 20 minutes so this is a high-intensity total body fat burning workouts you will be very tired at the end but you'll be putting lots of fat so what you need is lots of energy a bottle of water drink as and when you need it and just have fun there will be eight different exercises will be performing each exercise for about 45 seconds rest for 15 seconds and on to the second exercise until we've done all eight exercises okay there'll be lots of jumping so make sure that you've got a comfortable pair of trainers on and let's start by warming up are you ready right let's just warm up my jockey on the spot let's just bring the heart rate up slowly and will you drink this for about three minutes okay so just drop on the spot make sure you've got a comfortable pair of trainers you can love this and let's get into it jumping jacks it I'm going to try to talk about adult on top and not during the workout okay so just amazing all right I'm going get into high knees I think you shoot it all the way up good going up anything that you touch above can you see a hundred going up good job keep going all right and use the chalk on this point game okay and before we start let's do some dynamic stretches just to stretch your hamstring out to prepare your hamstrings and legs for lots of jumping okay so don't feel quite a lot and just appreciate those original gasps sighs that's it rich and rich good keep going you go you should put a scratch on your hamstrings okay and just gently slide slide your items forward it circles we're going back alright are you ready so let's start with the first workout there are eight different workouts 45 seconds each rest for 15 seconds and the first write down its job squad okay Sam I count three two one let's go down jump good Richard landing junkie okay going I was there keep jumping 15 seconds laughs can you feel your eyes five seconds keep going and rest 15 seconds okay good the second workout it's push-ups if you want to do push on your knees you can't but if you want to push yourself turns you on your toes okay and and stop go down as many as you can painful license version you whatever assignments Andres good job what's the Louisville do things in is nice the next workout burpees alright you know purposes and McGee let's go dumb out jump good Hey good as high as you can we're going the jobless you going I know you're tired happens more and last for me good all right watch your your next workout it's a way better apps it's called mountain climber all right really fun for second first and let's get down on four let's go bring your knees in good it's it go on a trapeze really three laps I know everybody working good keep going single sentence with that final seconds every skill Mohammed okay if we forgot lunges point ready until so lunch relighting good going good job please squeeze all the way up good keep going over there do good job guys – come on 10 more seconds 5 4 seconds and rest all right I will get on three Moscow next workout is playing and be shocked okay stop line and push I'm ready let's go can you take my position okay really – nobody straight all right whatever several seconds keep pushing Andres good thank you Oh Miss Ellie I need two more nails next one is deuce okay so we're just getting on the phone and we start dipping right okay so keep your legs and that can you go down and just go down and up good okay pushing good smell this why you should really feel your triceps working good keep going good fishing yeah it was like this small but heartless several seconds I am dreaming or what good pretty one of those triceps three two one and risk loss where y'all at scrunching headaches 10 minutes and the rest early okay wedding dress nah circle I promise it's a last word okay dumb Thank You Virginia and extend up extend oh so tired 15 more seconds keep coming up next n let's end up good final seconds in Lhasa in France good job so that was in workouts in a valise I love why I want to be doing is to rest for 1 minute and then I'm going to do the whole thing again and the end of the workout you should be burning up to 300 calories can you see that I am absolutely dripping okay don't forget to stretch I'm just going to show you quick stretches when you finish your workout so just stretch arms out all right change side and just go down and reach for your toes just stretch hamstrings up straight what okay you decide clowns oops that's how I am are you tying it okay please arms behind and just open your chest stretch your chest if you just stretch your chest out through your lungs together with your circle and just stretch it back out and just sugar all right so do to set rest for a minute between sets no resting throughout the whole x8 exercises and you'll be burning up to 300 calories depend on your weight and depending it on your intensity as well don't forget to subscribe to my youtube page for more fitness and nutritional videos as well as speakers motivational tips share this video like this video and make sure that your things high right now

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  1. I don't know if I lost weight doing this workout but I became more active and feel full of energy , thank you Joahnna . You be the best?

  2. Wow I have found this is very easy method to change from fat to fit and lose weight please visit here https://www.favefooddiet.com/Video/?hop=reba1029

  3. Ooh Joanna just love you.. whatever u make me sweat a lot …love u dear…my best trainer… thank you so much??????????it's working….

  4. Iamnow 71 kg and l am 5.3 feet and my age is 44 years and lam starting exercise to make me slim and energetic

  5. Wow thank you for dis it's definitely not easy i'm ur new fan don't forget m i'll definitely do ✌️ ??

  6. Thanks Joanna for this video.. Has really helped me loose weight and I just like you for the" only 15 sec left now come on guys! "

  7. I've been doing this every single day, sometimes I do one set only if I'm not eating much on that day and honestly, after months of diet, this work out really did wonders to my body. People started to notice the difference in my body after I started doing this everyday. Guys, seriously start today and love the process. It may be hard the first time, but if you push through, it started getting easier.

  8. soi just went through all of this thinking i'd be burning 300 kcal for you to tell me at the end that i have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN? bye

  9. Hey @JoannaSohOfficial, I am from India , 23 years and obese, did your workout plan "Burn 300calories in 20 mins "for the first time and feeling very exhausted after the workout , I was really feeling that I dehydrated myself , so I drank 500ml of water after 5 mins and after completion of round 1 I took a few gulps , after completion of 2nd round I was totally exhausted and was very tired and sleepy, so I just want to know is this normal? Or not

  10. Done reading comments its time to work.Because I can relie to this woman here her thing is challenging but working hei .I knw from other vidz

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