Cardio đốt mỡ với 30 phút mỗi ngày | Hana Giang Anh

Cardio đốt mỡ với 30 phút mỗi ngày | Hana Giang Anh

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rest and address that big that is asking me cause I arrest never ends and you're going to last week that my place or an apartment or I can come in just a few minutes going keep going okay no Chelsea told you that I'm on a whole different level opposite with a multi-level beat up on the road with the pedal to the metal I'm a rebel when I'm running this traction memo check my mo always get it live she is on a slide I guess sign on the side no oh it's in a moment it's all like it's all night now don't do it keep it a sleep woke up my way he'll then if you're ready with it come round if you're trying to get up you better get down yeah yeah yeah if you try to get I say yeah we go by yes a natural Jimmy kid bottle I need a minute no no nobody's name baby shut down here yeah right all night to be honest don't worry I can sell the fast thank you guys and here right now we turn from number one I shot him I never run slow yeah and if I want this town say hi fans around hands up now bring them 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cannon I just know kill them Duncan and the crew still win LA Lakers still nothing champion ring we represent Iman my black ass over hacking silver blackness Leo back in his honor plane is shot from every court you know that we dropping down Laidback offense the defense got your clown going you see the theme go ahead fuck it I'm gonna make myself black Holiday Inn trophy on every show yeah and get your whole squad I'm done with the Black & Silver Black & Silver Black us okay I know what the clue was in my death sadly your ring never comes out on the negative about your back is over I put it down represent it for my team I'm in black and silver okay yeah I just rise around oh geez funky oh no Pisces the fish so please don't bite me bite this oh my dream my love my passion my stomach most things fishing is mysterious the sharpest out in this line oh wait a minute oh yeah a blip glove fits you yeah c-can I so that me about my music was looking I I'm not nice yeah slow let's modify and so water oh I'm Jim day Kuno better like me scarred on you okay bad fascist quite like the who knows really nice number 25 is all taken out to that sample works out pretty here's a wrap so again guys thank you guys on Twitter you want to come Peter I know anyway July 16th everybody come out to the show tonight at a bison in Federal Hill it's gonna be a blast in the future master plan only games to not the mushrooms young English say you guys are gonna be trying mean good good I let it go oh my neck / you don't hear the laugh easily nice everybody preemptively battle coming in oh yes hey daddy so Syrah jumping jack okay you know no no no we're not at your little black hole a hobo Victor the home always a mess ha ha Jenny idea yeah yeah I'm getting uh tell me the family jack the Quinta that's am not too high now we'll have a big monotony I'm a little wound up Hamza Amano oh no boy new silent come on she died before time to find a needle – that loser oh is that about the food come on boy come on develop more Stillman look boy I got no God well I mean you'd hate it come superfan oh that's a key found out okay okay Jack did house on your day come on open it thank you comes in your eyelid have a peg hope now look that's a yeah okay I'm shining my drink my chickens getting teary I'm feeling dizzy dan and my grants of a great man and you love me because I'm tough but she's up to my eyes up when we look at her I mean boy I bet you we could hit me hey my dad after this side from Nam look he attended meetings uma coisa man about how eat up sometimes at camp I don't have any time but we looked up to me come to me they got holy last die solo Hannity top so um num below the building and now no I'm not am ho sau-lan for sound man oh good good it was video – okay okay I love you they move in this house I got the corner doing little not know right never lefty don't test me bars like Nestle and I'm a jerk but with Atmos whereby we were soon in the booth cuz I'm ready boy hey swag hot knife belts around the back like I'm playing fuckin housecats like typically 0gb Jones that time for you it only took six months in US Open yeah you must but I failed on her nice little night Michael and as I come on go back go back go back don't stop nope somewhere that you called mama made come on baby harder let this go that's he's a gentle song come on hold on go check them now luck gentlemen but I was trying to feel man – Ivy that's a bowl cleaner – yeah you want what you get if I get like a weave bitch mouthing somebody what's gone numb them come back home that gun might be message' night-night Chuck yeah seen them Oh girl you miss one too many cars twice as many kisses three those are about Oh Oh nothing Oh you wanna move you make and I want to play the way game think about my bag too many cars twice as many kisses three times our violin every Oh another lie you Gogoi we can get up got nothing Malena what that one Angie random hello so now yes don't start me up in a little kids cars West and West Coast gnarly old family with me every Gnarls Barkley me a molar call me young Charles Barkley told me this that good music do what you want so in front open our jaws new game for mcgary you know he's going by the TV with no problem snitch anything when you're better passion does just battery will zoom in Anoka the respond people isn't it perhaps our new bicycling south come on let's have that to see back here I don't wanna do don't mess with your scraps

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  1. bắt đầu từ ngày hôm nay 30/6 đến 30/7 e sẽ báo kết quả
    hiện tại ( m6 và 59 kg)
    Có ai cx đang giảm cân k ạ

  2. 30/6 bắt đầu
    30/7 mình sẽ quay lại báo cáo tình hình
    Mục tiêu giảm 10kg .

  3. tập bài này k dưới 100 buổi nhưng lần nào tập cũng thật kinh khủng. nhưng cực kì hiệu quả

  4. 29/06/2019. 1 tháng nữa quay lại. Hnay mình chỉ tập đc 12p thật sự đã hết hơi rồi. Sẽ cố gắng vào ngày mai !

  5. Có cần ăn kiêng không mong chị và tập lúc mấy h đc ạ mong chị trả lời

  6. Cảm ơn chị nhiều lắm bài tập vô cùng hiệu quả mồ hôi em như mưa vậy thật đáng hâm mộ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. C ơi cíu em . E tập đc có 12p thôi mà em đã ko thở đc rồi. ?? em mới tập thôi ạ. Ahuu?

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