Carpal Tunnel Exercise: Quick Fix Wrist Stretch Pose | Yoga Tune Up

Carpal Tunnel Exercise: Quick Fix Wrist Stretch Pose | Yoga Tune Up

slowly lower your way down to the floor bend your knees and turn your hand so that your fingertips are pointing directly at your knees this is a dramatic stretch for the wrists and
the the forearms. now if this hurts, you already want to back off and lean so that you have a more obtuse angle here
between the forearms and the hand but if you can bare it, increase your angle by leaning back slowly begin to peel your palm away from the floor your thumb’s gonna come up along with your palm all four of your fingers remain on the floor this is gonna provide a massive stretch across all the muscles of your fingers that
you’ve been contracting in this lesson breathe deeply and then try to pull just the first knuckle of your finger off the floor very specific tuning in the fingers and pull that second knuckle stretching back across them finally all the way to the fingertips and then look at your hot, red hands filled
with fresh blood go ahead and roll your wrists around shake it out you can also pull out the hands
away from the form trying to separate the hands away from the forearms enjoy your new found hands and wrists

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