what's going on Nation and welcome back to my live workout series today's workout is going to be upper-body we're gonna be hitting chest back and shoulders and we're also gonna be incorporating a bit of core as well five exercises 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest and remember guys these workouts are timed so we can do them together and whether you do five reps or a hundred reps we move through the workout as one all right so don't worry about keeping up with me just do your best or better yet surpass me do more reps to me that's what I want to see but first things first let's warm up with some butt kicks and guys these workouts these are very similar to the workouts that I do in my on the all-access app if you haven't checked it out yet I have a seven day free pass which gives you access to my workout program as well as all the other programs on the all actions app link below and I'll put a link in the end screen as well my program is 90 days six phases my wife is actually doing the program right now she's loving it and I guarantee any one of you can do it and as you progress towards the end and move through all six phases your body will transform like you've never believed and it's not BS exercises either to all exercise that you can do from home alright here we go let's wrap it up yeah alternating knee to elbows just get the blood moving as always if you need more time to warm up warm up on your own get your water bottles ready alright first exercise gonna be a push-up and we're gonna do it balancing on dumbbells so you can go nice and deep on every single rep three two one get into position and go 45 seconds of work now guys this is obviously a bit more of an advanced movement if you can't handle this yet just do regular push-ups on the ground and if you start to fatigue it's okay to go to your knees but the reason why we're doing it like this it's because as you can see the dumbbells they're wobbling a little bit so I have to really flex my core and keep everything nice and tense in order to keep my balance and not fall over so that's what I want you to focus on row 13 seconds all the way down jess is getting pumped three two one 15 seconds rest next exercising the a bent over row keep your upper body parallel to the ground and pull up whew five seconds grab your dumbbells and go yeah yeah just like this guys palms facing in bend your knees and make sure you don't just bend over and cause spinal flexion okay you want to sit back as you bend over trying to keep your body parallel to the floor whew 20 seconds yeah come on guys fifteen seconds ten seconds yeah yeah yeah to one oh man 25 pound dumbbells never felt so heavy whoo stay moving get some water if you need it all right grab those dumbbells I'll press here we go now if you need to use one pair more than one pair of dumbbells for each exercise that's okay it's always a good idea to have multiple pairs around yeah 20 seconds left three two one whew that was tough but I'm already feeling pretty good pump so we're good guys all right next exercise core stability and balance here we go shoulder tap and then kick through shoulder tap kick through shoe all the tap kick through I know your core is already on fire your shoulders are definitely on fire making this exercise a lot hotter doing it after hitting your back in shoulders but that's the point by combining certain exercises we can make what was once thought to be pretty easy more intense whoo keep going two one whoo now we got abs we're going to do an ounce try not to let your heels or your hands touch the ground two one just like this guys keep going don't give up 15 seconds don't let your hands or your feet touch the ground yeah yeah and relax yeah Wow back to push-ups guys and go round two we do a total of three rounds yeah keep that core tight geez man my abs are on fire holding this position so I'm not gonna drop yeah five four three two one Oh see this is what happened they don't work out for almost two weeks I blame the wife because of her birthday and fourth of July celebrations here we go yeah yeah no row nice deep stretch on those laughs yeah 30 seconds left come on yeah yeah yeah yeah 15 seconds yeah 3 2 1 ah this is what you want guys you want to feel as bad as I look right now grab those dumbbells to one yeah these twenty fives do you like hundreds I'm not gonna drop yeah huh-huh ten seconds well guys I think it's gonna be this intense I'm gonna be honest here we go tap tap but this is what you guys want right you don't want to see me doing this stuff and have it be too easy where's the motivation come on guys slap slap kick kick slap slap kick kick ah boom last one slap slap kick kick my abs are ready for punishment yeah so I'm gonna be touching the ground on this set ah because that brief second is gonna help me do more reps if you can still make it without touching the ground do it I just can't right now but I'm not gonna stop moving ten seconds yeah last round and do that tank guys here we go these got so much more difficult it has nothing to do with my chest or my arms it's the ABS the core stability 15 seconds don't stop I refused to lower the weight I'm not gonna do it – what yeah yeah come on guys last round let's go Wow can't touch the ground come on guys don't let him touch the ground yeah yeah yeah five four three two one Oh guys doing good I know it hurts last round empty your tank pick them back up Ahnold 20 seconds yeah don't drop yeah yeah get ready go nice steady pace come on guys it's only been 13 minutes yeah coordination is quickly leaving 15 seconds come on – one last exercise here we go yeah yeah huh I can't even feel my body moving right now it's just going yeah yeah yeah don't give up yeah yeah five four three two what you guys you know it's a lot of workouts on YouTube but there's not too many trainers that go the distance with you and look like this at the end they put together puffy fluffy routines and then they boost up the sets and reps and expect you to do it without showing you how to do it or doing it along with you but that's not how I roll and I do these real-time workouts to show you that the god did you see online we have 30 million exercises tons of rounds tons of sets just to show you that it's all bullshit you can do five exercises with 25 pound dumbbells and have it just beat your candy ass like it did mine if I wasn't so tan it'd probably be red right now oh man alright well I passed that point to where I'm talking nonsense because I'm tired so it's a good time to end this video if you enjoy my content be sure to click that subscribe button click that notification bell – don't miss a new video upload and of course some mash that like button I'll see you guys for the next workout you want more real-time workouts like these check out my playlist over here to all my youtube real time workouts but if you're looking for something that's a lot more structured to bring you from day one to 90 and help you get shredded and build lean muscle click the link below get seven days free to my program on mehta burn 90

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  2. Does the muscle looks bigger when working out?… I observed that if I am doing biceps work out I feel my biceps are bigger but the next day it 's not the same… does the muscles gets temporarily big when it is stressed by working out? (I cant put it to words ?on what i am trying to ask but I hope you get what I mean…)

  3. Scott Bro I am really A Big fan to your content and your body shape. It's my dream shape bro. I am a skinny dude. So Could you please answery question…. DO YOU INCREASE WEIGHT from SET to SET for Barbell curl as you are doing 6 Sets for it. Plzzzz answer me bro I am pretty confused with the bullshit I watched till now( Not abt ur channel. I am saying abt Steroid Users channels) plzz dont get me wrong.

  4. Hey Scott, would be awesome if you follow this up with an equivalent lower body program, I'd love to see that. ?

  5. I managed to make 8 minutes before dying because I had the great idea of doing this right after the 12 minutes biceps and triceps workout haha

  6. Love the content Scott! This stuff is the reason why I’ve been subscribed to your channel for 5 years and going. You’re always showing the people how stuff is done and you put in the hard work. You’re not afraid to call people out. You stand your ground and won’t allow criticism to change you as a person. Also, the Z fighters have to stick together ??

  7. I love this Chest, Back, Shoulder & Core workout is so much fun. I really enjoyed doing your workout Videos Scott. Thank you for this Core workout for this morning. This my 21st day doing your workout Videos. Kaley

  8. Hey Scott I’ve always been a fan of your page and Was always iffy about doing a program but I’m ready. What is the best one I can do? I’m 6’3 206 but I consider myself as skinny fat having the fat on my sides and a bit on my stomach. Will you program also give me a meal plan?

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