Christmas in July Sew Along - Merry Mini Week Two - Snowflake Block - Fat Quarter Shop

Christmas in July Sew Along – Merry Mini Week Two – Snowflake Block – Fat Quarter Shop

welcome to week two of Mary mini this week we're working on the snowflake block and last week we worked on the poinsettias lock all you have to do is look in the description and you will get your free pattern this is a five-part series that's a mystery quilt along and what you need is a layer cake 1 and 1/2 yards background half a yard binding and what I'm gonna be showing you today is kind of just how I would really do it a my sewing in my sewing room all the way from cutting to pressing – piecing all of the things that I would do and all of my little shortcuts um and we're gonna be posting videos every Tuesday make sure to subscribe to the factory shop YouTube channel click the bell to be notified when we have a new video and like this video so let's get started okay so one thing that I'm doing different from the pattern is anytime I make half square triangles if it's backwards shop pattern something in a book no matter what it is I always use triangle paper even if I don't have the right size a triangle paper and cut it down so if I look in here I've got a triangle paper with CNF and I already looked at that before I started cutting and the unfinished is 2 and 3/4 so that means the finish would be 2 and 1/4 so I want we don't have that size yet but we will have that size soon so I'm gonna use 2 and 1/2 inch and then trim it down because triangle paper is my favorite thing and triangles on a roll is also my favorite so for my C and F I'm gonna do two squares of the two and a half inch size so I know for my pattern I need two so I'm just going to cut two squares off put my fabrics right sides together this is just whatever slipped over put this on and then when I go to the sewing machine and start piecing everything this will just be ready to go so have everything cut now I'm gonna go ahead and lay stuff out on my design board so that I can go straight to my sewing machine and just chain piece so I'm just gonna follow my pattern and now I've got enough to go to my sewing machine so now I'm using triangle papers so I have lowered my stitch length to 1.5 so with triangle paper you stitch directly on the dotted line and then you trim on the solid line so I'm gonna do that first and then we're going to start ironing all our pieces and then laying it back out on the design board so we can go back and change some more I'm gonna pull the paper off if you kind of crease it right at the little corner and just pull it comes right off and that's why I like triangles on a roll because the paper is nice and thin Thanks so now we're going to start ironing and I'm just gonna press according to the free pattern that you can find in the description below and you can see that when I chain piece these I kept them together as the like a little set of two so it'll be really easy when I go back to the sewing machine I won't put them in the wrong place because they just stayed right in the order they were in now we have everything iron so we're going to come back over here and the first thing I'm going to do is trim these down to 2.75 so I'm just gonna use a three-and-a-half inch ruler put the diagonal right on there trim it down to 2.75 it's gonna give you this perfect square okay so now I have got so now I have everything ready to go I'm going to come back and we're going to kind of look at what we need to do next have everything pinned before I go to the sewing machine and chain piece some more and the point of this video is number one to give you a free Christmas quilt take it also be it doesn't have to be Christmas you can do whatever you want with it but to kind of show you real time different time-saving techniques see what I do see if any of these things are things you could do at your house to help you be a faster sower if that's something you're interested in okay so cut all my next steps laid out on my design board and we're gonna go stitch them together so now I'm just gonna press if you press according to the pattern all of your seams will nest and that will make your block look nice and flat with no bulky seams in the back now all we have to do is finish this little star that I've already started in the center and then we can start assembling the book so we are halfway there okay so now we've got the star that goes in the center and if we wanted to save even more time we could start assembling the top and the bottom of the row so we're gonna do that and I just like to do a lot at one time so let's see if I've got this going right so you've got your longer pieces on the outside your navy on the inside so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go ahead and not only pin the star in place I'm gonna pin some of these outer pieces and so we can already have that done I will save time anywhere in any way I can as you can see and tada the seams nest so I'm going to pin right in that intersection I love it when your seams nest and I really don't like working with patterns that don't have arrows because I don't want to have to think I don't want to have to like do all that math so that's why we do it for you guys and one thing that I do think helps is if you pin before you go to your sewing machine then you don't have to think and then things don't get kind of turned around I find if I don't pin before I go to my sewing machine everything kind of ends up on the wrong side so let's go start we've got our outside rows done and I double-check the bigger pieces on the outside the Navy on the inside that's looking good now I just have to sew these together and I will go ahead and pin both sides they're far enough apart to where I can sew them all at one time and then press it all at one time and so here all we have to do is add the top in the bottom and this has a lot of space between it for pressing so I'm going to go ahead and put both on at the same time because when I come back I will have plenty of room to iron and not mess up my other piece so I'm gonna pin both and we are gonna be done with block 2 so all we have is one team left and I've been timing myself and each of these blocks is taking about an hour that includes all this filming time so that's a great amount of time you can just do one hour a week for four weeks and have a cute Christmas quilt so here we go with our snowflake block this is block two I'm going to trim it down a little bit on the side like I did on block one and here is block one these are both free powders from fat quarter shop make sure to subscribe to our Channel and I cannot wait to see all of the stuff that you are going to sew along with us and join us next Tuesday for block three

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  1. I am absolutely in love with this Mini Christmas QAL. I am going to do mine in different shades of Christmas Blues. and creams. I think it will be pretty. Thank you for all the work and time you have put into the videos and for all the quilters that are hosting and sharing their free patterns. Happy Christmas in July!!!

  2. I am going to have to try the triangle paper…l have some, but haven't tried yet…this looks like the perfect time to give it ago…thanks for another great tutorial Kimberly ?

  3. I love these blocks and the fabrics. But what is up with the semi-colons on the timer? They should be colons. I know it's picky but it bugs the heck out of me. 🙂

  4. Hello Kimberly, I love how easy you make cutting look, Man, I seriously need to work much harder with my cutting ?? I will keep working at it.. Thank you for all you do, I believe everyone feels that way ? Take care and God Bless. Chris-Raleigh NC

  5. I love your T-shirt I’d like to buy one, look for it and could not find it, is it for sale please say yes?

  6. I have sad news. … Love your site, love ordering fabric from you,, but will no longer be paying attention to any of your patterns. I am a prolific quilter who sells her lovely baby, and children's quilts. Many designers now allow small/tiny quilting businesses to make a few quilts for sale. I appreciate this so much! My personal policy with designers like this, is to purchase another pattern after I have sold 10 quilts from that pattern. That only seems fair. Please consider doing this. I do like many of your patterns, and have purchased several, only to pitch them in the trash so that I don't accidentally break copyright laws. Thanks for your consideration.

  7. Kimberly, I enjoy how you put the blocks together. I'm not a pinner, but may have to try in the future. Can't wait to see what you create next week. How many blocks are there?

  8. Kimberly THANK YOU! The free pattern is so nice but watching you actually do the whole block is awesome!! I have been quilting for years but I love how you do things and can’t wait to try some of your methods. You have always impressed me with your videos and I mean for years and years I have watched you! So a big thanks for your generosity,

  9. 1 hour? That means it will take me 3 hours. Hahahahaha! I’m still very slow at everything, but I enjoy everything so that’s ok. Thanks for showing how you work on your block. It’s very helpful! Thanks also for the free pattern.

  10. thank you Kimberly love watching you and your team you make quilting (sew) easy I miss week one and I always watch you don't know how that happen thank you

  11. Really love this quilt… Like, LOVE it! It would be awesome if Triangles on a Roll came in a variety pack so you could have a bunch of different sizes. I'm not entirely sure how they'd do it, but it would be pretty awesome. Will you guys be offering a fabric kit for the quilt version Kimberly is making? Is the background buffalo plaid Bonnie & Camille?

  12. Thank you so much Kimberly for using pin! I love it! I'm a pinning girl when sewing garment however, seeing you use them to keep the block nested is awesome tip !!!

  13. Woke up this morning and the first thing I thought is "it's Tuesday! New block from Kimberly!" Thank you for being a inspiration ❤

  14. I want to ask about your wasbi tape. How or what are you marking? How is that helping you? Also can you do a video on trimming down? I find I make more mistakes there than any where else. What helps?

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