Classic Pilates Mat Class | Level 1

Classic Pilates Mat Class | Level 1

hi and welcome back to trifecta Pilates my name is Bob we're going to do a level one classic Pilates flow if you're new to Pilates this is going to be a wonderful place to start and even if you're not new to Pilates is going to make sure that you have the proper foundation to do more advanced level exercises in the future if you're ready to get started join me on the mat we're going to get started having a seat at one edge of our mat grab behind our thighs inhale exhale reverse and roll yourself down to the mat with control we'll make our way down to the mat like this a few times throughout the class so I just want to make sure you have that control before we begin arms come by the side of your body on your mat inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth we want to breathe this way through the entire class inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth as you continue breathing every exhale I want you to see if you can breathe out a little bit more employer Center body together so as you exhale abs start engaging for you as you continue breathing deeply reach arms to the ceiling walk the legs in towards one another squeezing inner thighs together strongly your next breath out press the arms down curl the head and chest up hundred prep inhale lower right back down repeat granted a few more times exhale press curl inhale to lower the feet stay heavy on the floor as the ABS engage to curl you up arms are strong we're still Bri exhale for our Kurla inhale to lower squeeze your inner thighs together a little bit more now exhale press the arms down curl up stay in your curl inhale stay in the curl exhale inhale stay in your curl and as you exhale pump your arms breathing out for five pumps breathing in for five pumps just two more repetitions breathing out five pumps to inhale last breath out breath in exhale pause with the arms lower down inhale arms reach to the ceiling very nice grab behind the thighs roll yourself up having a seat on the mat sitting tall still squeezing inner thighs together hands go behind the thighs exhale bend over your thighs so now our spine is round allow your spine to stay around hands stay hooked where they are reverse and roll yourself back until the arms maybe go straight stay round exhale roll over your thighs staying round curl back abs pull in deeper roll yourself up now if you're not using the hands much we're just going to try two more release the hands off the thighs and roll yourself back roll yourself forward it says roll up prep roll yourself back roll yourself forward with control roll all the way down to the mat all the way down onto the mat very nice push your arms down into the mat exhale bend the knees in towards the chest reach legs on up to the ceiling squeeze legs together strongly here inhale to exhale feel where your spine is on the mats in this stay in the same exact position we're working our abs still as the legs open away from one another reach forward squeeze together and up as our legs reach forward that totally feel a lot of work in the ABS so we're doing the leg circle portion of roll over so this is our roll over prep breathing out to end two more times pause legs up take one foot down to the mat opposite leg stays up to the ceiling imagine your toes tracing a circle on the ceiling and start moving your leg inhale to exhale the leg circles breathing in and out rest of the body stay still so this exercise how stable can the pelvis stay as the leg circles next time pause with your leg inhale exhale up the opposite leg reach up to join the leg that was just circling foot replaces on the mat circle the leg across your body forward round up circling the leg inhale exhale oftentimes the pelvis really likes to move around stay stable even if you do smaller and slower circles stability is key with this exercise one last circle pause inhale exhale and opposite leg to join the leg it was just circling releases down to the mat once again reverse the direction of the leg circle open and reach forward across up breathing in breathing out trying to trace that circle on the ceiling keep breathing through the exercise four two and one pause at the leg exhale second leg lifts to join last transition leg that was just circling goes down open circle open reach forward around up breathing in and out circling the leg again how still can the pelvis stay as the leg circles last one very nice both feet go down to the mat now squeeze legs together hands can grab behind the thighs roll yourself all the way up have a seat on the mat sitting tall to begin with I want you to bring your heels closer in towards you knees go open at about as wide as the shoulders take hold of your ankles or behind the thighs whatever feels like the best position for your body come on to your tiptoes and then try that balance and come off the toes so you're in the round ball shape here breathing in breathing out notice if this feels easy I want you to rock about curve an inch back from where you are so you feel those ABS are really starting to kick on this is rolling prep another breath very nice bring the legs together feet go back down the mount ours reach in front of you we're back to that reverse curl reverse and roll down onto your sacrum the lower spine middle but not the shoulder blades pull thighs in towards your chest take hold of one leg stretch opposite leg single leg stretch switch sides breathe out and in breathing out two in one more time each side last time to time pull both thighs in towards your chest squeeze legs together give me an exhale and see if you can curl up a little bit more reach arms and legs to ceiling inhale exhale Bend pull in ankles inhale exhale stay curling up high off the mat with the shoulders double leg stretch variation four three and two last one take hold of the ankles roll yourself up have a seat very nice open the legs a little bit wider than the mat now bend your knees the spine can stay nice and tall hands come in front of your body on the mat inhale exhale round your spine push the mat away inhale roll spine right back up spine stretch the name of this exercise tells you what we want to be stretching stretch out the spine stretch out the back and then lengthen and sit up nice and tall just one more time spine is stretch lengthen sitting up tall grab behind the thighs bring the toes together again open leg rocker prep if you can take the toes off the mat or keep them down for some support inhale as you exhale straighten one leg to the best of your ability bend the knee back to balance switch sides breathing out and in trying to keep the thigh really still so moving the leg just from the knee joint one more time each side and we're going to add a little challenge that's how we make more progress right inhale exhale extend both legs to the best of your ability at the same time hold two three four five very nice bend the knees squeeze the legs together arms reach forward reverse and roll yourself back down on the mat push your arms down into the mat bend the knees in towards your chest take some breath for yourself here every exhale go back to pulling in those ABS a little bit deeper as you exhale next time squeeze the inner thighs together a little bit more for yourself as well corkscrew prep the pelvis one side to the other this should feel so great along the spine really relaxing and opening the spinal column keeping legs squeezing together just breathing in as deeply as you can to breathing out then stay Center feel that low spine stay on the mat take the thighs away from you bring the thighs in towards you if eyes go away ties in towards you one last time we're going to combine that rock the thighs to one side circle the thighs around to the opposite side Center reverse the direction inhale to exhale one more time each side very nice grab behind the thighs are gonna rock yourself up have a seat take those legs back open and wide knees can stay bent arms open across from the shoulders saw inhale rotate exhale reach towards your pinky toe come right back up Center switch it rotate reach coming up and Center breathing in and out breathing in and out feel the rotation and stretch rotation and Center one more time each side last one very nice after that nice rotation work we're ready for some spine extension so roll onto your stomach squeeze the legs together like crazy and take the hands underneath the shoulders as you're breathing here I want you to exhale pull in those ABS more deeply feel the tops of the feet press down onto the mat evenly your next breath in push your hands down and lift your upper and middle spine up exhale lower down repeat see if you can really isolate the movement and work in the upper Tamila back exhale down feet see where they are legs see squeezing together this will eventually get much bigger just playing around with our swan dive one last time very nice bring the hands together and let your forehead rest onto the hands keep breathing in and as you exhale pull the ABS in next time you breathe out kick one leg towards you twice kick kick – straight switch sides kick kick – straight breathing out and in breathing out – in now as you kick know that's how the body wants to rock forward through the force of the leg catch it with the ABS just one more time each side very nice landing one side of your face take the hands behind the small the back and you can interlace the fingers squeeze the legs together and keep them heavy down on the floor we're going to do a spine extension variation for double leg kick so not doing anything with our legs for today besides strongly squeezing them together and keeping them down on the mat exhale pull the ABS in inhale straighten the arms as you lift your spine head comes to Center look to the opposite direction lower down hands behind the back repeat exhale inhale exhale inhale so inhale for your spine left opening the shoulders chest lower down engage the ABS deeper exhale two more times inhale to exhale and one last time very nice have a seat on your mat once again squeeze legs together reach the arms forward in front of you now your spine is going to stay in the same position natural ocurro's of your spine we're gonna pivot back inhale pivot back exhale come up your hands can go behind the thighs is an option pivot back to come up breathing in breathing out abs are strongly engaged chi as you pivot back to come up one last time pivot back pause and now roll yourself you can use those hands all the way down on the mat bringing feet closer in towards you arms by your side inhale exhale re-engage the ABS reach one leg up to the ceiling you stretch out the back of the leg a little bit more which will help us with the scissors exercise breathing in and as you exhale pull the leg towards you more pull in pull in you can even if you'd like use the hands a little bit if the hamstrings are a little bit tight try to get the back of the leg a little bit more open four three two one replace the foot down on the mat switch sides reach opposite leg up to the ceiling may need to stay a little bit bent and exhale pull the ABS in pull the leg in pull in in again you can gently use the hands just a little brush up against the edge of our stretch nothing too intense for three and last one very nice replace the foot reach opposite leg up to the ceiling once again single leg bicycle variation reach long leg forward bend the knee in and up breathing in two out so no matter where the leg is moving through space keep pelvis still pause flex your foot and try three with the flex foot reach forward been in reach forward bend in up less time paws up point through the foot reverse the direction of the bicycle bend in reach low and up bend in low breathing inhale to exhale paws up flex the foot four three bend in reach forward and up one last time pause replace the foot switch sides opposite leg up to the ceiling trying to feel a stretch pelvis stay stable as single leg bicycle here we go reach forward bend in and up reach forward bend in and up pelvis stays sill pause up flex the foot continue for three / – last one next time leg goes up to the ceiling pause it stretch through the foot bend the knee in to reach low to the ceiling bend in low ceiling leg comes up ceiling pause flex the foot bend in reach low and high breathing in to out one last time replace the foot very nice press down evenly into the feet inhale exhale curl pelvis spinal column up off the mat arms press evenly onto the mat looking straight up to the ceiling inhale stay up pressing into the feet exhale roll down through the spinal column let me do this a few more times this will prepare us not only for shoulder bridge exercise exhale to curl up inhale pause up exhale to roll down but also for all this spinal articulation that's the movement through the spine you want for a lot of the more advanced level exercises so we're preparing our bodies for them with this workout getting proper position proper movements through the spinal column one last time very nice and roll yourself up to a seated position squeeze legs together sitting tall going into spine twist take the hands on to the shoulders today lift and lengthen tall with your spinal column here we go rotation rotate rotate Center breathing in two out the exhale pull the ABS in just one last time stay Center reach the arms forward once again reverse and roll yourself down bend the knees in towards your chest arms by your side legs up to the ceiling straight or a little bit bent as needed push down into the arms inhale exhale abs pull in reach one leg in front of you bring like opposite leg in front of you and up just want you to do this a few more times want you to notice how low the leg can go without the pelvis without the back moving now if this feels challenging keep it here or another challenge squeeze legs together both legs reach forward both legs up jackknife prep breathing in breathing out squeeze and narrow the legs together two more times one last time very nice bend the knees placing the feet down on the mat reach one arm behind your head and roll on to your side here the arm that's reaching along the floor take that hand behind the head opposite hand goes behind the head as well now reach your head into your hands a little bit so you're not looking forward to the and down to the floor straighten one leg that top leg is gonna stay straight bottom leg stays right where it is bent put a little extra support today sidekick here we go exhale swing the front leg front front reach it right back and a little bit further back here we go again reach the top leg front front reach it elongate the leg back one more time reach front front reach and elongate back very nice bend the knee roll onto your back reach arms behind your head and roll on to your opposite side on the mat once again both hands go behind the head press the head into the hands a little bit so you're not pulling on the neck straighten the top leg flex the foot bottom leg stays pressing down sidekick through three reach the leg front front pull the thigh back breath out two in one last time breath out two in very nice bend the top leg roll onto your back and have a seat on your mat sitting tall grab behind the thighs go onto your tippy toes and roll behind the sits bones so if we looked at the space between our thighs and upper body torso we would be in a v-shape squeeze legs together lift chest tall feeling the ABS engage more next time you exhale inhale as you breathe out take one leg to tabletop parallel to the floor foot comes back down switch it opposite leg tabletop foot to the floor just keep breathing and moving one leg at a time we're going to use the hands so that hopefully the hips this area right here is not working for you so much but abs instead squeeze both legs together both legs tabletop bring the heels in both legs tabletop bring the heels in one more time and let your toes just skim along the floor you're really light on your mat exhale reverse and roll yourself down just partway curl into yourself lift chest up reverse and roll down partway curl into yourself roll up this is teaser variation one last time very nice come onto your forearms now take the hands behind the small the back palms facing up roll those shoulders back lift the chest up and exhale pull abs in a little bit more deeper go on to the tippy toes again squeeze legs together rotate thighs to one side you'll come off of one hand as you do so exhale come back Center switch big rotation inhale exhale continue at your own pace don't care about range of motion what I care about is you're staying even with your weight in your forearms lift it in your chest and legs look at them keep those squeezing together knees stay stacked one more time each side very nice stay Center roll over onto your stomach hands are reaching and extending long legs reaching long back behind you press the mat with the hands pull them out towards you as you lift your spine and legs up exhale push away lower spine legs inhale exhale inhale stay up exhale engage the ABS a little bit more deeply leg stays straight opposite leg goes up to down up to down breathing in to breathing out longer with your spine stronger with your legs and stray there another breath posture your legs keep them lifting just give it a go one time each side lift one arm up off the mat take the hand down second arm lifts up off the mat take the hand down lowering down very nice hands come underneath the shoulders come up onto your hands and knees stay on one knee for today for a leg pull front shoulders right over the hands wide with the fingers inhale exhale engage the ABS more strongly next time you breathe out straighten one leg behind your top of the foot stays down on the mat inhale exhale it's long leg up inhale lower the only thing moving is that straight leg up sit down one last time up to down replace the knee next exhale opposite leg reaches pause inhale repeat long leg up sit down engage the glutes to lift the leg up and down one last time up to down replace the knee once again very nice sit on your mat once again squeeze legs together bend the knees we take the hands to the outer edge of the mat today roll shoulders back lift the chest up as you lift the chest up pull the ABS in just ever so saw gently excuse me see think about the ribcage softening and relaxing so we're trying not to get a lot of activation right through the middle back if we can soften the ribs sometimes that can help press down into your feet can you lift it up off the mat just a little bit and then lower back down just do that two more times lift and lower heat the arm straight lift I'm lower very nice that was her first expression leg pull back coming on your side I want you to be on one whore arm and lift your underside up very strongly take free hand behind the head so lift up under here if you're they feel your armpit your waistline it would feel really strong you would feel muscles working straighten the top leg this is our second variation of side kick flex the foot and swing the leg in front of you swing front front reach the leg back keep the legs straight four three four two one last time one very nice replace that leg and come on to your second side so strong with the arm that is down on the mat underneath the armpits lifting waste lines lifting I want that once we go into kneeling variation eventually hand goes behind the head straighten top leg set yourself up for success by making sure that top leg is straighter lifted more than you think you can lift with that waistline and armpit swing the leg right front to back breathing out and in just one last time very nice to replace the thigh and on to that first height again first forearm legs bet okay this is one reason why we want underneath here a nice and strong either press down into the mat as if you're going to lift or inhale and exhale press down into the mat and lift hips up exhale inhale lower two more times exhale up when they lower down just skim the mat with the pelvis side Bend prep up and down very nice second side here we go squeeze legs together strong lift from the other underside regardless of whether you're actually lifting your hips up off the mat or not inhale exhale if you can hips come up to lower down hips up to down just one more time side Bend prop up and down very nice have a seat on your mat if the legs can go straight you have them straight if not keep them a little bit bent as needed cross one ankle over the other inhale exhale give yourself a forward fold stretch a lot of exercises and claudi's require an incredible amount of flexibility on the back of the legs and lower spine so this variation of boomerang we're going to take the opportunity to stretch this area roll yourself up now we're gonna take the hands behind us and hook at the thumb crease reach the knuckles back behind you lift the chest and just see if this is accessible to you or not if not hands would just be separated arms behind you very nice Circle the arms forward switch the cross of the leg squeeze legs together happy knees a little bit bent and once again gave yourself a forward fold breathing in breathing out so taking the opportunity so we're coming up on our last few exercises here just stretch a little bit deeper and as we progress with the classic work the back body flexibility is so important so taking deeper breaths and your forward fold stretch encouraging more oxygen and blood to circulate to those tighter areas of our bodies roll yourself up sitting tall take the hands behind you neither arms next to one another or if you can hook at the thumbs again roll the shoulders back lift so now we're opening and stretching the chest taking some breadth for yourself here bend the knees as needed if the hips are talking to you very nice Circle the arms forward bend the knees take hold of the ankles rock back onto the toes we've already been here continue breathing we are going to try to roll along our spine if that feels suitable for your body if balance is feeling somewhat easy it's going to inhale roll back onto the shoulder blades exhale roll up inhale roll back exhale up it should feel nice and smooth along the entire length of the spine no speed bumps just two more times one last time very nice cross the legs at the shins inhale exhale forward fold stretch taking some breadth for yourself here so we're opting out of rolling along our spine for the next exercise of crab we're just replacing it with this cross-legged stretch against and breath deep into those tight areas of the body your next breath out walk yourself up switch the cross of your legs that's important inhale exhale forward fold stretch find some breath for yourself here and still breathing in through your nose breathing out through your mouth just like we got started with at the beginning of the session I only have three more exercises to complete we got this roll yourself up and roll on to your stomach take one hand underneath the head Ben is the opposite knee and take hold of that ankle if you can taking some breath for yourself here and just allowing yourself to feel a stretch across the front of your thigh now what will happen sometimes is our buttocks reaches up to the ceiling I want you to squeeze the base of the glutes and see if right here the hips can be longer on the mat let that wig release and switch sides this will eventually turn into an exercise the stretch will turn into an exercise of rocking but first we want to ensure that their hips are staying lengthened on the mat and we have the range of motion in the front of the thighs for the preparation of the exercise one last breath very nice come on to your hands unto your knees bring your big toes to touch we're replacing control balance today with Child's Pose so we get more of a stretch in that lower lumbar spine inhale as you exhale press into the hands and press your weight back the hands may need to walk with you somewhat but allow the pelvis to press back let your forehead either rest onto your mat or it can even rest on to your hands whatever it goes faster your body and continue with those deep breaths so that you're trying to open that lower spine if you were having a challenging time today with rolling up off the mat or rolling down onto the mat it may be strength with your abs but it may also mean that you need to open such that lower back a little bit more so take the opportunity to do that right now another breath very nice come back onto your hands onto your knees the shoulders are going to stack right over your hands and knees walk away from you a little bit until you're in a kneeling push-up position now most of us Mitas do kneeling push-ups more rather than going straight away to straight legged push-up take some breath for yourself here and I want you to imagine a perfect pushup what that would look like that would mean ABS pulling in in Pilates it would mean elbows skimming the waistline and when you push back up first you push with your abs first and not your arms inhale exhale now bend the elbows maybe three to four inches elbows go straight back pause exhale push up let the hips come back and then do that just two more times coming forward once again into your kneeling plank position bend the elbows four to six inches if you can push up with your abs arms press the pelvis back just one last time coming forward bend the elbows maybe even deeper only if you can keep the ABS pulling in and up as you push up press the pelvis back very nice walk the hands in closer towards you coming into a standing forward fold on your mat keep the knees bent head tumbles down and allow yourself to take some breath here breathing in through the nose breathing out through the mouth pressing evenly into the feet going to maintain the even press in the feet exhale roll up pull the ABS in and let the head be the very last thing to roll up to a standing position inhale when you're standing exhale and one time we'll reverse that so we're left a head nod for the neck spinal column follows Wow the knees to bend today once you get your full forward fold take a deep breath in exhale rolling yourself up standing will stay standing this time and if you feel comfortable eyes closed continue breathing in through the nose exhale through the mouth just reflect upon the class how is that pace for you how are the exercises what felt easy what felt more challenging keep coming back to this class and they want you to make the challenging exercises easier and the easy exercise is more challenging so you continue breathing allow the eyes to softly open and thank you so much for joining me for that level one classic Pilates flow so keep checking in if you want to advance your Pilates practice with the order that Joseph Pilates created I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy me on the mat see

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  1. Today I am again here and done this workout. It's really really good and feeling confident after doing this. Thank you Beth ❤️ for amazing workout

  2. I just downloaded your calendar and this was my first class. The calendar is awesome because each day has the link to the corresponding youtube video. Your explanations are so clear and concise. The class was longer, but it was very enjoyable that time flew. Thank you so much!!

  3. Love the way you take me through it step by step telling me what I should be doing. This keeps me concentrated and centred on what I’m doing and time passes so quickly! At the end I feel amazing even if I haven’t managed everything.. I am new to this.

  4. This routine felt very long and more intense, but very enjoyable. From the beginning I was already feeling my core stress as well as my butt bones as I struggle to keep my balance my body weight. Pulling up both my legs was also very challenging because of my balance and weak core. However, I really enjoy laying on my belly and doing the spine variations because it makes me feel my back and breathing. I turned out to be very exhausted after the workout but it feels real good learning to extend my body in steady motion.

  5. Throughout the routine, I have noticed that my breathing is off. I inhale when I exhale, vice versa, and even forget to take a breath. I'm not sure why, but it could because I used to breathing a certain way when weight lifting. I need to be more conscious of my breathing and make sure it flows naturally with the movements.

  6. This workout was much longer and incorporated quite a few more movements than I have been doing with you in class so it was both a little more challenging but really enjoyable. Some of the movements pulling both legs up at a seated position really challenged my core stability.

  7. This was a perfect flow for me this morning. I am starting to feel more stability with my leg circles and in every exercise. Its amazing how much more I felt the abs as soon as I started paying more attention to each exercise in details. Thanks!

  8. Such a nice way to wake up on a snowy day! I liked the exercise toward the end that wasn't exactly a push-up, but a modified plank half-push up. My arms and abs are really weak and I actually felt them engage this morning. Very exciting!

  9. Oh, man, I felt this one early in the morning. It was a great workout. This is one of the longer classes I have ever done I really felt this in my abs. Thanks for a great workout on this snowy day. I really liked doing the side ab lifts, it was a perfect level of challenge to engage everything.

  10. Beth the verbal details you put in with the movements so helped with the Level one flow i was able to follow along because of your detail. Thank You….very clear. Will visit again.

  11. Wonderful routine, Beth. Thank you so much. It didn’t feel like 40 mins. I had to use some of your variations for a couple of the exercises but the pace and range is perfect. It really helps to prepare and build up to the movement. Thank you again.

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