Classical Pilates Workout - Pilates By Lisa

Classical Pilates Workout – Pilates By Lisa

hi my name is Lisa from Pilates by Lisa and today I'm going to take you through a sneak peek of our dual core classic routine then it's classic abdominal series is going to strengthen your entire powerhouse working on both the rectus abdominals the transversus abdominus the internal and external obliques to give you complete core strength now all you need for this workout is your mat so let's get started we're going to start our workout the traditional way with traditional warm-up exercise the Pilates hundreds now this gets the blood pumping around the body the arms look act like a manual heart pump to really get warmed up and get that blood flowing so let's start right in the center of our mat and you can choose several different levels for this exercise now the option is to always lower their head down on the ground level one you're going to bring your legs up into a tabletop position and squeeze the legs together to really get that inner thigh engagement which connects with the pelvic floor the abdominal ZAR pulled in and the head will stay down if you want to come to the next level you can Chuck tuck your chin and lift up and ring your arms just above your pelvis region with those fingertips and drawing the shoulder blades down the back if you want to go even further reach the legs nice and long turn the toes out and squeeze the heels together let's pop the arms breathe in two three four five and exhale good inhale pumping those arms reach you with those legs exhale two three four five breathe in and exhale 2 3 4 5 in out pump in the ABS between the knee and the pelvis exhale chest is nice and open breathe in and exhale 2 3 4 5 inhale and exhale 2 3 4 5 just four more breaths and exhale two three four five inhale reaching nice along through those legs and exhale two three four five two more and exhale two three four five one last time and exhale two three four five how'd your amazing low your head down now we're going to stretch our legs all the way along the mat nice and long reaching through those legs lengthening and pulling in through that powerhouse now level one we're going to reach our arms above our shoulders tuck the chin aim pull the abdominals in Maurice up an urban you're going to reach behind your thighs you're gonna screw reach up and over and lengthen all the way out and then with control reaching all the way down stretching down into the mat now if you want to come to the next level keep those arms reaching in line with the shoulders lengthen up and over and stretch and then with control stretching all the way down four more like this for reaching up and over and stretching and then lengthening down and into the ground three more three scoop hollow and then with control lengthening getting into the ground go just two more so really drawing that navel up and in lengthening up and over stretching and then scooping dropping those shoulders and melting all the way down try and keep your heels in the one spot one last time reach up and over stretch and with control sink all the way down and into the mat now if you enjoyed this sneak peek you can check out the full length routine and the entire seven-day dual core program over in the online studio at Pilates by Lisa Comte you we have this workout in over five hundred more full length routines both equipment and on equipment mat work reformer sessions programs and challenges whatever you're looking for you're going to find it there check it out with our free 10-day trial I can't wait to see on the mat

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