Core Exercises : Core Exercises: Bridge

Core Exercises : Core Exercises: Bridge

This first functional core exercise is called
the bridge. This exercise is really great to strengthen the whole abdominal region,
your lower back, and your glutes. Now, you can use a mat or you can be on a carpeted
floor with some really great cushion underneath. You want to make sure that that back is protected.
So just come on down to the floor. You want to have your feet hip width apart, engage
your abdominal muscles pressing that lower back to the floor. You want to bring your
arms down along side your body. Pull your shoulder blades back to really create a great
anchor here. And inhale through your nose to prepare. Then exhale as you start with
your tail bone and peel your body up one vertebra at a time. Lifting your hips up as high as
you can, squeeze your glutes, inhale at the top, and then exhale as you imprint one vertebra
at a time. And you just want to continue doing this exercise until you really feel a great
burn through your glutes and you are really going to hit that entire core area. When you
are finished simply relax and bring your knees in toward your chest. And that is the bridge.

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  1. Isometric contraction of the muscles is better as these muscles are primarily stabilizers. Doing it quickly will only activate the lower back muscles and the hamstrings. It is essential that activation of the gluteal muscles occurs so that there is an increase in innervation. This can only occur if the exercise is done very slowly or isometrically. If cramping is felt in the back or hamstrings this indicates gluteal fatigue. – Sports Science Degree

  2. am I the only one who thought it odd the ad was featuring a massive burger covered in cheese and beer? That just seems mean on an exercise video

  3. I wish you could explain this to me in a language that I could understand. I'm not sure if I'm really getting my glutes, it feels like the top of my hamstrings are taking all the strain. Any help would be greatly appreciates

  4. No. It works the muscles in your bum so they are more defined. However, for people to get fat off their bum they just need to burn more calories. No one has a really nice bum and flabby arms or belly.

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