Cutting Diet Foods to Lose Fat

Cutting Diet Foods to Lose Fat

what's going on everyone it's a seal suede and in this video I'm going to show you all my cutting diet grocery haul so as usual I keep all of my cutting diet and fat loss videos extremely simple efficient and straight to the point so I don't want to waste any of your time I promise you this is going to be the most simple and straight to the point cutting diet grocery haul video that you have ever seen and you are going to learn so much from this all you have to do is just follow the entire video from start to finish and just take a few notes because I'm going to be showing you all again every single thing that you need to be eating in order to lose fat step-by-step so let's go ahead get inside the grocery store and get started [Applause] [Applause] okay guys so when it comes to a cutting diet and shopping for foods to lose fat a lot of people over complicate the process and in this video I'm going to be showing you all five specific topics that you need to be shopping for in order to keep it simple organized and most efficient and beneficial as possible and comes to a cutting diet so number one is going to be your proteins and then number two is going to be your carbs number three is going to be lower fat and then four and five is gonna be a secret so stick around for the rest of the video you don't want to miss out on them and we're gonna keep it going alright guys so first up for our proteins we're gonna pick up some good old standard boneless skinless chicken breast make sure you get boneless skinless because again this is a cutting diet we want to keep it as lean as possible so chicken breasts if you're good to go alright guys so next up for our proteins we are gonna go ahead and get some 1937 lean ground beef okay guys next up for proteins we are getting some whole eggs literally one of my favorite protein source is super versatile super convenient and extremely simple alright guys so next up we are getting a whole lot of egg whites because again along with whole eggs egg whites are also my favorite protein sources because they're super easy to make and also I'm getting a whole lot of these hardened egg whites because it's just so much more convenient easier than cracking each egg white individually with you know separating the yolk and everything so saves a lot of time and it is a little bit more expensive but I think the extra price is worth that time saver ok next protein source we are gonna go ahead and grab some turkey bacon that quick little tip here make sure you get the lower sodium one because usually turkey bacon is filled with really high sodium so it tends to bloat you up so 66% less sodium they're good to go all right next up on the protein sources we have got some chicken breast Delhi now deli meat is just the most convenient thing when it comes to proteins you can throw on sandwiches throw in some egg whites and just gonna get a quick way important being a flexible way to get that protein in all right next up on the proteins we've got some 1% cottage cheese now you can go fat-free with this guys but in my opinion a little extra fat and the cottage cheese really helps a long way with the taste and it's only 1 gram of fat so cottage cheese and you do a lot of this ok guys so now for the last and final protein source in topic number 1 which again is our proteins we're gonna get some light Greek yogurt and this is gonna be flavored and a huge huge tip here guys go ahead and just get the brand values so for a grocery store you're shopping in for example I'm in Walmart I got great value versus Light & Fit and they are the same exact calorie and macronutrient profile however they're like 50% cheaper so that's gonna save you a lot of big bugs in the future all right so we are moving on to topic number two in this video which is going to be carbs now the king of my carb intake at least for me consists of a whole lot of oatmeal I love quick oats as well because it's a whole lot quicker than old-fashioned oatmeal so yeah whatever you like best and stick with okay all right next up on the food list are going to be some instant grits now I personally like to get these flavored because it really only adds about a gram of fat per packet but a whole lot of flavor so got some buttered instant grits again another great carb source to kind of diversify your carbs okay guys so a cutting diet carb staple of mine is some jasmine rice so you can personally get some white rice basmati rice whatever you personally like to get but I personally love the flavor and texture of jasmine rice so that's exactly i'ma get getting a big bag as well okay so next up for the carb sources on this cutting diet are some white russet potatoes alright so we are not done in the potato section yet guys gonna go ahead and grab some sweet potatoes as well so I like incorporating both white and sweet potatoes just to incorporate a lot of flexibility and options in my diet all right so next up on the food list is going to be some bread now I personally cannot eat bread because I have something called celiac disease however I want to include it in this cursory haul because I know a lot of you most likely can eat bread you don't have celiac disease and it is actually a great option for a carb source because again guys it's just super viable and very convenient you can make sandwiches with it and just take it to go it's only 12 grams of carbs a slice and we are incorporating a flexible dye here so right now speaking about what I can eat is some white corn tortillas so I'm gonna go ahead and add this to the food list love it guys with eggs egg whites if you do a whole lot with this and it's gluten free okay guys so now I'm gonna move on to the fruits in our carb sources so number one is going to be some bananas plain simple quick great carb source alright so next up on the fruits we're gonna go ahead and grab some apples okay so now this is probably one of my favorite fruit sources when it comes to my carbs it is one of the some strata is very very filling and extremely low in carbs in terms of how much you're eating so whole lot of volume here it's really gonna fill you up when you're cutting next up on the shopping list are going to be some Tomatoes so I grabbed the whole bunch because again you can put these in sandwiches you can make them with salads you can do a lot with tomatoes and that's just absolutely okay guys so moving on to some snacks for our carb sources I'm telling you the list is longer for carbs but again you can be the most versatile with your carbs so we are gonna go ahead and grab some rice cakes I got chocolate on one hand and regular lightly salted on the other so I like to put some peanut butter on there and just a great overall quick carb source okay guys so now I'm going to share with you all my cutting diet top secret food so this is my favorite food to eat when it comes to getting lean however it keeps you full keeps you super satisfied so this food is going to be popcorn so I'm gonna go ahead and grab some kettle corn and some regular butter top corn now this isn't just some regular plain old super high fat popcorn it's just some smart pop so 94% fat free and again only about 2 grams of fat per serving versus like 12 or 16 grams so make sure you get the Smart Pot okay so next up are going to be some pop chips again just a great snack for a flexible diet again you want to make sure guys you're keeping your diet flexible because you don't wanna keep it boring they're not gonna stay consistent on your cutting diet and you can always fit this in your caloric intake because they're big so they don't have like 10 grams of fat per serving they've only got 4 grams so pop chips are perfect for a cutting diet ok guys so the last and the final carb source we are gonna go ahead and introduce a little bit of diet hack for your cutting diet and that is going to be some pickles now these essentially have hardly any calories at all they're five calories per spear so I don't only know whether or not to you know put them in carbs because they've got one gram but you know what again they actually are very good at keeping you full and just a little bit of a treat when we want something savory however don't eat too much of these despite them being only five calories because they do tend to have a lot of sodium so try to get reduced sodium and that you should be good alright guys so now we are on to topic number three which is going to be our fats now an absolutely staple when it comes to your fat sources are some peanut butter now I'm also going to go ahead and pick up some powdered peanut butter at as well because it is super super low fat and it's just another great way if you're a big peanut butter lover so check out some powdered peanut butter we've got in your store okay guys so for the second fat source we're gonna go ahead and grab some olive oil now I'm only getting a small bottle here because I sparingly use this only when I you know really need to fast by the end of the day so another great source of fat okay guys so the last and final fat source is going to be some punch in the vanilla almond milk so it comes to ah milk make sure you're grabbing unsweetened because when you get it unsweetened it's pretty much just gonna be fat two and a half grams of fat per cup one gram of carb one gram protein only thirty calories it's great to use to cook your oats with rather than some water it gives a lot of things some flavor like some smoothies it's just perfect alright guys so if you made it this far in the video first off thank you and second of all I'm gonna go ahead and share with you all topics number four and five like I promised in the very beginning I already showed you the first three which were the proteins carbs and the fats now we are gonna move on to topic number four which is going to be vegetables so we're gonna go ahead and start off with some lettuce okay so next up on the veggie list we're gonna go ahead and grab some white mushroom all right up next for the veggies on our foods list we're gonna go ahead and grab some onions okay guys so an essential in my cutting diet when it comes to vegetables is some broccoli now quickly unadvised y'all get some broccoli florets always make a mistake and get broccoli cuts that's absolutely disgusting so get some broccoli florets and be sure alright so the last and final vegetable on the list for topic number four is going to be some mixed veggies so these got green beans is that carrots got corn and peas pretty much my favorite thing to mix with some rice ground beef some chicken amazing okay so we are done with topic number four now I want to introduce topic number five to all which is going to be condiments now I'm gonna go ahead and start off with some Texas Pete hot sauce now I have a question for y'all I want you all to comment down below what is your favorite type of hot sauce I've tried pretty much everything on the market I just love Texas Pete I'm not sure why but comment down below I want y'all to let me know and give the video like it's your fan of hot sauce alright guys so next up or you go ahead and grab some reduced sugar ketchup now next up you cannot forget about some good old yellow mustard okay guys so one of my favorite condiments ever is going to be some salsa literally put this on everything when it comes to my whole meals so pretty good thick and chunky get whatever you like okay so for the last and final item in topic number five we're gonna go ahead and grab some artificial sweetener like stevia this is perfect an oatmeal just sweetening certain things up to make it taste something a lot better so definitely helps in a cutting diet kill those cravings so I just got back from the grocery store and laid out right behind me is the entire cutting diet grocery haul so again guys this is going to be all the foods that you need to eat in order to lose fat and get lean and gives you the best shape of your life but anyways guys I want to show you all the total cost of this entire cutting bag Russian haul so the total cost is going to be one hundred and eighty dollars and 84 cents now keep in mind that about thirty percent of all the foods that you all saw me yet today are going to be something that you're going to constantly be getting every single week on a weekly basis but the rest of the 70 percent is gonna last you for a very very long time so with that being said this is going to be an extremely budget-friendly and affording cutting diet grocery haul so anybody can follow this guys I really hope you all follow our video from very start to very finish because now you have 50% of the equation in order to lose fat and get into the best shape of your life you know exactly what foods you need to eat to lose fat and exactly what foods you need to hunt down in the grocery store to get all you need is a simple list however you are still missing the rest that 50% and the rest of that 50% is going to be a personalized meal plan a meal plan completely tailored to your own body into your own fitness goals everybody needs a different caloric intake and different macronutrient regimens so I personally offer a personalized meal plan service and I want to do you a huge favor for the first ten of you guys who click the first link in description box down below and check out and commit to my personalized meal plan service be sure to use the discount code cutting diet you will save 20% off your entire order for a personalized meal plan and I will be creating you three different meal plans again that is tailored to your own body and your own fitness goals with these entire foods that you all saw in this cutting diet so I really hope that helps out click that first link check out the meal plan service and make sure you're one of those first 10 people to get 20% off on that and you're going to get the entire 100% equation can have the diet you're gonna have the groceries and you're gonna have the 30 meal plans anyways guys thank you so much for watching I really hope you all enjoyed this if you want to see more cutting diet videos more fat loss videos more meal prep and more grocery haul videos be sure to simply give the video a like share it with a buddy or two and be sure to hit that subscribe button if you are new and hit the notification bell right next to it in order to stay tuned with all my video uploads be sure to follow me on instagram at Steel suede I'm always posting helpful stuff on there and again thank you for watching everyone I'll see every single one of you in the next video

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