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Dan Green's Current Nutrition Strategy | elitefts.com

if I had done what a lot of people did we're at 2:15 everything I did better diet down so I can make 198 and be competitive I felt like my career never would have done anything if that's all I did was focus on getting smaller or not getting stronger okay what kind of diet do you use and how many grams of protein fat and carbs you typically take in a day let's go offseason right well I mean right now my body weights about 258 that's where I was at and I'm trying to maintain that so I can compete at 242 and I don't really like nutrition stuff so I just talked to Stan efforting and he tells me like what to take what to do so the thing that he's basically advised me is I'm about to maintain my body weight right there you know it's about 44 or 45 hundred calories 25% protein 25% fat and 50% carbs so that comes out to and math is like 250 250 grams of protein it's about 110 grams of fat per day and then like 600 grams of carbs so I'm pretty comfortable that and the way that he has the diet set up it's like it's great I don't so you just following his plan so pretty much deviating from that yeah the way our wives everything is really great and it's like just well you'll see the next question is basically about a you know what's my favorite meal yeah yeah well I'm assuming the way that he's putting in here is pretty much how a lot of the guys do it is he putting the actual foods or is he just saying you need 40 grams of protein 80 grams of carbs then giving you list to pull from is that or or is he telling you exactly what foods what he does that I like is he has his thing is called the vertical diet and so he basically has what he calls the horizontal diet which is sort of covering variety of foods you know on a daily basis or a semi weekly basis where you're covering the nutrition that you would need to get from vitamins if you have kind of like a low nutritional value of yes foods you eat getting it from food is preferred so there's kind of like a list of things you want to cover once you cover those things you're nowhere near your calories and your knackers and stuff so the vertical part of the diet is basically filling out more and more calories and that's basically done via steak and white rice okay which which is fine with me because I just go to Costco and I buy like a ton of steaks and yeah yeah so it's easy but it's not that hard to follow that way I think the important thing to put out here is your a lot of times when people ask about diet you know there's when you're dealing with athletes you have two type of athletes you got something they're gonna pull from a list yeah and some are just gonna eat the same thing every day over and over yeah you kind of sound like you're there yeah your breakfast is probably the same every day pretty much unless you're traveling so with that in mind what would be your your favorite meal of the 6 or 5 there yeah I mean honestly it's just eating steak hasn't gotten old yet so I'll make just a bunch of sirloin steaks you know cook like 7 8 10 pounds at a time and just have that almost you know three or four times a day do you do you structure the car do you structure the nutrition around the training or do you just basically leave the meals as they are you know honestly for me that's that's a pretty comfortable amount of calories to eat and so but the trick is I just try to space them out so I get about four to five meals and I'll get snacks that have like protein in them to get the other the other colors in there like yogurt and cheese and stuff so I just kind of eat I mean I'm at work and I have a refrigerator at work so I'm pretty much just go to the fridge every every hour to and eat more food and that's keeping your body weight at 258 to hit 242 yeah we're just keeping it fairly high to hit 242 yeah it's one of those things right you know I just I don't like losing weight because then you just feel like you know that sometimes I don't want to get into the actual cut part of it but it's a 258 do you start going into a calorie deficit say 10 weeks out eight weeks a turd is all that just part of the final cut I mean I'm not so dialed in with my diet most of the time when I've dieted to be 220 I have to get pretty strict on my diet so this is a whole new sort of like like homeostasis for like how many calories I'm eating to kind of maintain a weight where I feel pretty lean but pretty strong at the same time yeah and it's a it's a lot less weight and I would I mean I don't want to I don't want to cut a lot of weight so yeah pretty reasonable amount less would be ideal but at the same time I like where the strength is that it this way so now is this so basically things I don't have a sort of like a reference point at this point because this is sort of a new training weight that I've been ok all right so we'll see how it goes but I like just maintaining it and pulling at the last 48 hours yeah that's the same thing we're with you know with this as I'm eating this amount of calories and I'm my training is going along I'm kind of seeing how my body responds to it so yeah we probably should put a little bit of a disclaimer in here for beginners and intermediates that they probably don't want to cut yeah exactly 58 I'm know down at 242 unless they have experience doing it because it's a big you can do it because you've been doing it forever yeah but again too big drop yeah it's you know I would like it to be like 10 or 15 pounds or less but you know is what it is that's just where I'm at and I feel comfortable for the lifters in your gym say the beginners intermediates how much would you allow them to cut before me if it's a first or second me and they're just starting out or use tell them just go yeah I mean I try to discourage that as much as possible if it's like a couple pounds even if it's a couple pounds I mean the last thing I want them to do is like seven or eight weeks out be like concerned about it yeah you know so tell them like look if it's closed at the end we'll do it that's fine but it's if it's if it's gonna restrict your training right now that's not what you should be doing when I trained for our first meet I was I was sitting like 215 when I started training at six months because I didn't really know how long it took to prepare for a meet and that's just the one I found and so I just kept training I wasn't trying to gain weight but I went up to 225 just by you know training hard and training heavy and for cutting 5 pounds when I first meet that's basically what happened and you know that's that's yeah if I if I had done what a lot of people did we're at 215 everything I did better diet down so I can make 198 and be competitive I felt like my career never would have done anything if that's all I did was focus on getting smaller or not getting stronger yeah that was gonna bring me to my next question at what point and then lifters career do you think they should start worrying about cutting weight to make classes yeah I think that's kind of like I don't know to me it's more important to get to get strong and then if you want to get strong continuously you have to allow yourself to get bigger when I say allow yourself I mean you don't necessarily need to try to bulk up that's not really how I approach it but you definitely don't want to restrict yourself because that's going to slow your career down and I think that's that's sort sited and maybe I don't think so because I've kind of all I said you want to grow into your leverages yeah because you don't see very many six five 181 or yeah you know I'm saying for me I I stuck around at 220 for a long time yeah and I got stronger and stronger and that's that's cool because I think a lot of people they don't realize that you can get stronger without getting bigger yeah but at the same time in the strength you gain from lifting heavy in the weight you gain from lifting heavy its density yeah it's not necessarily just like a bunch of fluffy mass so you know eventually though there's comes a point where you're too much just like you gotta let go the weight class and move on but like I said my first thing wasn't to try to get to a lighter weight class cuz then what happens we get stronger now you've got you're just fighting it more and more and more yeah beginning most people haven't put the muscle on what they need it's just you know this is how it is yeah well the easiest way put muscle on skin way yeah like is that allow it to allow it to come on then yes how often do you incorporate safety SWAT bars and good warnings in your program that's kind of two different questions I don't know how to retrain this how often do you incorporate study those

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  1. I'd like to see Dan just grow, and forget about the weight cut. A 275LB, and eventually a 308LB Dan Green would be super powerful

  2. Something I love about Dan Green, one of the greatest powerlifters but so humble. Kind of reminds me of myself in facial expressions and the way he talks, very soft and passive, low talker, inverted.

  3. 258 to 242 isn’t that much, 16 lbs is nothing especially if you weigh in the day before, wrestlers do way more

  4. dave is a pretty cool dude i had a channel think it was my first one back then i would delete profiles and add profiles often cause i am bipolar dont ask but used put up my lifting videos and he subbed to one my channels been a while but uh hes always seem like a good dude watch him for a long time now and yep i am drunk posting this so sorry for the grammar

  5. The first 15 seconds of this video is exactly what every powerlifter needs to hear! Especially the new age ones. I haven’t been around the game as long as you two but fuck even in my 7 years of this industry it seems the game just keeps moving more towards trying to make weight or look a certain way at the cost of long term potential.

  6. Serious question, not trolling: does Stan’s nutrition methods apply to the average joe, drug free, garage lifter like myself ?

  7. I know you have addressed it before, but what would you say about someone hovering at 188 cutting to 181 for their first meet?

  8. Stan is doing a lot of Top athletes nutrition these days. Not just Dan but the likes of Larry Wheels, Hafthor and Brian Shaw amongst others. It's pretty easy to follow in terms of simplicity too.

  9. I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite series. I want to learn everything this man knows about lifting

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