Day 11 – Shakti Yoga Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Day 11 – Shakti Yoga Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Hey, my friends. Welcome to 30 Days Of Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today is Day 11 and I’m feeling kind of tight. So I’m going
to get on the mat and find what feels good. Let’s get started. All right, my friends. Today, we’re going
to begin in a cross-legged position. You can lift the hips up, if you like. Get to a place
where you can sit up nice and tall and feel comfortable. All right, we’ll begin to notice
the breath. We can just settle into our practice today. Close your eyes, relax your jaw, take
a deep breath in, and find that long, awesome, exhale out. Beginning with a little gentle spinal flex,
today, we’ll bring the palms to the knees, press into the sit bones, and use your breath
as you inhale. Open your heart and your chest, lift it forward, nose draws up towards the
sky. We begin to open up this throat chakra here. It’s kind of like an animal. If you’ve
ever had a pet, you can recognize this shape in their body when they wake up. Then, on
an exhale, we draw the navel back towards the spine. We kind of rock on the pelvis,
and we bring the chin to the chest, as the crown of the head draws towards the naval.
Take a couple of breaths here. It’s funny. I just had a memory. We do this in our very
first ever Yoga with Adriene video, the Sukhasana video. Catch your weight in your palms here
for a deeper stretch. Then inhale, a little booty massage, as you rock forward, again
lifting the chest, opening the heart and the throat. Exhale, chin to chest, navel to spine,
nose draws down, and we stretch. Rock the pelvis, as you inhale, elbows down. And now
that you’ve got the gist of it, you can close the eyes and really visualize the spine here,
you know how, like in an anatomy diagram, or you can imagine the skeleton and all its
wonderful attachments. Close your eyes, and just see you body here moving, move nice and
slow, back and forth. Then on your next breath in, we’ll come back
up to a nice stack position here, head over heart, heart over pelvis. Drop the left palm
down, inhale, reach the right fingertips high. Give yourself lots of space today. So let’s
slide the left palm out and find this nice side body stretch, draw the shoulders away
from the ears, and spiral your heart up towards the sky. You might find a little movement
here, stretching the back body. Again, any tight or sore muscles ground down through
the tops of the thighs. Then we’re going to draw the navel in, slide on through, rounding
the spine, and take it to the other side. The same thing here. Draw your chin to your
chest, navel in, re-round through, and take it to the left. This time, maybe we lower
the left elbow and maybe not. Maybe we’re like, timber. To each his own here and back
through center and we open up. Back through center, chin to chest, roll it up, loop your
shoulders, sit up nice and tall, inhale, reach the fingertips up overhead, and exhale out
through the mouth, lion’s breath. What? Inhale in again, and lion’s breath. Don’t be shy.
One more time. We float the fingertips down. Palms rest gently on the legs. We close the
eyes and observe the breath, observe the energy, getting some fresh blood, fresh oxygen flowing
through. Then bat your eyelashes open, and we’ll send it on forward onto all fours. When you get there, find your tabletop position.
We’re going to inhale, lift the right knee. We’re just going to draw some big, big, big,
big, big circles with the knees one way, and then the other. There’s a tendency to really
shift all your weight into the left side body, kind of putting this unnecessary, undue pressure
on the left wrist. So stay connected through your right palm. Reverse your circle, think
about carving lines through space. Stay active and alive through your foot to avoid any foot
cramps or weirdness in the foot. Now we release, we’re just going to do the same thing on the
other side. Engage the torso so you’re not crashing into your shoulders or wrists. The
left knee lifts up, and we begin to check in with that ball and socket. It might even
feel good on the tops of the glutes. This might be hard work, so we breathe, support
the movement with the breath. Reverse your circle, stay connected to your midline, pressing
your left palm, and we release. Awesome. Curl the toes under, here we go,
sending the hips up and back, downward dog. Bend the knees generously, create space. Bring
the feet about a hip width apart here, press away from the palms, then we are going to
bend the right knee in towards the center line first, dropping down through that left
heel. Breathe into the outer edge of that left hip, and then turn your gaze to look
underneath your left armpit chest or you left arm. Then we switch, right heel comes down,
we just soften that left knee in towards the center line. We anchor down through that right
heel, and we look underneath the right arm. Then one more time to each side, back and
forth. Nice. Then we come to center. Slowly walking the feet all the way up towards the
front edge of the mat. Take your time. Gosh creaky floor. And we release the front body
over. So we find this extension in the front of the body, in the spine, excuse me, so that
we can relax down, extend it forward full. Then today we’re going to reach behind, interlace
the fingertips behind the tailbone. Use the knuckles to draw down, bend your knees softly,
pressing your feet, and slowly roll up here, drawing the knuckles down towards the earth
as you tuck your pelvis in. We slowly roll it up, and then we open up through the chest
and find this awesome stretch in the upper back body. Take a deep breath in, draw energy
up through the arches in the feet, the inner thighs, the heart lifts up, and exhale. We
break free. Great. Inhale, reaching up and overhead, and exhale, forward fold. Inhale,
halfway lift, and exhale, soft and inbound. Plant the palms, step or hop it back to plank.
We’re not going to do a lot of these today, so let’s do one nice, full Vinyasa here, either
lowering all the way down or lowering halfway. Inhale, lift up, open your heart and exhale.
Lower the knees and widen them, send it back, extended child’s pose. Three breathes here,
in and out. Then press into the tops of the feet, sit
bones anchor down as we walk. The palm’s up. We’re going to turn the fingertips in, so
right fingertips turn clockwise, left fingertips counterclockwise. Keep the knees wide here,
and we take a lion’s breath as we press into the palms here. Inhale, open your heart, your
chest, rock the pelvis out, lift up through the crown of the head. Exhale out, inhale
for a lion’s breath, inhale in, exhale, tongue out. Awesome. Release, palms back up to the
front of the mat. We walk the knees underneath the hips, curl the toes under, and send it
up and back. Downward facing dog. So, one of the things I love about lion is,
it’s really like let go of what others think. Practice, enjoy the cleanse, the playfulness.
Deep breathe in here, long breath out. Then we go for a low walk towards the front once
again. Inhale, halfway lift, exhale out, reach behind, interlace, maybe opposite thumb on
top this time, soft and through the knees, and we begin to roll it up once again. Stacking
up through the spine, we open the chest and shoulders, take a deep breath in here, then
exhale, break free. Inhale, lift it all the way up, exhale, back down we go. Inhale, halfway
lift, and exhale, soft and inbound. This time, we’re going to step the right foot
back, lower onto the right knee. Breathe into the front of the right hip crease as you interlace
the fingertips and bring it to the top of that left thigh. Baby pulses here, you can
keep the right toes curled under or you can come on to the top of that back foot, so I
say do whatever feels most stable for you and your foot and your ankle. Make sure you’re
not on a tight rope here. You might walk your left foot out just a hair, and we’re doing
baby pulses here. We can have pad the knee, we can always double up on the mat. Then we’ll
sink into that front hip, pull the left hip crease back, find that upward current of energy
as you reach the fingertips up. Breathing in, and on an exhale we release. Great. Plant
the palms, curl the back toes under. We’re going to send it right back to downward facing
dog, and we switch, stepping the right leg up this time whenever you’re ready. We come
onto the left knee, we stretch through the front of that left hip crease. We pull the
right hip crease back, and the same thing here, maybe making sure we’re on two parallel
lines. We interlace the fingertips, and we find baby pulses, stretching it out. We can stay here, totally grounded, easy breezy,
or we might experiment with reaching the fingertips up, drawing energy up from the earth as if
you’re pressing away from the top of that back foot, and the ball joint of this front
big toe. So squeeze this right knee, and this tends to happen a lot, this tendency to go,
whoa. So draw it in, reach it up, you got this, one more breath. Shine bright, and exhale,
release. Curl the back toes under, and we step that back foot up to meet the front,
forward fold. Great. Inhale, halfway lift, exhale, release. Inhale, all the way up, nice
and easy this time, just reaching fingertips up and overhead, slight back bend, and exhale,
back down we go. Inhale, flat back, we begin to warm it up, and exhale down. Stepping the
right foot back again, low lunge, inhale, exhale, lowering onto the right knee once
again. We inhale, reach it up overhead, full body stretch. Exhale, melting it back. Plant
the palms, please step in back to downward facing dog and switch, stepping the right
leg all the way up. Inhale, stretch it out here, don’t rush it. Then lower that back
knee whenever you’re ready, and we rise up, spreading energy awareness through the fingertips.
On an exhaled release, and Vinyasa, totally skip this Vinyasa if you’re keeping it chill
today. Sliding the right toes back, shifting forward, lower belly draws in, and we find
our bliss. Together we’ll meet in downward facing dog.
Drop the left heel, inhale, lift the right leg high. Bend the right knee, hug it all
the way towards your heart. Then step it on through into your lunge. Lower that back knee
once again. Okay, so this time we’re going to walk the right foot over towards the right
side of the mat, and even allow the right toes to turn out just a hair. I come onto
my left palm, my fingertips, or if I have a block or a book handy, my yoga book, yoga
prop book, I can lift the earth up to me, which is sometimes really nice. You might
think too, sometimes like no, I can do it, I can do it, and it’s like, why are you’re
being stubborn. Just give yourself a little space, and it’s kind of nice to start here.
Then slowly come here, and then maybe, and sometimes just anatomically, folks are more
open in the hips. Maybe you come onto the forearms, and maybe you lift the back knee
up. And maybe you’re like, that is just crazy talk. But if you do lift that back knee up,
I encourage you to notice what’s going on in your foot and your ankle, really press
into all five toes. Find that sit bone to heel connection. It is possible to roll on the outer edge of
this right foot if that feels awesome. I like to keep mine nice and grounded, but that’s
a nice variation for some. So we’re here, over here, over here, over here. Find your
lizard variation today, and then really tap into that sweet breath my friends, that Pranayama,
moving the Prana or the energy around in the body, blocking, clearing out any blockages,
really doing some awesome, awesome stuff for the body here, and the mind, and the spirit.
One more breath, and then we slowly rise up wherever we are. Walk that right knee in,
and then we slowly send the sit bones back, rocking onto that right heel. Just one deep
full breath cycle here. In and out. Then we’ll roll through that right foot, plant the palms.
You have an option here, you can step it straight back to downward facing dog, or you can move
through your Vinyasa. From down dog we drop the right heel, inhale,
lift the left leg high. Bend that left knee, squeeze it up in towards your heart. Press
away from the earth, and then step your left foot up into your lunge. Lower the right knee
slowly, and here we go. Walking the left toes out now, turning or fanning the left toes
just out towards the left edge of the mat. Palms come inward here, and we just slow it
down, there is no rush. I feel like that’s where the yummy stuff come. That’s why this
home practice is so great because you get the chance to really work into the sensations.
So then you can go rock out in a public class, and move at the pace that the teacher sets.
Here we are. Everyone is like, shut up Adriene. Here we are, checking it out on the other
side. Maybe we lift that back knee, maybe we save that for another day. Deep breaths. Eventually we’ll start wrapping
this arm underneath and going into arm balances and stuff, so just enjoy where you’re at today.
How lucky that we have so much to look forward to. Deep breath in, long breath out. Then
we slowly release, come back up, bring the left foot back in, and send the hips up and
back. One full breath cycle here. Enjoy. Make the most of it. Then we’ll roll through that
left foot. Come back to our low lunge, and step the back foot up to meet the front, forward
fold. Cool. Inhale, halfway lift from here, exhale, soft and then bow. Inhale, spread
the fingertips wide, reach all the way up. Full body stretch, and exhale back down at
the heart. Take a second here to just observe your breath. Notice how you feel. Then we’ll
draw the chin down, look down at your feet. Hands come to the waistline. I’m going to
cross my right ankle over the left here. Toes point forward, or at least just try to
keep a consciousness of that, and a little softness in the knees. So don’t lock that
back knee. Inhale, lift your heart, exhale, forward fold. Now if you have that block,
you can bring the earth up to you here. Maybe you keep the hands on the waistline, or maybe
you reach the fingertips down, or palms. Relax the weight of the head over, pressing on all
four corners of your left foot. Then tuck the chin into the chest, soften through the
knees, press into all four corners of your feet to come up, nice and strong, nice and
strong, nice and strong, and then we release, and switch. Left foot crosses over the right,
hands come to the waistline, and we just kind of find our integrity here, lifting up, and
then keeping nice long puppy belly here as we forward fold. Hands can stay on the waistline,
thumbs pulling back, or we can bring hands to block, or release. You know what to do. Now from here, we’re going to inhale in, bring
the head up just a hair, just so you can see your feet, and soften through the knees so
you can unravel from here. Then we’re going to heel-toe, heel-toe the feet wide. Stay
in your forward fold, so I realize you’re probably looking at me, but stay low here
because we’re going to drop the sit bones and come into Malasana or squat. Palms come
together at the heart. We squeeze the legs in towards the arms. We press the arms towards
the legs. Remember from before, you can use a block underneath the sit bones here, it’s
really nice, or you can pillow the heels with the blanket. Find your deep yogic squat today,
and take a nice full, loving breath in, nice loving breath out. And one more time in, and
out. Fingertips come to the earth. We tuck the chin into the chest, pressing the outer
edges of the feet, and roll it on up all the way. Awesome. So now we’re going to spread the feet a little
bit wider, keeping the toes turned out. Hands are going to reach up here, really reach,
reach, reach. Spread your fingertips and on an exhale bend your knees. So now we’re getting
into some crazy Shakti moves here. Day 11 in heaven. I swear I’m sober. Okay. Knees
are going to want to come in. We’re really going to work strong here. We’re not going
to be here for long, trust me. But keep your knees pressing out, so really tops of the
thighs are going to spiral out really, trying to make sure that you can see your big toes
because this is important. Then tuck your pelvis in, horse pose or goddess pose is a
nicer name. God or goddess pose. Palms come together here, nice and strong, inhale in,
exhale, turn to the right, sink down low, inhale to center, exhale. Turn to the left,
sink down low, inhale to center, exhale to the right, inhale to center, exhale to the
left. Only one more time, you got it. Inhale to center, smile, exhale to the right, drop
you sit bones, head over heart, heart over pelvis as you inhale the center, exhale to
the left. Inhale to center and release. Straighten your legs. Inhale, reach the arms up and overhead,
and exhale. Let it go. Heel-toe, heel-toe the feet. All the way back into center. My
favorite little dance move. Then we take a deep breath in. Take a couple of moments here in mountain
pose to feel the soles of the feet, the sensations up through the legs and hips. Maybe notice
if there is still any tension or tightness in the torso, the shoulders, the neck that
needs to be worked out before you continue off your mat and into the rest of your day. Thanks for sharing your practice with me.
Awesome work. Take care.

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  1. I just wanted to say this to anyone who needs it, its okay to take a break and skip a workout if you need a day off. 💖This is not a race, its a journey. 💖
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    (i’ve still got ways to go. 😂)

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  7. Adriene ❤️ I am so grateful for you! Putting this magic out to the universe for free. Incredible. Thank you for all you do. 😻

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  9. Hi Adriene, I want to say I do the 30 days now for the 3rd time and it works so great for me. sometimes i skip days in between but i realize that my awareness to yoga deepen everytime I re practice an episode. Now I really can breath in my spine and it is soo awesome! You re so funny also and relaxed about the yoga stuff that makes it so more easy. Thanks you very much.
    With Love Linde

  10. Day 11! i still can't touch the floor on downward dog, but I was able to do the lizard pose all the way down, so YAY!

  11. So here I am on day 11…. I have been practicing now for about 5 weeks, before the 30 day challenge I did the beginners videos. I'm almost 50 and have been suffering with serious pain in my hips and hamstrings for about 2 years which resulted in difficulties walking up stairs and hills, and I couldn't even put my socks on without pain. I had pain medication and physiotherapy but neither had much impact on my pain levels. I was beginning to despair about what was going to happen as the pain was just getting worse and worse, waking me up at night and seriously impacting on my quality of life.

    I did Adriene's Hamstring video and at the end, she said something that I will never forget…. Give It Time. Tight hamstrings take a while to loosen and become more flexible. But even after just 5 weeks I have noticed the following benefits:

    I can turn to look over my shoulder now without pain… I can put my socks on while standing (believe me, this is a HUGE deal to me, as both pain and balance have improved), my clothes are a little looser, I'm making better decisions about food (even though weight loss was not a goal when starting this), the breathing helps me stay calmer in my everyday life, I'm drinking more water, I'm sleeping way better, my skin and even my hair looks improved, and even though my hamstrings are still tight I've noticed a VAST improvement in the pain levels and I haven't taken any pain medication for about 3 weeks now!

    Every part of my body from my fingertips to my toes has shown an improvement in muscle tone and I definitely have more energy and tire less easily. Psychologically too, I just feel younger and more excited about life and my future than I have in a long time. All this in only 5 weeks!

    So if you're humming and ha-ing about doing this video, hang in there and know it gets better and better. (I started really noticing the benefits after a fortnight of daily practice). Adriene is a daily ray of light coming into my life every morning and I will be forever grateful to her for bringing the gift of yoga to the world… for free.

    Love and light to all and I wish you all the very best on your yoga journey. Namaste!!

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    I have been practicing yoga for years this hasn’t happened before … .. My cat. Lucky passed away in April of this year . I took it very hard … so I took up ballet Adult Beginner . Ballet is more precise . Thank you Adrian. For a Lovley practice . 🙏🏻🌸🌼

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  17. Done! So sad that I missed out for almost a week, I was ill and went to the hospital, way to weak to do it. But t he breathing helped me a lot.
    Back at it everyday from now on!

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    Adriene: Take Care

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  27. Day 11 ✔️ Hi friends! I started today's practice by reading the comments to motivate myself, and I wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences 🙏 I'm starting to feel like I can't describe the changes I feel as I continue doing the practice. There's probably so much happening at a micro level inside my body; it's beginning to heal, drain (the lymphatic system), and balance all of the molecules (cholesterol, testosterone, hormones, etc.) from energy and movement. The last couple of days were really tough for me for different reasons, but today seems like I'm heading out of the woods to some light. I really appreciate the "Don't Give Up" shirt today teacher, as it reminded me that most breakthroughs and changes are about to happen when things become super difficult and I want to quit. It really helped me to think of all these negative thoughts and physical sickness as toxicity purging itself through myself, and allowed me to embrace the suck…since the suck is what makes the victory feel so amazing. Haha, thanks for listening to my rambles, much love to you all and thank you for continuing to teach me!

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