Dirty Medicine

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  1. Way cool! Always interesting when the muic sounds so relaxing, sliding along happy time and the message is so deadly serious. Well done.

  2. Amazing song. Many true words. I personally have never used any of that sh*t. But thanks for the invite. 😀

  3. Well written and very informative lyrics. Enjoyed the music production as well. Thanks for subscribing to my channel, I'll be doing the same. Mark

  4. How you were able to do this beautiful video..
    Thanks for bringing to us.

  5. I'm a proponent (silently…lol) of alternative medicines! Doctors are much to quick to hand over scripts to people and misdiagnosing peeps. Pharmaceutical companies are money-laundering whores…yikes…but it's the truth!

  6. This is such a great message that will appeal to youth. The music video and creativity is excellent. I enjoy your music and artistry.

  7. Great song dedicated to the "Pusherman" who takes you to the other world for a few quid. It's time for the total war on Drugs,more than enough lives have gone down the drain already. A great song and contribution to a walk on the right side,don't take that dirty Medicine,Vic.

  8. "Great music , great vid "….uuugh! not denying the quality of the show man.
    Has anyone learnt anything? just me yeh?
    Peace out.

  9. @ooohcheese That wasn't a neg on the vid Kev. it's the bollox , it's just the inane comms on yeh cool vid man. I love shoes too type ….aaaaaaaaaaaaagh.
    Peace out.
    Time to skin.
    'tis a good ol' chillout sound though..

  10. You make some really important points on this video. Its astonishing how big money can push some dreadful medicines onto the market and ultimately on to sick and vulnerable people… This goes straight into my favourites

  11. Powerful……another profoundly artistic way to viewing the war being waged against humanity, these are high crimes, our health is our first wealth, without it, pain, suffering and death are the results, point blank end of story, even at its best it only manages lie and trick the mind and body into believing nothings wrong in route to stealing our soul, now that's a real mediSin….thanks so much 4 this.

  12. Fluoride & Sodium Fluoride is Loaded with Tiny Aluminum, Lead, Barium , Arsenic etc Aluminum Attaches to ends of Neurons in BRAIN, Forms CLUSTERS in Pineal Gland in BRAIN, Causes Lazy Thyroid=DEPRESSION

    Take MAGNeSIUM for DePRESSION see SCIENTIST yt=georgeeby, and Dr Theissan in Film Professional Perspectives at "FLUORIDEALeRT"

    Take Magnesium at Bedtime, Pure Water, ADDICTION to Cola's Broke in two weeks

  13. That`s true!!!!
    A phantastic Song ….Congratulation !!!!
    Everybody must hear this one !!!!
    God bless you !!!!
    Greetings from Germany , " Mr.Oss"

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