Does Pooh Have Mental Disorders? – Winnie the Pooh Theory

Does Pooh Have Mental Disorders? – Winnie the Pooh Theory

(Edited by cuppyson) One of my Favorite things as a kid was winnie the pooh you know [the] adventures of a little boy named Christopher Robin and his best friend Stuffed animal Poo bear. Do you know what I mean [brierly]? Oh, yeah, winnie-the-pooh Winnie-The-Pooh Tubby little Cubby all stuffed with mental disorders wait did you say Mental disorders?(SO NORMAL!) This serie proposes that Christopher Robin and his animal friends are all diagnosed with various mental disorders now for this conspiracy I asked my good friend and fellow pooh bear Aficionado brierly to help me out. Thank you emily I’m very glad to be here for this rather Unusal Story you see on December 12th 2000 the Canadian medical journal decided to do a little study on our friends [at] [100] acre wood Because WHY NOT? Their findings are pretty extreme let’s start with our favorite honey eating bear way the pooh according to this study [waiting] the pooh has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder impulsivity with obsessive [fixations] and Last but not least obsessive compulsive disorder oh bother Little piglet suffers from generalized anxiety disorder because he’s constantly anxious and flustered our sad buddy eeyore suffers from Depression [the] wonderfully hyper tigger suffers from hyperactivity impulsivity rabbit suffers from Ocd since he’s always trying to keep everything in order [oh] is Dyslexic which is pretty tame considering the rest Sadly Christopher Robin doesn’t come out so clean either, but he seems like such a normal kid He makes believe with the stuffed toys and goes on Imaginary adventures with them You know kid things well apparently that’s wrong according [to] the study based on the complexity of his hallucinations and his [solutions] of his toys having sentient life he has You guessed it Schizophrenia what is happening to my childhood emily? This is making me feel like I should go to therapy my childhood is a lie Apparently the only healthy ones in the group are Kanga and Roo I mean sure she’s a little overprotective at times But what parent wouldn’t be scared for their child’s life when they’re growing up around a gang of troubled youths I think heffalumps and woozles Are the least of their problems? But I wonder do we have to accept the truth of this do all of our [favourite] characters need to be in therapy The evidence for this conspiracy is pretty impressive Especially considering whoever wrote it decided that the Canadian medical association needed to get involved But how [will] [TV] diagnosis really pan out and Several winnie-the-pooh? specials [owl’s] [Gotten] the Gang in a lot of trouble by [mistreating] various signs and notes like Impose Grand adventure He mistakes the word school for skull. That’s a pretty big difference But Al is one of the oldest characters in the [show] so it’s possible that he might just need glasses on the other hand rapid neurotic obsession with keeping everything in order and completely Losing it when tigger messes it up our symptoms pretty closely associated to ocd hey in Rabbit’s defense tigger is a pretty Terrible houseguest, but he does seem [to] be consumed by his need for order What about our favorite bear who supposedly has some pretty serious conditions Adhd ocd? Impulsivity with obsessive fixations anyone familiar with the show knows that [poos] obsession with honey often drives him to the point of carelessness? Risking himself and his friends to get it. He’s often forgetful and doesn’t always listen [to] what his friends say, I don’t know the exact specifications for this disorder but that doesn’t sound healthy to me still we have to remember that [pooh] is a bear and Dara’s aren’t exactly known [for] their impulse control So what about the rest of the gang well piglet must have generalized anxiety disorder? He’s constantly shaking and has an unrealistic fear of everything [like] when he compares falling out of bed to falling 10,000 feet into jagged rocks. I mean some days I feel the same way, but I’m not that dramatic about it You know what a low dosage of Xanax might help a little guy out Now tigers constant bouncing and jumping around can obviously be seen as a symptom of adhd [he] has all of this pent-up Energy and is unable to focus so he’s literally Bouncing off the walls [on] the other side of the spectrum ears poor outlook on life can be due to his depression I mean the poor guy eats thistles for food and lives in a pile of sticks. [I] don’t know guys There’s an awful lot [of] evidence to this conspiracy Sadly I have to agree. It’s pretty rock-solid yet I find comfort of the fact that the [creator] alan Alexander mill, never actually said that his characters had any of these disorders And just because Adhd wasn’t necessarily diagnosed in the [1800’s] doesn’t mean it didn’t exist still without any Confirmation from the creator who can’t really give confirmation at this point We can’t give it a perfect score So while this should be a rock-solid theory we’re gonna have to give it four and a half half lumps out of five Yeah, I’ll take comfort on that half a point [I] Hope we didn’t make you guys too depressed with this episode a huge Thank you to my good friend [brierly] who stepped in to help me out with this conspiracy Make sure you guys check out her channel, and if you guys want to check out a preview for next week’s episode You can click somewhere around Here and catch up on any episodes you might have missed but make sure you subscribe channel frederator, and [I’ll] see you guys [next] week

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  1. You stupid unfunny cows, pooh and the others having a mental disorder isn't ruining any childhoods so stop copying what you think the comment section will say and sort your heads out

  2. the only thing I find bad about this is the christopher robin thing, the others are actually not that bad, if anything, it shows kids that differences can be fun.

  3. She mixed a lot of disorders up. Btw. They all don't have disorders… They were just made based on disorders.. Pooh has eating disorder and disorder of wondering too much. Piglet has the right disorder & ior. And about tiger…. ADHD is always about too much hyper active blah blah… No one reply no hate please. I still love Winnie the pooh

  4. Does anyone see pooh being as being a bit of a narcissist. I mean he is always gets what he wants at the expense of others.(honey) He lacks boundaries he came into rabbits house eating all his honey. He looks in the mirror and sings about how much he loves himself and laughs.

  5. “But he seems like SUCH a normal kid!!”

    Kids with mental illness are normal. There’s nothing abnormal or freaky about characters having mental illness. As someone with it myself, I’ve had multiple people look at me like I didn’t come out right and frankly the mentality is insulting. Be more aware of how you say things.

  6. That makes so much sense. I grew up with Winnie the pooh . I have now suicide thoughts, depression anxiety, and eating to much . But I go to therapy in getting better

  7. We need more cartoons with the main character(s) having mental disorders, to teach kids and break the stigma.

  8. Pooh= eating disorder, tiger=ADHD, Rabbit=OCD Eeyore= Depression Owl=Narcissism Piglet=anxiety Roo=ADD/abandonment issues, cristopher robin= schizophrenia

  9. My childhood has just been Thanos snapped away I'm watching this video in 2018 so avengers infinity war is out reply to my comment if your watching in 2018

  10. I never watched Winnie the Pooh. But I knew about the conspiracy and it really does’t change my thoughts on the show. I have social anxiety, depression, a real low self-esteem, and I used to have a small eating disorder(basically eating two pieces of bread a day) and I have panic attacks.

  11. I would have given this a 4/5 because, and old person not being able to read well is OBVIOUSLY dyslexia.

  12. Im almost positive that i have an anxiety disorder. Im scared of EVERYTHING, and CONSTANTLY worry, to the point where I don't think it's normal…

  13. In my opinion, Roo has autism spectrum disorder and Kanga has post-partum depression. I take comfort in knowing that my friends in Winnie the Pooh had mental disorders. I can relate to Piglet lol!

  14. actally kanga has social axiety discorder she worries and is very over proteccteive over roo (who probaly also has adhd) and she lives in a normal society.

  15. That is ridiculous that they act like mental disorder is a bad thing. so many people struggle with mental disorders and why can’t they still love the movie.

  16. here is the actal list

    pooh has binge eating disorder
    piglet has anxiety
    tigger has adhd and bipolar disorder
    eeyore is in a deep depresion
    rabbit has ocd
    owl has narssim
    kanga has social anxiety disorder
    roo is autistic
    christopher robin has schophenria

  17. I once read that the characters were created so children who have those mental illness, can feel related to their favourite characters. i'm not 100% sure about this fact, but if it was true that is so sweet

  18. I have a theory…. Maybe Pooh and his friends control Robin, but make it seem like Robin is controlling them…

  19. Pooh – ADHD, OCD, Eating disorders
    Piglet – anxiety
    Eeore – depression
    Tigger – ADHD
    Rabbit – OCD
    Owl – dyslexia
    Christopher Robin – schizophrenia
    Kanga + roo – just normal

  20. Pooh has eating dissorder and the blue sad one has depprestion and the tiger has the problem i have ADHD and the rabit has OCD and the pig has anxaity and also i know this because i investagate

  21. Tbh I think ADHD isn’t even a thing… doctors just make it up for more money, being hyperactive and unfocused could just be your personality! ~JUST MY OPINION! DON’T COME AT ME PLEASE😓😰

  22. Why they making it seem like mental disorders are the worst thing in the world….. Dude they are still human…

  23. Pooh- Bulimia
    Piglet- Generalized Anxiety
    Eeyore- Depression
    Rabbit- OCD
    Tigger- ADHD
    Kanga- Social Anxiety
    Roo- Autism
    Owl- Dyslexia
    Christopher Robin- Schizophrenia

  24. It was also said that roo has autism because of his lack of understanding or danger and kanga has separation anxiety and possible PTSD due to her worrying and protectiveness of Roo. Also pooh has an eating disorder

  25. Before the study of psychology, people just wrote down what they saw with other people's behaviors and personalities. Nowadays we label everything and everyone. So what is normal. And what is culturally normal. Because with European culture they are repressed and hide the true feelings.

  26. It is so interesting, thay back in the day before Psychology was a discipline. People observes these Straits and their Circle of Friends and yet they coexisted and were there for each other. That's whats Winnie the Pooh is all about!!

  27. Psychology is a pseudoscience. Everyone has something wrong with them because diagnosis' are based on perceptions which are influenced by the interpreter. Denotative objectivity is not factually achievable

  28. Mental disorders don't make you a troubled youth. That was offensive. All the characters in Winnie the Pooh show us that people can have mental disorders and still bring happiness and love into the world. When you try to be funny, you are just mean. Seems like you have a personality disorder.

  29. This is good having mentally diverse characters in kids shoes helps to make them more accepting of others. I really don't like that this is framed in stuch a bad light

  30. Personally, i just think that they are all representative of Christopher's different emotions, and then simplified and made more extreme so that kids can spot them/relate to them more easily. But its nice that people struggling with these issues can relate to the characters too

  31. No, I feel like Christopher robins is the person with mental disorders and the stuffed animals are his mental disorders and the whole show is about him dealing with mental disorder (stuffed animals)

  32. You cant have adhd and ocd they are completly diferent things i should know i have adhd. This is kinda offencev cause thers nothing wrong with charictars with mental disorders.

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