Don't Be That Guy at the Gym

Don't Be That Guy at the Gym

notice we're doing the full range of motion letter and we really gotta bring that bar all the way down to your chest I mean if you cheat going cheat yourself whoa sir keepin the bitch off I don't want a ringworm and I don't think you do either push out pull apart push dude you leave to be big but you're also cool and I think will help with that is a new diet change it up a little bit I do the Paleo diet got a lot of meats got my nuts cuts up a complex car Hey I noticed you weren't doing the regulation ara swing and that's really important for proper velocity I used to do it too it's like ah

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  1. I got add and ptsd so I look like a polar opposite of "the face" while working out?

    People walk up to me to tell me to quit since I "clearly don't enjoy it here" but I love it lol

  2. What about the grunters, the guys who have to swear on their last rep, the assholes who don't rack their heavy weights and the machine joggers who spend more time updating their FB profiles

  3. The noob and the face are really something u can’t control everyone starts as a noob and come on u really want me to worry about my face when I’m lifting

  4. How about the mirror master… Using mirror angles to stare at hot women without getting caught…. but you get caught every time.

  5. Awwwwww some ppl can't help but make faces… and everyone's a noob in the beginning… But good vid anyway.

  6. Don't be the guy that gives a shit about others in the gym. I do what I need to do and leave.

  7. This is only in the usa. In my country we dont judge people who come to the gym. We also dont judge the fat people who go to the gym, because we support them. Maybe this is the reason your country is the fattest in the world, because you judge people way too much and theyre afraid to go to the gym (to be judged)…

  8. Where are the gym bro and the douchebag who stares at you like if he wanted to murder you or something

  9. Honestly the face just means you’re making gains and the show off is just a dude that’s a better lifter than you. This video was made by dudes who don’t even look like they lift, so of course they aren’t going to understand gym goers.

  10. And don’t be that asshole who stares at others who aren’t as fit as you yet or giggle when they can’t lift as heavy as you can..

  11. I have nothing against any of them, we all have been noobs, coaches sometimes give really good advice, it's impossible not to make a funny face lifting heavy weigths, show offs give me motivation, the meathead is just something normal at a gym, not something that annoys me, if it dose then do homeworkouts or get to the gym early or late, your choice

  12. I’m that guy that breathes and grunts really loud and talks to himself to get pumped ???? Soorry

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