DON’T Do This Before Your Workout

DON’T Do This Before Your Workout

(dance music) – What’s up, elite THENX athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video official THENX. Today, I’m gonna be telling you something you don’t wanna do before
you start working out, and once you’re able to fix this, you’re gonna start performing a lot better and making a lot more gains
through your training, and that one simple mistake is doing static, long stretches before you start your workout. What I mean by static stretches is static holds for long periods of time, generally around 30 seconds or longer. In fact, if you’re doing static stretches before you start training, that may actually be doing more damage than helping your athletic
and muscle performance. Our muscles are very
much like a rubber band, and for a rubber band to be
at its maximum performance, you wanna make sure that that rubber band will have tight tension
and good elasticity. By holding a rubber band
out to its fullest extension for a longer period of time, we have lost the power in its tension, and that is exactly what
we do to our muscles when we take long static hold stretches before we start working out. We need our muscles to have
that tension and elasticity to have the power during our workouts. If we already stretched all of that out, you’re gonna be a lot weaker, you’re not gonna have that power during your training session. In fact, in some cases, that can even lead to injury, but I’ll save that for another video. So, although you generally don’t wanna be doing static stretches
before you start your routine, you still definitely wanna warm up and stretch properly before
you begin your workout. The way we’ll do that is with
dynamic or active stretching, where you’re not actually
holding a position for longer than 30 seconds, but you’re doing more of a
movement-based stretching. This type of active stretching is gonna positively influence your power, speed, endurance, flexibility,
and strength performance when used as a warm-up. Now, when it comes to
training specifically, everyone’s goal is different, so maybe there are some times when people might wanna
do some static stretches if that’s what they’re
particularly working on that day. But generally, if you’re trying to have optimal performance in
your workout routine, you wanna stick to dynamic stretches before you start your workout to warm up to keep the elasticity in your muscles for the best performance
during your workout, and when you’re finished
with your workout, that is when you want to
start doing some static holds, generally 30 seconds or longer. There is when you’ll
see a lot more benefits to your static stretching. In fact, when you finish
your workout routine, and then you start
doing static stretching, you’re gonna begin to release a lot of that lactic acid buildup that you gained through your workout. It’s also gonna help reduce cramping, and it’s also gonna stretch
out all those muscle fibers that you just worked on while training, which will help your
muscle repair process. You should know that when
your muscles are repairing is when you’re actually making gains, not when you’re working out. When you’re working out
is when you’re actually tearing and breaking
down your muscle fibers so that they can grow
back bigger and stronger. It’s in that growing phase is when you’re actually
making those gains. That’s where static holds
after your workout routine can also help support
the muscle development. Now I’m gonna show you guys
a dynamic stretch and warm-up that you should do before
every single workout, every single day. We’re gonna go through all
the muscles in our body, starting from the top,
all the way to the bottom. If you ever need a warm-up
before starting your workout, come back to this video
and follow this routine. So, let’s get started. For the first move, I like to choose something that’s the least strain on the body and something super low-impact so we can just get right in. We’re gonna go up with our fingertips, down with our hands. When you come up, get on your tip toes, get a nice little stretch. (dance music) Make sure to push your chest out and try to be as tall
and long as possible. All right, now let’s swing
our arms in a circle. Now we’re working on
our shoulder mobility. Let’s go the other way. All right, let’s have two hands in front. Now, this is gonna be a little tricky. One goes up and one goes down. Let’s see if you guys can do this one. All right, now the other way. All right, now we’re going to start with our forearms, wrists, and fingers. We’re gonna start by
pulling our fingers back just like this. Now, you don’t wanna hold
this position for too long, because then this is
gonna be a static hold, and if you can do little pumps rather than a long hold, this will also work a lot better. Now let’s bring our hands down, give it a little hold, some little pumps, and then we’re gonna bring our wrist in, give it a little hold, little pumps, and then lastly, we’re
gonna twist our wrist, so our wrist will be
stretched in every direction. All right, next hand. (dance music) All right, shake those off, guys. Let’s put our hands together,
give it a little roll. All right, now we’re
gonna move into our neck. Let’s lift up. Down. Give it a full range of motion. Now left, right. A lot of times, the neck is what holds a lot of the strain in your body, so you wanna make sure to really stretch out that neck really good, especially, oh, there’s
some cracks, right there. Especially if you’re
trying to prevent injury and you’re trying to have
maximum supportiveness. All right, let’s do a little roll. Now, if you hear little cracks and adjustments being made, that’s great. You wanna make sure
that’s not hanging around while you’re training. That’s the whole purpose of warming up and stretching your body, is like a car. As soon as you turn the car on, if you just take off
without giving your engine a chance to warm up, eventually, the car’s engine will not be working to
its optimal performance. Also keep in mind when you’re going through
these different motions that you’re going soft and you’re not going super
hard at the beginning. This is the next one. Start off soft, and then
give it some light pumps. All right, other arm. (dance music) Over the head. Some light resistance. All right, so, do the elbow
and the joint right here. Okay, let’s twist side to side, stretching our back, your delts. Core. All right, we’re gonna have our legs a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and we’re gonna push forward in our hips and lean back, stretching the core, lower back, your back,
lats, hips, and inner quads, and just hold this for a couple seconds and then come forward. Now we’re pushing our hips back and flexing our hamstrings and our calves, as well as our lower back. Right, come back up, and we’re gonna push the hips to the side. You should feel that in your inner thighs. Bring your hand over, and you should feel it in your obliques. All right, other side. Okay, let’s do circles with the hips. You should feel it working
all the ligaments and muscles around your hip area. Go the other way. All right, now we’re
gonna go all the way down, touch the ground, give
it some light pumps. Grab one side. Other side. Come back to the middle and bend one leg. Come down. Give it some nice pumps. Other side. All right, come back up. We’re gonna hit our outer
quads and hamstrings. Come down on one leg. And the other leg. (dance music) All right, let’s make a lunge position. Feel the glutes, hamstrings,
quads, core, hip flexors. All right, let’s bring our leg up for the hip flexors,
glutes, and hamstrings. All right, now the opposite way. You should feel all that
in your quads right there. Other foot. All right, let’s bring up one leg and work the mobility in your knee, giving it little circles one way and little circles the other way. Moving on to the mobility in our ankles. Do little circles one
way, circle the other way. Other foot. All right, let’s come up
to this wall right here. Stretch out our calves. Put your foot up against the
wall, heel on the ground, and lean forward, some light pumps. Other foot. All right. All right, lastly, we’re gonna make it down to the floor, my favorite move, right here, butterflies. Put our feet together, hold by your toes, and just let those hip flexors relax and move your knees so
that you have motion in those hip flexors, so you can warm them up. There, I just heard
another crack right there, so there we go, getting
our body warmed up. All right, so, typically after this, I would go right into a warm-up, something like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and burpees. Those three exercises, three
rounds, 60 seconds each, or exercises just like that, about two or three in a row. That’s generally a whole body exercise, and that gets your heart rate up instead of a super hard
exercise right off the bat. There you have it, guys. This is how I stretch right before going into a workout routine. You wanna do this
stretch every single time before you work out, so come back to this video and play it right before you
get into your workout routine. And remember, if you wanna increase or at least maintain your
performance in the gym, then you wanna do dynamic stretching before you start training. Save your static stretches
for after you finish training. Now, that doesn’t mean that
it’s any less important than active dynamic stretching. In fact, the more you
train your static holds, the more you will
increase your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion, which is gonna get you
a whole lot stronger and perform a whole lot more in the gym. You just wanna make sure
that you’re doing it after you’re done training or on a day where that’s specifically what you’re trying to train. So, with that being said, thank you guys so much for watching. Definitely smash that like
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