Don’t Wait Until Your Doctor Kicks the Habit

Don’t Wait Until Your Doctor Kicks the Habit

[Music] when famed surgeon Michael DeBakey was asked why his studies published back in the 30s linking smoking and lung cancer simply ignored he had to remind people what it was like back then we were a smoking society was in the movies it was everywhere medical meetings were one heavy haze of smoke smoking was in a word normal it’s like the debates over cigarettes and lung cancer in Congress taking place in smoke-filled rooms makes me wonder what’s served at the breakfast buffets at the Dietary Guidelines committee meetings these days I previously talked about a famous statistician by the name of Ronald Fisher who railed against what he called propaganda to convince the public that cigarette smoking was dangerous Fischer made invaluable contributions to the fields of statistics but his analysis of lung cancer smoking were flawed by an unwillingness to examine the entire body of data available his smoke screen may have been because he was a paid consultant to the tobacco industry but also because he was himself a smoker part of his resistance to seeing the Association may have been rooted in his own fondness for smoking which makes me wonder about some of the foods nutrition researchers may be fond of to this day hello he strikes me as ironic when vegetarian researchers come forward and list their diet as a potential conflict of interest where is not once in the seventy thousand articles on meat in the medical literature if I ever seen a researcher disclose their non-vegetarian habits because it’s normal just like smoking was normal how could something that’s so normal be bad for you and it’s not like you smoke one cigarette and fall over dead right cancer takes decades to develop since at that time most physicians smoked themselves and could observe an immediate deleterious effects they were reluctant to accept even the possibility of such a relation despite the mountain of evidence may have taken 25 years for the Surgeon General’s report to come out and longer still for mainstream medicine to get on board but now there are no longer ads encouraging people to inhale to your heart’s content now there are ads from the CDC fighting back for food ads you don’t have to go all the way back to meat for health defense or nourishing bacon or doctors prescribing meat or soda for that matter thank heavens tricks are habit-forming you know things are bad when the sameness dietary advice came from cigarette ads in modern times you can see hot dogs certified by the American Heart Association or sirloin tips for that matter and of all foods which was the first to get the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics kids eat right on their label was it an apple broccoli perhaps no Kraft prepared cheese products now just like there were those in the 30s 40s and 50s on the vanguard trying to save lives today there are those turning ads about what you can do with pork but to what the pork can do to your butt the Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine z’ meat is the new tobacco campaign as dr. Barnard tried to get across in an editorial published in the American Medical Association’s journal of ethics plant-based diets can now be considered the nutritional equivalent of quitting smoking how many more people have to die though before the CDC encourages people not to wait for open heart surgery to start eating healthy as well but just like we have to wait until our doctor stops smoking to quit ourselves we don’t have to wait until our doctor takes a nutrition class or cleans up their own diet before choosing to eat healthier no longer do doctors hold a professional monopoly on health information there’s been a democratization of knowledge and so until the system changes we have to take personal responsibility for our own health for our family’s health we can’t wait until society catches up with the science again because it’s a matter of life and death dr. Kim alum Williams became president the American College of Cardiology he was asked why he follows his own advice to be they plant-based diet I don’t mind dying dr. Williams replied I just don’t want it to be my own fault [Music] [Music] you

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  1. Just wanna say , Thank you Dr Greger for this channel . Your videos had good impact on my life desisions . I dont smoke for 4 months now and i am vegetarian for 4 months also . I know i aint goin back to old habbits becouse i see things clear now .. #StayPositive

  2. So obviously true. And that means paleo trolls still living in denial will show up to vent their frustration . . . at the truth.

  3. eating everyday in general I'm starting to feel is not "normal". we evolved from tribal nomads that probably didn't eat everyday never mind 3-5 meals a day. Will fasting be the new normal in the future. fasting and starvation are two different things. it's a mental game.

  4. They came for the narcotic users; I wasn't one of them so, I did nothing. They came for the tobacco smokers; I wasn't one of them so, I did nothing. They came for the super size soda pop drinkers; I wasn't one of them so, I did nothing. They came for us meat eaters; There wasn't anyone left to do anything.

  5. I work in a hospital closely with patients and what ive seen in vegetarians and vegans is the same diseases i see in meat eaters except vegans and vegetarians do look a lot younger. But apart from that, ive seen heart disease and cancer in many i have seen. I also over see what the patients eat and they do eat a whole foods plant based diet, so ive not seen one of them eating junk vegan or vegetarian foods. My partners grand parents are meater eaters and they are fit well passed their 70s and are very active still. I perosnally have followed a vegan diet for years, then vegetarian and back round to eating meat again. I have a rule now that my plate must be 90% plant based and if any animal foods, it must be organic meats, no diary or eggs. To be honest i think our environments are very polluted and this is doing more harm than anything else to our health.

  6. Paleo Diet recently got a study proving it's as beneficial as a diet. Can you debunk this pls daddy?

    chews a carrot

  7. Still waiting for your assessment of kratom.
    I know it's hard with the amount of data so far, but new studies are being done.

  8. I quit cigarettes, I quit alcohol, I quit cannabis, and this year I quit meat, eggs, dairy, and processed food!!! Addiction has NOTHING on me. Going on a whole food plant based diet was the easiest thing I've done thus far. The staple of my diet is now rice, beans, and potatoes. Once you know how cook basic food like that it's just a matter of garnishing and that's when you really learn how to make compelling dishes. In just a few months I'm already a better cook than my mom ever was haha

  9. Thanks for another fantastic video.  I am always recommending your channel and book to people I meet.  Great, insightful and well presented information!

  10. Sadly enough you can say the truth and be making perfect sense but most won't even listen, and most of the few that do won't get it

  11. I stopped smoking 17 years ago and I eat a plant based diet, but yesterday, I bought two rolls of Jimmy Dean pork sausage and made two patties with my brown rice. I'm giving the remaining sausage to my neighbor, but boy, sometimes it's difficult. Thank God I've haven't yet had a smoking slip.

  12. I stopped being vegetarian, started eating processed food. I gained weight and felt terrible. Now I'm back on the bandwagon. I'm not lying to myself. I know the difference. My metabolism is fine. My habits aren't. I'm also taking a in a teaspoon of amla powder a day.

  13. It makes me so frustrating whenever I see doctors smoking outside of the hospital (yes it still happens where I live). It is 2018, and will these doctors ever wake up to the truth of animal products for food? Thanks to doctors like Dr. Greger for spreading the message, they give humanity true hope.

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