Dr Michael Greger: Fasting & Nutrition Facts | The Fasting Summit

Dr Michael Greger: Fasting & Nutrition Facts | The Fasting Summit

– Fasting is just a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle, right? Fasting, by definition, is unsustainable and it is the epitome of
unsustainability in diets. You can only do it for a
certain amount of time. So, but, if people need
to fast psychologically to make that break between their old life and their new life, then go for it, fantastic. But it’s what you eat after
the fast that matters. Foundation found that
the number one dietary risk factor for death, it’s not processed meat, it’s not fast food, it’s not soda pop, it’s not eating enough fruit. So inadequate fruit
consumption kills more people than does soda on the planet earth, or does, you know, meat
on the planet earth. So it’s critical that we eat enough fruit. And the reason fruit is so protective, is because it protects not
only against heart disease, but also against cancer and diabetes, on down the list. So that’s why it really comes out on top, because it’s, the
inadequate fruit consumption is a risk factor for so many
of our causes of disease and disability and death. That’s like saying is there
somebody that really should be smoking cigarettes? I mean, are you saying don’t
smoke cigarettes for everybody? Yeah, don’t smoke cigarettes for everyone. Smoking is unnatural, it’s unhealthy, just like not eating fruit
is unnatural and unhealthy. Lifestyle behaviours. Our number one killer of men and women could be reversed. There’s only one diet ever
been proven to do that, and that’s a plant-based diet. And so until proven otherwise, shouldn’t that be the default diet? And reverse the number one
killer of men and women? And so it’s a no-brainer
for me or for anyone else who believes in evidence.

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  1. What happens if I sign up now that the event is finished will I still get access to it? Does it cost money? Thanks.

  2. Greger should study fasting more. It's one of the best things you can do for you body. Apart from a healthy diet, that is. It increases HGH, BDNF, and multiple other facets of health.

  3. I have followed Dr Greger for a long time and I don't know why he hasn't approached the intermittent fasting subject directly even though many of his followers have asked him to do it. Any ideas why not?

  4. It would be nice to hear more from Dr. Greger on this subject. Dr McDougall is very much pro fasting in his talks. I've noticed that many vegans ignore the subject and even have some kind of bias against, they tend to put fasting in the categories of "diets" or worse as an anti-vegan lifestyle, what is very weird if you think about. Fasting is with us since ancient times, ancient Egyptians and Greek philosophers and so on and people who fasted were inherently vegetarian, so was today before things as intermittent fasting had to become fashionable labels…people already intermittently fasted just by skipping breakfast and the natural nutrition, long before veganism, already considers fasting as the only cure. Btw plant based nutrition + regular fasting made miracles for me and I do 2 workouts a day at 45y.

  5. Love hearing all the experts who know exactly all the positives and negatives of fasting and cannot be proven wrong

  6. we need nutrients, fiber from food…if we fast we dont get any…also if We will eat clean plant based diet We dont need to fast, this diet has no bad side effects…thats my thoughts🤔

  7. This guy is bald as he has poor nutrition. He does not anything about food. He just wants to sell his book

  8. get this annoying music off your videos. do you think it somehow makes your videos better? if so, you have a problem.

  9. Dr. Greger: I love you. I love your work. Please don't conflate fasting with naive ideas of caloric restriction.

    Fasting is the most evident nutritional help you can give anyone for a few reasons. Everyone does this already at night. Extending the duration of fasts without attempting to restrict calories yields significant and visible evidence in both energy levels and maintenance of a healthy weight.

    Extending fasts for many days yields feelings of wellbeing. It freed me from the "need to feed" when I learned sensations of hunger are exactly the same when I have not eaten for many days as when I have eaten three hours ago. I enjoy intermittent extended water-fasts. One secret is that consumption of even coffee induces the presence of enzymes which are associated with hunger.

  10. I am vegan(whole foods)…I am struggling to keep weight on…don't like when I'm 2 thin
    I eat regular meals but when I'm fasting it's simply because I don't have an appetite
    so like hydration …I drink when I'm thirsty
    when I don't fill my jeans anymore…I cheat… I eat a dozen glaze fresh donuts…& I fill right up and it's delicious! GO VEGAN!!!

  11. As usual Dr. Greger only gives one opinion about fasting. That's the problem with presenting a short little video like these. In all of his vidoes on caloric restriction he never mentions the fact that you can burn FAT when you do intermittent fasting. If you are eating fruit and vegetables through out the day, then you are burning glucose and not fat. Eat your whole plant food diet just once a day (intermittent fasting) then you will be burning glucose and fat. You will lose weight, and you will clear the plaque out of your arteries also.

  12. I want see Gregor debate Dr Jason Fung. Fung thinks people are getting fat because they count calories too much -> in an attempt to lose weight, many people decrease their calories but then their body decreases its BMR (burns less calories) to adjust, so people have a tough time losing weight. To him, hormones primarily;y dictate weight loss/gain, which is why it is important to suppress insulin through fasting and/or low carb diet. To Dr Gregor, consumption of foods high in saturated fat (animal products) contribute to weight gain and increases all cause mortality risk.

  13. I don't get the Plant based thing, why not Plant Dominant….mostly plants, all the time, the other is such a lazy way to say it…..

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