Drake Bell Tries Crickets For The First Time | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

Drake Bell Tries Crickets For The First Time | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

– I can’t eat it! I mean, there’s no way. (can opening) (laughs) Fermented. (fork clanging) Okay, okay, I’m gonna pick the card. All right I’m picking the card. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Drake Bell and I’m here with Men’s Health and they have asked me to try these disgustingly healthy food items. (bell chimes)
I’m gonna start with the chocolate because that seems to be the easiest here. I’m trying 95% dark chocolate. (suspenseful music) Wow, that is bitter! Took way too big of a bite of that. (hand thudding on table) (groaning) Is there booze in this? I’m gonna have some water. Wow! That is some intense chocolate. You know, you never wanna eat something that’s got bacteria in it. Even though it’s good for you but you ne- oh! Wow, yeah. You know, I love Korean barbecue. (suspenseful music) (lid clicking) (eerie music) I’m really, that really is gonna make me like react. Okay, yeah. I don’t know if I can try that one. Okay, I’m gonna go for the card. Oh, I gotta do a rank
from worse to best, okay. The question is, ranked from best to worst, the singing of, (twinkling bell)
Selena Gomez (twinkling bell)
Drake, Hilary Duff, (twinkling bell)
Lindsay Lohan, or Miley Cyrus. Okay I’m gonna have to go (victory bell)
Drake, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan. Okay, mushroom coffee. Let’s see, high in antioxidants and it’s an energy booster, okay. Does it taste or smell
like mushrooms, we’ll see. (eerie music) Yeah, I mean that’s, that’s not too bad. Cod liver oil? Couldn’t they name these
things, like cod liver oil? Why couldn’t you just be like, you know, oil. Like mountain spring oil would have been much more appetizing. Cod liver. Is that fish? Is that fish? Doesn’t smell too bad just smells kinda like
a vegetable oil kinda. (slurping) This was not too bad actually. Okay, what do we have here? We have bacon and cheese crickets? Aww, alright. Let’s see. Let’s see how these are. What’s up little guy? (crunching) Those aren’t too bad. Okay, so, here’s the deal on the sardines. I can’t eat it. I mean, there is no way. (lid cracking) (laughing) There’s no, there’s not even, I mean, (nervous laughing) have you seen this? Alright, I’m picking the card. Rank from best to worst, my
top three on-screen kisses. Wow, that’s really hard, I kissed like a girl on every
episode of Drake and Josh. Oh, I know what my worst was, my worst was (bell
dinging), on High Fidelity, when I had to kiss the girl,
you know, we were young, awkward, it was our first
time kissing on screen. It was just, it just was bad. And then the second one, I think, would be when I kissed the
two girls on the airplane on the way to find Megan in Los Angeles. And then the best, I’d say,
probably Superhero Movie, with Sara Paxton. Yeah, I’d put that one at number one. Okay, wheatgrass shot. This should be not too
bad, I’ve done this before. (suspenseful music) Yeah, I mean that’s great. That actually is really
refreshing actually, after all of this. What did I do to, like did I do something to someone on your staff,
last time I was here? Fermented? (fork clattering) (suspenseful music) I c- I mean, there’s no, ugh. (suspenseful music) Okay, that, I’m not gonna. That smells so bad. Okay, I’m gonna go for the card. Did I have any relationships with castmates from Drake and Josh? Not any of my castmates, guest
stars, I mean, I think maybe. I think maybe I did with a
couple costars, I don’t know. (victorious music) Probably the wheatgrass juice. Yeah, the best thing was the wheatgrass. The most disgusting thing on this table is the fermented soy bean. By far. Thank you. Thank you Men’s Health. Oh, that’s a cricket leg. (relaxed music)

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