Easy Abs Workout for Beginners -  HASfit 5 Minute Quick Abs - Easy Stomach Abdominal Exercises

Easy Abs Workout for Beginners – HASfit 5 Minute Quick Abs – Easy Stomach Abdominal Exercises

hey guys I'm Freddy from Hospit today we're going to do a 5-minute beginner ab workout no equipment is needed it's going to consist of 5 exercises working your entire core and I'm going to do it with you so let's get to it ok guys we're going to start with crunches lie flat on your back fingers on your temples and it reach towards the sky make sure you do this nice and controlled don't pull your neck in towards your chest that's not good for your neck you just want to come up towards the sky look up at the ceiling and crunch up be a little deaths contract at the top now next we're going to do a reverse crunch so I want you just to bring your knees in towards your chest beginners you can start with heels on the floor and come in and if you want to make it a little bit harder keep your heels off the floor the whole time and bring your knees in towards your chest really feel those lower abs contract we're halfway there guys just keep it moving now remember guys abs you get in the kitchen so go ahead and go to half-speed comment download our free guide to losing fat and I will really help your abs come out next guys we're going to do heel taps so spread your legs a little bit and just alternating touch deals with your hands back and forth this is really good for your love handles and your obliques just keep moving you'll know sides burn everything the time 3 to 1 next we're going to do bridges so hands by your side and thrust your hips out squeezing your glutes at the top just like that make sure you go nice and slow and try to count to two at the top and squeeze those ABS squeeze those ABS just like that you looking to guys keep moving I know might be burning a little bit that's okay I'll burn it – got 5 seconds on this one and then the real fun begins three two and place everybody I want to get in the push-up position make sure you rest it on your forearms keeping your body strength and your abs tight I don't want your butts up like this or down here do your best just to keep your body straight and up on them up on your elbows now if you want to make this a little easier get up on your knees and get into push-up position and hold we got ten seconds four three two and back into crunches just like that guys make sure you keep it going in the slow control pace look you can only do five in these 30 seconds that's fine you can do 55 that's fine we'll just do your best you're open competing against yourself five seconds three two back into the reverse crunch knees in towards your chest these ants watch your chest keep it moving guys we're almost though we just got three more exercises after this five seconds three two and heel taps so I decide feel those obliques burning keep it moving make sure you guys also go to half speed calm we've got hundreds of workouts ab workouts total body workouts anything you need and also make sure that you do download that pass fit guys to losing fat so we can let these ABS show all right next time we're going to do bridges here so Russ those hips up keep it moving it is maybe as you can guys no pressure just do the best that you possibly can five four three two and my physician guys up on the balls of your feet on your forearms body straight and keep your core tight I'm going to demonstrate the beginner version again from your knees push-up position cross those hips forward I want to see your butts back I want to see them forward five four three two and great job guys hey guys I hope you enjoyed that workout as much as I did make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel like us on Facebook and keep up the good work again I'm Freddie past fit and thanks for working out with me today you

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  1. I am doing this from last 2 months daily but my waist size has not reduced even quarter inch however I can see the outline of abs when squeezing my stomach in but not prominent. Diet is the real deal.
    In the case of abs, I believe 20% exercise, 80% diet.
    Now I am changing my diet and will let you know after a month

  2. Thank you. I will be doing this for probably a month with other workouts and then try harder ones. 🙂

  3. I hate those chips, those donuts, cakes, Hamburgers!!!!

    Who has the same thought while doing this work out? Lol

  4. I've been doing this for about a month now, and it starts to get a little easy. Should I just do it twice, or search for more intense training?

  5. I'm at day 4 and I'm not feeling the burn I used to feel the first 3 days. Am I doing it wrong now or is it just my body getting used to this workout?

  6. Ok, I'm motivated to do this workout 2 times a day. Crunches (the first exercise) is hardest for me.
    Edit: So I have been doing those 5 excises for whole week now (two times a day). I'm feeling a bit better. Crunches for legs are easiest for me, on other hand, plank has been easy at first but now it's just painful. I don't follow any particular diet but just try to eat less. Consuming a lot of water, 4 liters (130 oz) minimum. My main goal is to lose that awful belly I have. It's not like I'm getting thinner but more stronger.
    So I will be posting further on how is my progress is going. Wish me luck! 🙂

  7. Ok just started that workout my god thats good keep it up guys im a follower now and for the future ?

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