Eating For Fat Loss| Adding Veggies | Weight Loss Journey

Eating For Fat Loss| Adding Veggies | Weight Loss Journey

hey beautiful people what's good so this is a workout that I just got it recently and it's kind of a fail like it's at 24 the gym was hecka crowded I couldn't find a place to really put the camera also I was just kind of out of it this day you know you have those days and you're out of it this was that day for me but as you can see right now I'm doing this constant tension squat and this up you want to get your heart rate shooting through-the-roof definitely do this I'm only lifting 55 pounds right now trying to keep the constant tension which is why I'm not standing completely up and then immediately after you do the first set of 12 you want to go into deadlifts right and these this is a pretty light weight as well I'm using a kettlebell I think it was about 25 pounds and yeah I'm just doing deadlifts rapidly and your heart rates just kind of shoots through the roof anyway yeah this day was just kind of a feel like I'm saying filming wise it was a fail and also just mentally I just kind of looked out of it um I did do some normal squats I don't every time I'm at a squat rack now I feel like I need to you know be making sure I'm trying to push myself and keep lifting with the 155 which is what I'm doing but yeah anyway so in addition to the constant tension squats which are super scented with the RDL I also did some goblet squats and it was awkward okay was I kept changing up the positioning of my hands with the goblet squat because I've never I don't really do them with kettlebells I usually do them with a plate or a dumbbell there you go that's the name it was just really awkward I couldn't figure out how I like to hold it with the goblet squat but yeah I also did uh some Bulgarian split squats which I think I just have this tightness in my thighs that really make Bulgarian split squats so difficult to do they're already difficult the difficult movement period they're hard on your glutes they're hard on your legs especially because it's an isolated movement but I also think I have this tightness in my thighs that um yeah it just makes it a lot more difficult to because my back leg that's supposed to be kind of resting always feeling this pain when I do it it just sucks overall this day was kind of sucky but it still was the day I push through it hey YouTube man what's up it should go Ashley today um got a little bit of just a meal prep video for Zilla just a meal prep video for a milk prep video for you guys it's super casual it's just some of the foods that I've been eating this week if you've been watching my vlogs you've been seeing me eat these meals day-in day-out I thought I'd show you how I make them so the mills are going to be covering our the spaghetti squash chicken pesto the how much is it pesto chicken spaghetti spaghetti squash pesto chicken spaghetti squash chicken pesto pasta pesto pasta I like that literation you can call it whatever you like it's just a spaghetti squash pasta pesto pasta with chicken so this is a dish that I've made before but I don't make super super often and yeah I don't know I've just been kind of in the mood for pasta and a healthy alternative to pastas cuz pastas are just so heavy and so carb dense and so calorie dense and it's not the worst thing in the world but there's just better alternatives out there so yeah I don't know when I'm in a pasta mood I'll use spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles to make pasta or the bands of noodles you guys may have seen before and my last meal prep videos that are just these vegan noodles I think they're made from chickpeas but yeah this is gonna be just really quick simple just a couple things I've been eating for this week I hope you guys really enjoy it if you do please make sure to give it a thumbs up make sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification bill yeah just support your girl so let's get into the video so this is the dish that I made this week that I really enjoyed it was my first time ever using chickpeas trying chickpeas I mean I eat hummus and I know chickpeas or hummus is made of chickpeas but I never actually use the vegetable you know itself but I actually really enjoyed it definitely plan to throw this into just my normal kind of routine of things to eat cuz it's so so good as some of you guys might know I was planning on trying out different diets like a plant-based diet the keto diet and although I'm not gonna do that anymore because I'm trying to focus on getting in my protein and just sticking to what has been working for me I'm still trying to just make sure I get more vegetables into my diet and so this dish definitely will help me get in a little more veggies you guys let me tell you I was introduced to spaghetti squash so late in my life I wish I had it sooner I honestly never used this vegetable or heard of it until about two years ago when I found this recipe and it's just so good it's so freakin good so what we're doing is cleaning out the insides taking the seeds out of the spaghetti squash once you do that you're gonna lay it down face down in a Pyrex and fill about a quarter of water up halfway and put it into the microwave for ten minutes now there's other ways to cook spaghetti squash I use a microwave it's simple it's quick I like it so it's all good wow that's microwaving I would suggest cooking your chicken I didn't use all of this chicken I only use about two of the breasts which I think was about 12 ounces of chicken let that cook once a my sweetie squash came out of the oven that's when I put it in this pan and begin just you know using a fork to scrape off all the sides this is what you see it already comes in like a noodle like appearance it's just I don't know when I first found this vegetable I was fascinated just blown away because I didn't know this existed but yeah it's super quick super easy and it tastes really good especially when you use the right sauce now I'm using this basil pesto which be careful with this wait it out okay I have to weigh this out I use two servings of this to go with my squash and my chicken a pasta dish and it's just super calorie dense super high in fat so definitely weigh out whatever sauce you're gonna be using to go with this pasta but it makes such a great meal and is what I've been eating this and that's gonna be the end of this video thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it I know I'm going to although I said that like Hannibal Lecter like anyway don't forget to hit that subscribe button give your girl a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and yeah I hope you guys have a really good weekend today's Friday I know I'm enjoy my weekend I'll catch you guys on Monday with the new video so until then

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  1. So happy your channel was recommended to me?! I am going back and watching your videos lol love your hair-fellow natural girl here as well lol
    I have jotted down the ingredients to make the chicken pesto thing(never tried spaghetti squash but it looks so good) I’m also gonna add the salad you made cause that is def a nice way to add veggies and add flavor

  2. It's so amazing how you're consistent about your eating and workouts, I really admire you, and I need your curly routine ?

  3. ASHLEY! Where you at, girl? I’m missing your videos, gorgeous! How have you been?!?! Baby come back…. cue music

  4. Commenting on every one of your videos letting ya know I think you’re a breath of fresh air in fitness YouTube!!! Your dedication is contagious and your videos are very informative. KILLING IT GIRL ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Also, i've been in a pasta moooooooood for a week! Haha, i've been mixing it with sauteed zucchini and fresh hummus instead of sauce, SO bomb. hope you try it!

  6. Love your channel girly! For you Bulgarian Split Squats, try a lower height stand and drive through your heel on your front foot! It will relieve the strain on your back leg and also help the give your front GLUTES a workout (as well as the quads obvi lol)

    I just want to say that your channel is great inspo for EVERYONE — those already have started their fitness journey as well those who are just beginning! So thank you for being so candid and always sharing your struggles along with your accomplishments!!! The fitness community is so great for support and inspiration ❤️❤️❤️ I’d love to have a workout with you!

  7. saves video

    Brother looks at me weirdly

    Me:"What? It's my inspiration for the day okay!?!"

    Seriously though thank you for this video ♡. I just recently restarted my weight loss journey and am documenting it to keep myself accountable ^.^ which seems to play a big part in weight loss.

  8. Girl you're looking great! Awesome idea with the spaghetti squash and pesto-definitely am going to have to try that!

  9. Hey girl! I used to have the same issues with the bulgarian split squat. I find that if my back foot isn't comfortable then I will get that really painful tension in my back thigh too. My favorite way to do them is to use a padded bench and put the top of my foot flat on it instead of putting your toes on it like you were doing. It looked like your box kept scooting backwards and you were really fighting it so I can see how that would be painful! If you get the form right it will become the one exercise that you love to hate, promise!!

  10. Lol I feel like I always comment on all your vids but I can’t help it! I love that you uploaded your workout even though you said it wasn’t the best. No other fitspo would ever do that because they have to put on this front that they are perfect 100% of the time – truth is we all have those shitty workouts sometimes!! Good job not making excuses and keeping it up! You are just so inspiring and these meals look so good ?? Please keep these uploads coming as much as you have been !!

  11. A tip I use for kettlebell goblet squats is to hold the kettlebell upside down so that the bell part is on the top and my hands are on each side of the sides if that makes sense lol ! I love pesto pasta tho my mouth was watering watching you cook it