my eyes are closed when I'm coming in oh dang I thought you were naked sorry I can get naked yeah one let's do it again oops sorry I forgot to knock way bigger than I thought Josh and Joe just give more free hookups to better their face and their body what are we doing to our face you told me that in the card I don't know what's happening okay it's not bad but it involves the laser is there fat in your face no cuz there's fat in mine look I can barely even see it you have to just enjoy do things why it's just for fun fun and right now we're on a bit of a theme and that's bettering or inside enter outside mostly are outside I love that you're going to get your fat melting away with the Taco Bell sweatshirt oh yeah I just have to let them know where I stand I love it they want it your real one I am I got to keep my roots otherwise I'll forget Who I am before you know it I'm taking the acting rules and I'm working with Jake Gyllenhaal you know I once auditioned on something for something with Jake Gyllenhaal how'd it go let's go inside yeah because you don't need anything there's nothing to fix he's perfect he's great probably privacy but you want to just tell us every famous person that's ever come in here I didn't know this is a collab with Jeff she was a voice for Troy's oh really so you have you seen the movie Ice Age one two three or four or five I have it was a better no don't go in there oh my god thank you we really no but yeah you are your this world possum possum no we do have a massage couples massage rooms we chair that's a little spooning thing yeah okay I'm secure I know you guys are in the comments you have your thoughts about me and my sexuality and the truth is I wonder to the part you guys didn't see was that this beautiful Med Spa has a doctor who actually comes in does a consultation before you get any treatment and I was waiting in the in the exam room and I what are we doing right now I don't know we're gonna do the dermal infusion and the dermal infusion what it does it helps exfoliate extract and infuse a corrective solution into the skin based on your skin so if you could tell me a little bit about your skin what would you think your skin type is if it more of a sensitive iconic you're allergic to anything just bad content by the way I just want to give you a view it's just a look of how Joe's leaned on this bed I know and his talk about sweatshirt let you dress into a more suitable are you naked might as well be fun for you too right you're married you married you don't have to be perfect okay I hate my body that's weird I didn't get to see no no I just poured that on you steam you know like a Beverly Hills housewife you look like one the Kardashians ever been here not that I know of who's the most famous person you've done stuff to to give that information remember HIPPA okay but just between us girls I say you and we'll leave it at that that's good for my ego but the reality is we both know that's not that exciting yeah and you also don't want to tell that story had a party and have someone go who's Josh Peck we're gonna do is gonna do the neck and then the face and what I always tell them you clients is this feels kind of like a little baby kitten licking your skin they have such rough times that's what I'm saying okay it's like a baby cat's tongue if it were made of blades what is that doing – so it's just exfoliating all the dead skin or is it collecting in there not really can you answer the Internet's biggest question there's Jeff get Botox I don't f is like winning the lottery the money's nice but did you really earn it oh come on winning a scratcher yeah you only got a hundred bucks well you know it's just enough money to keep on playing why do you take it shirt off for this reasons cooling hydration face mask with some firming properties right or no take them off cuz imma put this very bright light on the face if David comes in here and sees me with a paintball gun [Laughter] the skins gross job not really you look like you're in an episode of stranger things – I come in x-men yeah Wow that's huge was it that's what she said yeah that one has its own area code I know – no oh when area cover you from hate 1/8 you did your facial transplant I wish you'd just for Jeff's face on my are you making walk it's real different when you massage me is like opposed to Jeff yeah how so like softer least you're better than him it's something you want to see your guys oh my god all that fuzziness there you see it's all dead skin that's it for the Wolfpack do it it would be funny do you care about the Wolfpack I always hear about full effect do it I'll do it drink it good watching you right now you're leaving you're just my career like the lasers touching you but it really is it once we go like I'm getting peed on like a jellyfish stung his face and he needs it ok yeah ok I'm age knows pain tips while the laser is working is it ok if I just make sound effects all time oh my god it's the bear coming out I'm telling you if David comes out here with a paintball gun I'll never trust beauty lounge spot again I'm scared go for it Oh or to connect the dots you actually feel like you're getting heat on yeah like my big brother peed on me when I was your cane but you know all brothers do that right I don't think so okay the bow right here feels a little Hari scalding thank you I have so few talents planning thanks when we discover one so please focus you look like a center fielder for the San Diego Padres thanks you look a shortstop and the New Jersey cool guys what are we doing we are going to pull the nose I love that setup everything's coming out whatever is in there is coming out on that stick what if they pull out my brain oh god good throw up yeah forget to take those home okay souvenir oh my god yeah that's a biohazard pull this one out how can you surprise him just close your eyes and just let her do it oh and not tell me when yeah sick bastard I love that later guys weekend my god and head up above you don't have any hair in there what's going on well because I maintain myself and I'm not a disgusting that moment like one hair on their it is cute really yeah sure oh my god take a look at his snakes looks like he's stabbed a muppet there's nothing there my side yeah let's stick another button do it which one this is 12 this one is the one that has everything so has b12 and the lipo B so that's the one that helps in the metabolism of bringing fat oh great yeah we can we yeah Oh pretend I'll just focus it on your face but right now the needle is going in Josh's but do we do the underwear cause i'm mormon you feel good you're good that went in me oh why don't you warm each other I don't like needles I don't like oh that let's get a shot of Joe right now Joe just look at it I don't want you it's not a big deal I'll back out wow this is a diabetics dream in here this is great how is it back there right it lasts let me show this machine's cough get that sweater off baby girl are you trying to drive us over here who's some for the viewers what does it look like a vacuum machine like a pellicle cord they're putting it back on yeah perfect so it's gonna feel like little contractions and then we'll start building the intensity up okay it does feel like doing crunches it's coming take a deep breath how many crunches is that is that like a hundred in a row more cuz remember it's 20,000 in 30 minutes so in 15 minutes that means you will do ten thousand crunches we don't mess around here oh this is worse than CoolSculpting we have to do this for 30 minutes yes 20,000 crunches we have ice cream after this you can't have a hamburger if you want sure all right we just burn the calories we're done gorgeous yes but oh my god oh yeah surely no when I pull my fat down you can see it Wow move over David backhoes oh my god there's a bottom one oh my dear what is that muscle is that something yeah you're bleep Wow so that's what an oblique is [Applause] this is my teaser this is where I try to discern my podcast from them just tens of thousands of others to make it special let's make it stick out you listen to this your car your computer drive home some kind of opportunity for that I need money for that yes please sign me up but the truth is it's not that special it's just me talking to friends some famous people some not famous people people that I'm interested in people that I find fascinating who have had a human experience that I want to know more about how did you know that I'm a big fan of Bravo yeah

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  1. They said it felt like contractions right. They only had to do it for 30 minutes BUt us WOmEn HaVE tO gO tHroUGh THat fOr hOurS

  2. The last machine is a joke they made a waist band that does the same thing but they don’t really do anything

  3. see i would do shit like that cause im a big guy but it probly would cost alot of fucking money i dont got XD

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