Escape Fitness and the story of Lifestyle Fitness, Wembley

hi my name is underman Glenn I'm the national PT manager for lifestyle fitness so my role here is to support coach and develop the personal trainers who act as the workforce in our life staff at the sites to help the members get the best experience that they can go so using the functional equipment implemented into the last off that the sites very pleased to say that we've achieved between a 5 to 15% PT penetration of memberships having personal training in our sites because of the technical instruction involved we tend to see that members do need coaching from the pts fortunately because of the relationship between you show me an escape fit most all the PT is benefit from a 2-day coaching that gives them the confidence through it with the members and get the best possible results it's almost becoming a requirement now that a gym needs a functional training space but it's not as simple as just dropping the equipment into the gym you've got to think about the color the branding the theme the installation and the equipment it's going to be used and the trains make sure the kit gets used so our fully endorsed escape businesses plan of action for energy I'm looking to implement a functional training space

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