Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety | Stress Reduction Exercises (English Subtitles)

Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety | Stress Reduction Exercises (English Subtitles)

Welcome back! I am really excited
because our host for today is George Lizos. He’s a life coach and author
and he’s going to talk about an issue that all of us have to deal with
occasionally more or less. At some point,
we all have to go through a period when our life
is full of stress and anxiety. First of all, welcome George! Thank you for inviting me,
I am so happy to be here. Please tell us a few things about it. What can we do to relax
and manage our stress levels? Having all these obligations and tension
in our everyday lives it’s necessary to have easy tools
on our disposal that will allow us to manage and relieve
our stress on the spot. I’d like to present 3 tools
that all of us can easily use. The first tool is mindfulness. By becoming aware of our stress
we can do something about it because most of the time
we have so many things to do we don’t even have the time
to step back and realize we’re stressed. You’re right! The first step
is to realize we’re stressed and locate the anxiety in our body. Anxiety, as all negative emotions,
manifests through somatizaton. Some people feel it in their stomach,
others in their chest, neck or elsewhere. Some feel it on their shoulders;
being tight like that the whole time All these obligations…. Firstly, we check-up ourselves
to see where anxiety gathers in our body. How do we know it’s stress,
is it a knot for example? It’s tension, we’re all tight,
anxiety accumulates somewhere in our body. We also need to realize
that anxiety is an emotion and all emotions are created by thoughts. Emotions can develop
only if there’s a certain thought. Therefore, mindfulness aims at locating anxiety and managing
the thoughts which caused it. When these thoughts are gone,
anxiety will disappear. So, step 1 is to
locate anxiety in our body. Step 2 is about
relieving the tension of anxiety. so as to manage the thoughts
which caused it in the first place. When we’re stressed,
it’s difficult to redirect our attention from the emotion’s intensity
directly into our thoughts. Therefore, we need to reduce
the intensity of emotions. Is anxiety always present in our body? Is somatization always the case? Yes, but it varies depending on the intensity. That’s why sometimes
our stomach or chest is in pain. Anxiety adds up
and we can’t deal with it effectively. After becoming aware of it, then… We use a breathing technique to relieve it, to soothe anxiety’s tension. -We need to relieve tension.
-Yes, we move on to step 2. We can use an easy technique,
called 5-seconds breathing. Breath in for 5” sec, hold 5”
breathe out for 5”,hold again 5”. If we repeat that 5-10 times,
we’ll feel that our body calms down our shoulders relax,
and all the tension all the anxiety is being relieved and we can manage
the thoughts that created it. So, that’s step 2. So, for a few minutes
we just follow this pace… we inhale and exhale for 5 seconds,
holding breaths in between and this relieves tension immediately.
What about step 3? Step 3 is to let this negative emotion,
anxiety, to speak out. We should realize that
anxiety intends to warn us. It appears when
our daily routines changes. Anxiety cries out, like a baby,
that something is about to change. We just need to pay attention. We let anxiety express by placing our hand
on the part of our body where it lies and asking ourselves,
why is it there, what does it need. If we let ourselves express
the negative thoughts that caused anxiety anxiety will disappear
having fulfilled its purpose. -Which was to inform us.
-To warn us. This is the first technique,
that of mindfulness. It is a well-known concept in English. The 2nd technique
is about essential oils. They’re substances found in the bark,
blossoms, leaves, roots or fruits of various plants or trees. The fastest way to absorb them
is through olfaction. You may wonder how effective
is inhaling oils to relieve stress. It is indeed.
By inhaling them 30-70% of their molecules
will be absorbed by our brain and lungs
and will enter our blood stream. -Is it a fast process?
-It happens instantly. Inhaling essential oils
affects some brain sensors the hippothalamus and the amygdala. These parts of our brain
associate with emotions. It also affects the hippocampus,
which relates to memories. I am sure we all know a smell
that reminds us of our childhood. We may recall a sweet memory
that will change our mood in a second. So, we can use oils
to relieve stress directly. Essential oils can reduce stress,
but which ones are suitable and have better results
in such cases? Clinical aromatherapy is a research-based alternative medicine approach
and many hospitals worldwide use clinical aromatherapy
in order to treat anxiety and manage its symptoms. -Three oils…
-Sorry for interrupting you… Is it scientifically proven that essential oils can heal and
they are used in hospitals abroad? Exactly, to manage pain and anxiety
and other simple symptoms. These 3 essential oils,
I’ve brought them with me Such a nice box! Here we have lavender
and geranium, also called “kiouli”… That’s how we call it in Cyprus. and the last one, bergamot. Clinical tests show they can
reduce heartbeat and blood pressure and reduce stress. -I want to smell the bergamot.
-I don’t have it. -I have geranium though.
-You know why I wanted bergamot? -Amazing!
-Lavender is great too! And it has numerous uses. We’re running out of time. We use essential oils
by inhaling them 5-10 minutes and this reduces stress.
What’s the 3rd technique? It’s meditation.
Many people are afraid of it having in mind a guru
sitting cross-legged for hours Especially in Cyrpus,
we don’t really know what meditation is. All cultures in the world
use meditatation. Mindfulness is about
allowing anxiety to speak. Meditation is the opposite.
We reduce or eliminate the thoughts that created anxiety thus also eliminating the emotion
caused by these thoughts. What if my mind keeps buzzing,
how can I eliminate thoughts? Our mind is meant to work this way
so we need to find something, that won’t cause any negative feelings
and we focus on it. For example our heartbeat, our breath
or the ticking of the clock. Or something we can look at,
such as a candle. It’s rather simple,
if we focus on something minor we allow our mind to let go we release negative feelings
and anxiety disappears. Our brain cannot focus
on multiple things at the same time If we focus on one thing we free our mind from
negative thoughts that cause anxiety. Our brain’s job is to think. Trying to eliminate all thoughts
is against our nature. The purpose of meditating
is to calm our mind and thoughts so as to calm our emotions as well. Thank you very much.
Would you like to add anything? Spending 5 min. with essential oils,
meditating or mindfulness every morning for 30 days
will transform our lives completely. and we’ll realize how much happier
and less stressed we are. -So simple! 3 techniques for only 5 minutes.
-Exactly, that’s it. Thank you very much,
I hope we’ll meet again soon. Thank you!

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