Fab Abs Pilates Core Workout

Fab Abs Pilates Core Workout

we're moving into seated course so have a seat on your mat come into first position with your feet so your toes will be off the mat heels together and we're gonna start with the arms in first position here sitting right on top of your sit bone so at this point we're lifted and long and open we're gonna find our seated C curved shape so start by curling the tailbone under and as you start to roll back a deeper and deeper feel your heels push together so all of a sudden your inner thighs are working along with your abdominals we're gonna come down just partway so you want to clear your tailbone and be on the lowest part of your low back we're gonna take an exhale and talked a little deeper now if this position feels uncomfortable or hard to maintain you can just bring your hands behind your thighs it'll give you a little extra support now if you want a little bit more go ahead and slide your heels in towards your tushie a little closer for more of a challenge we're gonna start with some pulses here so when your next exhale we're gonna draw the ABS up an inch and back and äj– you can think of this almost like a breathing exercise so every time you exhale and you feel your abdominals and your transverse abdominus muscles contracting it's actually pulling you forward last two last one hold here we're gonna scoop the low abs in so instead of pulling the chest forward now we're drawing the hip bones up and back so I like to imagine that my hip bones are pulling up towards my ribcage and back to my low back so you're getting that deep activation of your transversus abdominus muscles your heels are still pressing together last pulse here good from here we're gonna do a little arm and leg combo so on your next inhale the arms are gonna open to second you're gonna let your knees flare out wider and then as you exhale use your inner thighs to pull the legs back to that V position we're gonna open rotating out from the hips and close this is a little trickier that it may seem because nothing in our body is going to move except our arms in our so the shape that beautiful see curved shape in your torso is in a static hold right now and we're just moving our limbs we're gonna hold open so you're gonna open the arms a little wider flare from the hips a little wider and we're gonna pulse it open two three four five six seven hold it open eight shoulders back and down pulse it up to heal still pressing together four see if you can tuck deeper six seven hold here on eight open even a wider a little tuck two three four five six last two tucks last one from here we're gonna close pretty we're gonna bring the feet back to first position bring the arms back to first position hold on behind your thighs curl up and sit back on your sit bones

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