Fat Burning Foods | 3 Berries That Fight Inflammation and Body Fat: Thomas DeLauer

Fat Burning Foods | 3 Berries That Fight Inflammation and Body Fat: Thomas DeLauer

berries can burn fat believe it or not I want to explain how berries even though they're somewhat high in sugar might be some of the best ways that you can burn fat if you're already consuming carbohydrates to begin with so I'm going to explain in detail these three somewhat unique berries at least the last two are that can help you reach your physical goals but might just help you feel a little bit better too first one on my list is strawberries simply put strawberries are extremely low glycemic but also have some serious ability to reduce inflammation the reason that I'm big on inflammation is because is the catalyst for so many other things in our body there was one study that took two groups of individuals one group drank a placebo drink and the other group drank a strawberry drink with real strawberry in it what was found at the end of the study was that those that consumed the strawberry drink had lower levels of inflammation but also had lower levels of inflammatory mediators in their body in addition to that they also had lower levels of insulin after consuming a meal which means that somehow the strawberries had an effect on reducing insulin in the body meaning carbohydrates were able to do their job better without potentially spilling over into a negative side effect okay the next berry is one that you probably haven't heard of before talking about sea buckthorn berries what on earth is that well a sea buckthorn berry is very interesting in that it contains something called an Omega 7 fatty acid yep you've heard me talk about omega-3s you're talking about Omega 6 but here I am with Omega 7s no mega sevens are unique because they help us with hunger they help us stay satiated so we don't want to go munch on other foods now additionally they've been shown to reduce inflammation but they've also been shown to have a very positive effect on the heart and a very very positive effect on increasing insulin sensitivity which means when your body is more sensitive to insulin and your body is able to actually have a better response when you do have carbohydrates better chance of the carbs going stored into the muscle versus floating through the bloodstream keeping your blood sugar elevated and potentially turning into fat there was a 2013 study that took palmitoleic acid which is basically omega-7 and they found that those that consume plummet oleic acid had increased levels of cholecystokinin that cholecystokinin is shown to dramatically reduce your hunger so right here we have sea buckthorn berries as something that can reduce your appetite and help your insulin sensitivity so what's the last one the third and final one is black chokeberry I don't even know where to begin when I first found this one out I never had recognized it before but then after that I'm like okay I almost have to break my ketosis diet to try this what's so great about black chokeberry especially how it relates with minerals is the fact that it ki lates excess metals in the body it's got these things in it called phenolic compounds these finnaly compounds help your body get rid of excess metals like iron excess metals even in the body like mercury but usually talking about iron it's in the digestive system helps to break it down so that your body has a better balance of copper iron magnesium everything that we need in way of those trace minerals and those full bodied minerals that right there can have a big impact on our body but additionally this black chokeberry has shown to have an effect on the liver and actually helps support natural liver detoxification if your livers detoxified your body can have more energy to burn fat more energy for you to get into the gym so as always keep it locked in here on my channel if you have any ideas on videos I am an open book I would love to hear them so comment below and let me know please make sure you also hit that subscribe button so you can follow all these videos and learn something new a few times per week I'll see you soon

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  1. I bet someone mentioned that you talk super fast in your videos and need to slow things down a little 🙂

  2. I live 8n Saskatchewan, Canada and have Sea Buckthorn and the chokeberry outside my door. Not sure the chokeberry is the same. They are both extremely sour so probably keto friendly … But would love clarification. Also what about rose hip ? So high in vitamin C ..30 times an orange if unheated.. They used to make jelly out of it back in the day !

  3. Hi there, love your videos, love the science. What’s your opinion on goji berries and blueberries?
    I always add blueberries to my overnight oats, and was thinking about starting to consume boji berries. Would like to know your opinion about it. Tnx!

  4. WHere exactly to you find these two other berries. Not sure they have in Canada. Sure like to try them, but I imagine they are hard to find. If you can tell me where to find in Canada. Like to get.

  5. Your channel is the best health, fitness and nutrition channel ever….even though I'm vegan I have learned a lot with you…thank you

  6. Thomas, I love your videos but this one is a bit far reaching….I live in a progressive metropolitan area and there's no way I could get sea buckthorn or chokeberries here, especially for a reasonable price. It all sounds impressive but not within reach. Please offer more everyday tips, as always with your awesome sciencey info 😉 <3

  7. This guy should get 3x the number of views just for his ability to pronounce these big ass words without error

  8. I know that you are big advocate of keto, but could you give some advises for diet with (high)carbs? One reason that I don't want to eliminate carbohydrates is like you said in this video that you would have to give up fruits. So in my point of view keto diet equals: not enough fruits and veggies,
    What do you think about trying to "teach" body for making use of both keton bodies and glucose? Some suggesting first go to keto and after adaptation start adding carbs.

  9. What's the best supplement to reduce the spike in blood sugar levels/ insulin when consuming carbohydrates?

  10. Tom, I love your channel! So many great contents to educate us on nutrition. I think it would be cool to see a full day of eating in the life of the DeLauers 🙂

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