Fat cat fight

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  1. Accurate representation of my 2 cats fighting. Just my cats are fit.
    They even have the same facial features ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. 1.Songong lo bacot lu najis.. taik lu ..
    2. Gw injek. Loooo . Gw injek.. lu anjing !
    1. Kayak bisa aja lu lawan gw.. eeek..
    2. Niiihhhh gw innjeeekk
    1. Anjiiing lu
    2. Sampah !

  3. 2015: Not yet
    2016: Not Yet!
    2017: It not Time Yet
    2018: It not Time Yet!
    2019: Greetings Youtube User, may i recommend you some chubby cat fighting?

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