Fat CJ losing weight

Fat CJ losing weight

tell y'all the west coast is taken over got that sir anybody want to get high but here hey do what you need what you need up some need so this is the best shit man government issue for sure man they go and get it from someone right cool here you go hey you know what I find me I yeah okay thanks oh damn oh my breakfast money in fact justic both stop him silly I'm so upset I'm kind of hungry take it easy it's a great day to watch the tits go by have you ever worked out I could recommend some great workout videos the new but boring video is excellent what do you think of these cool I can give you some jogging tips you need a hair that won't create wind resistance run my body face have you tried rollerblading I love rollerblading uh-huh I'm up for some big Petey get out of here fat huh I'm fat not a shape like all you chumps don't laugh at me oh man I can't walk for shit oh I'm good make it two bags I'm under a lot of stress got anything with sterile hey there hello there give me a call damn getting hungry please pay already pay for just cuz I'm B get real you know what I don't have time for this see you later loser I'd rather exercise and see you again yeah that's right baby look at that we're yeah what's up it's real nice out today yeah I need to make me sweat I'm already sweating no I can't do that okay you want a pizza or what are you calling a floppy and help my die now I could have a good meal hey porky

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  1. If Sonic the Hedgehog could lead to the tv show Sonic Boom, then GTA3 could make for a good show with this comedy bit and many other possibilities.

  2. Heh, Levitate by Spor and co… I used to have that tune in my user tracks, and now I hear it here again 🙂

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