Fat Freddy's Drop BAYS Album Razor

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  1. the heart be willing… super troopers ..ewe lot .. much aroha offering… in your acknowledging the struggle of the edge.. Aue, finally some new headies and rite here..i can now be delighted in the aural deepth and awe…. in appreication .. of a tune that is data banked in my brain vault well and truely.. with many others of yours….keep on trooping, from someone who has lived a many years in that neck of the woods… freedom shedding that layer bless- finally like ce ce penstion…. 20 years… again.. aue -wipe my forehead…always.. thank you for being the drops… the body is tired but still you treat the ear drums…and rise a soul spirit vibe – too much? tu meke? lol – probably always but madly truely feelin it x 😉

  2. The piano in the first 13 seconds sounds a lot like another song. Does it ring a bell for anyone? If so let me know what it is please.

  3. most of all the good bands come from NZ very proudly kiwi here, kia kaha to fat fredds , kora, shapeshifter , chefu n the rest , CEEDS EST

  4. fat freddys drop-Summer here we come, can't wait to hear you guys live once again thanks for giving us kiwis awesome soundz!!! TINO PAI

  5. Ive seen them four times over the years, and they just keep going from stength to strength, Kia Kaha brothers, Represent. W.A. N.Z.
    Koi Child

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