FAT LOSS PHOTOSHOOT PREP UPDATE | Low calorie dinner recipe + the massive impact of stress!

FAT LOSS PHOTOSHOOT PREP UPDATE | Low calorie dinner recipe + the massive impact of stress!

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to be running through a diet update and stress stuff if you follow me on instagram you'll know that I've been dealing with a lot of water retention and inflammation because of my stress so I'm gonna talk a little bit about that how I manage that and why that affects your body composition I've got a recipe for you guys it's a super low cal delicious recipe that I am eating on this prep physique update calorie and training update and it's a little bit of a vlog style kind of thing so hopefully you enjoy make sure you subscribe like and comment if you want to see more so that you're kept up to date and let's do it 12 days guys I'm excited with his diet to be done woke up this morning he's me trying to be like artistic with my angles woke up this morning and weighed in and I have cracked 66 kilos yes so 56.8 5 kilos to be exact on the scale I was stopped I felt so stuck around 57.5 57.8 point 3 I was kind of chilling around there so really happy to see that the protocols I've put in place to help manage my stress inflammation water retention have been helping and like I'm looking at myself in the mirror now and I'm still feeling very watery and very inflamed like way more defined two weeks ago through my midsection yeah so just not as defined through my abs as I'd like to be or usually I'm gonna get this thing like I know I look great and I know I've leaned out my quads are coming in which is nice and my glutes yeah it was some quite action there but yeah it's just here I'm just like even kind of a little bit bloated which I know that's fuck-all guys like I'm not saying I'm bloated but I haven't eaten anything today and my stomach's just protruding a bit so yeah it's kind of interesting not as a be as I like if I flex really hot the Lighting's might help me a little bit it'll come together it always does I'm going to have coffee now and that was the tour of my apartment because that's how little it is people have been asking me that like show us the apartment I'm like ok it'll take a second it's too hot I'm gonna burn myself I'm gonna go get ready work and then I'm off to get some Cryer therapy which I might take you guys along with being – it helped with my stress we have got a little egg roots on and these it it's cold it's gonna be closing like we have gloves and also waking up from a that's essentially two minutes that you can spend in yes two and a half and then I think we jumped straight into [Applause] how you doing sorry not too bad just like and what my wrists and my knees are really cold yeah it was colored it wasn't like not as quick okay we just got out of the cryo ten I'm not they called and we are about to jump in the infrared sauna this whole room so there's Himalayan salt on the ground and it's changing colors and it's like light therapy you can see it's getting like very foggy this room is so cool need to go and get my steps in now I'm sitting on something dismal like 3,000 steps or 4,000 steps and it's like 4:30 I'm just gonna go while the sun's still out and then come back and keep working actually editing my other video that's going live so inception Kenny the steps in is like usually I'm pretty good at it and I like to get it done early in the morning rather than later in the afternoon but as you saw it's been a busy day distressing cryotherapy etc why don't was get walk wood when I go to say bye-bye just go back from my walk got my steps in I am sitting on 13300 goals kind of like anywhere from 14 and a half thousand to fifteen and a half thousand so if they'll calculate take over walking around the house which is killed I'm just about to make dinner and I'm gonna show you guys because this is my new favorite dinner except I usually help with barramundi but I've run out so I'm having salmon it's just like high volume locale and I'm all about the locale high volume because my calories are very fucking low at the moment I'm just like eating all of the vegetables although I'm having Ross tonight so that adds up anyway I'm gonna show you let's go I'm literally obsessed with this thing this is an airfryer it makes life so much easier I literally cook like all my proteins and fish and stuff in this so this is just gonna chop the fish in this put the rice on and it'll be ready in like 18 minutes I'm glad to go to bed I'm sort everything hungry right now I just want to eat I always find at these times when I like get hungry it's as soon as you let your mind wander and imagine the food that you're going to go to the pantry and fridge and E is when you are so much more likely to do it so this is the visualization tactic I speak about on my Instagram I catch myself imagining it and then I'm like okay no and then I'll either just stop like I'll catch it and be aware it sounds so simple but just being aware it makes such a difference or I'll visualize me doing something else so now it's all my teeth going to Barrow stead of waking up for breakfast tomorrow morning okay I'm just about to go and train now my volume has been decreased from the five training days I was doing to four training days because my stress levels are quite high and I'm not talking about like I'm constantly stressed because there's always things happening my life's so busy and like it is but you know there's training stress there's lifestyle stress and there's how you manage things and I don't think I'm great at managing kind of a last minute person and I bite off more than I can chew often with my workload and appointments and training and stuff so that just kind of adds up and just places a lot of stress on your body and dieting is a stress that you're putting on your body and training so the body can't decipher between a trained stress and a lifestyle stress and they can't they can't decipher between a life-threatening stress and your phone constantly ringing stress so it is really important to shape your training and your nutrition and your lifestyle factors around your level of stress so reducing training volume or someone who is quite highly stressed is a really important thing to do and it helps with inflammation and water attention bring that down I'm about to go and do an upper body session I just want to list some of the ways that you can deal and manage with your stress because there are so many different ways I wouldn't say I'm like really stressed but then I see the impact it's having on my physique and I'm like okay obviously I am obviously not taking my own advice so what can you do to manage stress what I had to do for myself was sit down and actually think about my day-to-day activities and lifestyle and write down what is realistic for me to actually implement to help manage my stress levels because things like putting my phone away at certain periods throughout the day or really early in the night just isn't realistic for me with my business so you need to come up with things that you're actually going to be able to do so come up with a bit of a structure and it's like at certain time of night oh I will put my phone away I will not bring my phone into my bedroom unless it's on aeroplane mode because I use it for my alarm so I don't check my phone in my bedroom that's like my Zen zone checking my phone just puts me in a bit of a work headspace if I am in my bedroom rather than a sleep headspace I would be doing bars at night if I could but I don't have a bathtub so hot shower when I go for my walks to get my steps in either not taking my phone or not checking my phone or working whilst doing the walks because often I walk and I'll edit some videos or reply to comments and I'm like okay I'm actually not being present sawdust so my gym has a sauna so trying to get a sauna in at least once a week these are things that I'm going to be doing that work from my lifestyle there are things that I already do like meditate everyday journal or read at night instead of playing on my phone in terms of thinking what you can implement in your lifestyle I'm gonna give you guys a list of stuff and then you can pick and choose what you want to do and what might be realistic for your lifestyle so bars we've covered saunas massages reading and journaling turning the TV off at night and just reading or having a one down routine before going to bed meditation obviously deep breathing I feel myself getting stress and I'm getting a lot better at like becoming aware of it whenever I become aware of it we find like running late which is like always I'll stop and just take some really deep breaths into my belly and that puts you into the parasympathetic nervous system which is basically what meditation is and what you're wanting to do to get out of that stressful stay Yoga or any form of stretching walks in nature groundings barefoot in sand or dirt or grass or anything connect you and slow you down on patting a dog if you have one spending time with your partner or friends and family the other thing for me is being organized I find like because I am boys late to everything I'm always really stressed about that so trying trying trying to get better at being places on time and leaving earlier so I'm not stressed about being late hopefully these tips are something that you guys can start implementing into your lifestyles to help manage the stress water retention and information I'm going to show you guys a physic update now after a week of stress management so let's do it thank you for tuning in to this week's YouTube I'm actually going to be posting on a schedule now every Tuesday I'm going to be releasing videos so make sure you subscribe like comment turn notifications on and be sure to tune in to next week's video which will be another update on how I've been tracking but thank you for watching guys I really appreciate it so Wow bye

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