Fat Loss Tips: What do you do when you are Stuck?

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  1. Hey bro could u prefer me what is the best time to take fat burner…
    How much pill should i take in 1 day..
    N it"ll b tke in empty stomach or after light brk faast??


    Cause I workout daily except Monday
    I do 4hiit and 2crossfit regime
    As my trainer suggested.
    When I joined I was 96kg sharp after 7months I loose 10 kg currently am standing on 86kg sharp.
    Few developments are shown, people around me can see the results they talked about the improvements I made recently, but still long way to run due to my height I am 5ft.6inches which is not a appropriate for bmi .(I can feel that)
    & and my goal is to shred more 20kgs out of my current structure.

    And one thing more I don't make things rushed.

    Let it be on their way.

    It will take time so be it, but I don't want to hit the weight plateau.

    My diet was very moderate

    Early morning around 7.am

    Mid morning around 9to 10am
    Four egg whites and bread toast with 1whole egg including yolk.
    2scoop of Whey protein of Optimum nutrition gold standard the isolate one.

    After that only water intake around 4litres until lunch.

    Lunch time around 1.30

    Salad one plate
    And 150gm of rice and 250gm of Dal one piece of fried fish sometimes a cup of soyabean or any other veggies according to mom's kitchen. ?

    Water intake plenty of work

    Then gym

    Before entering gym green wouldn't be so bad ?
    So one cup of green tea.

    After workout

    Whey protein same brand as mentioned before.

    Then dinner around 9.30pm to 10.00pm

    Plenty of Walk and teen bodybuilding videos and other YouTube channel for refreshing and motivation.

    Time to shut down sharp @1.30am

    So this is it
    And my question goes with the dinner whether I change it or should I stick to it.

    My trainer told me not to take so much stress about this move step by step. Don't shallow everything in one gulp. Let the body understand few things.. When the time will come we will cheat the adaptation process, it will avoid you to reach the plateau.

  3. Hi bro
    i weight 65.5 kg but still have little amount of chest fat / man boobs side and belly fat
    I do both cardio and wt lifting what should i do

  4. Please answer me ! Have you get surgery for your chestfat or have you been able to get read of these puffy nipples by just lowering your bodyfat percentage ?

  5. Hey Shreyas,a hardcore fan of uaz n ur team..
    Jus wanted to know ua views on GM diet..I have gained a decent amount amount of muscles..BT in past few months I have also gained some belly fat..I want to reduce my fat..BT I have a fear that after following the GM DIET..I also might lose my muscle mass…plz help me through dis bro..shud I follow a Gm diet regime….or simply decrease my calorie and carbs intake… Thnx in advance bro…n thnx foh all d motivation… Keep on rocking!!

  6. Thank u so much Shreyas.. My req answered yeah!! Yeah plz do a video on carb cycling as well and during my more carb days can i exceed my caloric limit or should i stay within it? 🙂

  7. Hello Shreyas,
     I have been watching your videos for quite some time.. I feel very happy that we got a good indian fitness trainer 🙂
    Can you make a video about Best Carbs and Protein that we can get in india or 7 days meal plan.. Because we really getting worried what to eat and what not to eat… If you put your meals plan that would be great too… I appreciate your effort.. Keep it up 🙂 

  8. bro is resistance band ok to give u a good body shape and lose fat along with cardio bcoz no time to go gym

  9. Hello Sreyas
    i am 19 and training for around 2 months and also lost 8-9 kgs..
    very much happy with that..
    My request is please make a video on Vegetarian Diet for muscle building and weight loss as well.
    I am not vegetarian but a food allergic..
    i can't eat eggs, chicken, sea food , all that stuff..
    So its a sincere request please make a Vegetarian Diet plan video…

  10. Hy bro..I just got my ON bcaa fruit punch from healthkart..outer seal was there but inner seal wasn't there..is the product genuine..should I take it ?

  11. Great video man! Gave this video a well deserved thumbs up! Keep up the good work with the videos, looking forward to possible future content:D. Also checkout my fitness channel and give me some feedback or thoughts, means a lot, I'm trying to produce videos to help and inspire everyone be better fitness wise! Including myself:) Please let me know what you think and subscribe if you like what you see!:D Cheers, keep up the good work mate!:)

  12. Shreyas I do LIT instead of HIIT for long time as you know….. slow pace running for an hour.. but I do maintain eating good calories aswell… Is creatine Pre running Beneficial?? and also in the evening what is better taking Creatine before Lifting or with post workout whey shake…

  13. hey shreyas!! loving your videos 🙂 how much weight/fat should you expect to loose… i wish to know how to reduce body fat below 10%… i have reached 10% at 70Kg 

  14. thank u very much dude .. i m nt followinng my gym instructor words .. i m following ur instructions in fb .. its working for me .. 

  15. Hey shreyas I got a deep cut on my elbow I can't workout for a month so what should I eat for a month and how to recover

  16. Hey Shreyas! Great video!
    I have a question, is it possible to follow ketogenic diet and build muscle too?
    I'm caught in a confused state right now.
    I'm 6ft tall, and 77kgs. I really dont know how much muscle i have in my body. So i thought i can do keto by default cz i kinda have all the means to do so..
    Whats your suggestion?

  17. Bad Effects Of Steroids.!!! can u do video on it..?? will give some. knowledge to young boys and girls who want to gain fast n look good!!

  18. thanks mate.. i reduced from 96 to 70. Now stuck here at 70 and have some fat around my waist line. Will surely try the things you said 😉 

  19. Hi sheyres I am new 5'6" and weight 95 kilo my bmi also not good 34 rather I am not big fan of exercise as well but seriously iwant lose weight significantly would u help me plaza.

  20. Great video Shreyas!! I'm not trying to be annoying or irritating about the upper arm and forearm hair removal video I asked you earlier. Just wanted your thoughts on it. I got a little bit of hair on my upper arm that I wanted to remove. Can you make a video on how you get ready for shows and just in general with hair loss? Thanks for the knowledge you give us on this channel.

  21. Yes please. Can you explain carb cycling vs keto diet vs IF vs other diets and your personal experience with all of these. Pros and cos of each. 🙂

  22. Hey bro….i want to loss fat and maintain muscle size without cardio…i goto gym in early morning but i cant have enough time to do cardio ……is there any other possible way than cardio to loose fat ???

  23. Gud video bro!xams going on bt i dnt miss out ur videos.so i have two questions
    1.plz tell me atleast 2 HIIT CARDIO(NOT WEIGHTS) workout
    2.when can i do hiit workout b4 or after weight training?

  24. Thanks a ton for these videos!! They're really helpful . your channel is going places bro. Keep it up! Appreciate it 🙂

  25. I'm stuck at exactly 15%.
    On point and helpful as always Shreyas.
    Will incorporate your tips ASAP. And will let you know 🙂

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