FGTEEV Aunts Work Out! SHAPE UP Pt. 3:  Fitness Challenge Competition Family Fun!

FGTEEV Aunts Work Out! SHAPE UP Pt. 3: Fitness Challenge Competition Family Fun!

it's you guys really need a shape up yeah oh no no yeah okay what you guys requested that the ants play some shape up yeah so today we're gonna see just how fit they are and Lexi over here is gonna battle whoever wins out of five rounds I roll it away for you girl all right there you go dream a dream we with the beam I'll show you know you gave me the dream got it gotta stop I can see you to stop you don't say it should say some very tiresome let's see one on the wisdom is invisible we got your line jump around jump over jump jump you're invisible that's very supposed to be like a cool move right now to take it did you wait no you're lying you're invisible okay come on oh hey small you're supposed to be paper anyway are you you got seven melons here we got four ha ha wait you're already you burned up 400 people calories for I feel it alright we get ready for the next round do it sure but do a special special rule go Kelly uh-oh all right you gotta go towards the other side just dude on your phone oh I gotta get the bows whoa oh oh shoot them all I'm actually the person in that you are oh yeah oh but you did get the most wasps they stomp on you hey guys it's me down here that is weird you have all the better so you have all the better stats with she Oh Maurice wanna quit you know you say sweating a weird way these three Anning already sweet attic there you go special mo here you go oh my god no it's not you oh it's not recording yes sorry sorry alright next up are you guys ready now we are going to move village push them up how are you guys good push-ups you wanted a crack dog great sounds every awesome challenge it I love to push up alright you children I just got a seagull Oh second wishes I think ah we got we got to see what this looks like down here you guys look like you're praying to your guys nice and a winner or pushup you get 80 minute perfect be a cheater the score is two to one are you guys ready for round one nothing to do with our arm Lorraine yes okay you guys greater once right you don't have to run I know it come on let me see that's bad let's see who can avoid the most ash the cat's a stochastic at oh my arms hurt me too like seriously I read a headline pick what kind of status an obstacle me move oh there we go go go right look see in your eyes the way oh this is really safe even dream that oh I'm getting good I'm sorry things by the way the first time lately don't you look you are so get another perfect away one you like an inch away from winning or Lisa I'm pretty sure let's see let's see oh that you lost by like 600 feet what's this Gordon Riedl I just want to admit defeat or do you want to Lucy we can make it three to two I think we should make it through the cheese shop that's so bad about myself ha ha ha hey go go go I'm rested papi I can imagine you rip it again oh that's another exercise for the year I know already take a water break don't jump jump toe toe don't spit on my country girl don't you do it alright that last round and then I really need yourself all right I think I'm guarded – Oh golly this only takes crochet everything else like straight applause what is this love here we go all righty oh why not octagon we're gonna see sat inside oh you are ready are you trying to let your sister window wait oh you're just bad at saying oh wait I didn't know we had to move inside and after we're judging the things in the middle say inside of the Oh twist after twist oh these trailing – you just took the lead you're doing okie right behind you wait touch things in the middle rocky 10.000 maybe your great bad definitely avoid the bomb No thousand feet ahead of you you're like a water boy this is hurting my arms not like I believe the winner is going for two one Lexi wait the winner the winner being on Heidi Mike wants to play the winner of that round but Lexi first all right Lexi would like to play waterfall jump maybe you guys should do it toriel so you remember yeah alright alright craps no those are not fret just cry hard no guys got this wait you know in this hiding I think you will have your first defeat since the beginning of the video so long I'm too tired I'm out of fuel exercise whoa good again but Lexi I believe takes the unhealthy cake no it wasn't jumping high enough all rightie likes you you be hiding in my beading on Heidi have you beat on Alyssa too marking pump punch all right Mike is gonna do our kick punch this is gonna be all right boom stay frosty fun stat oh that's right gonna punch the corner there you go yeah punch my left eye now and we're gonna where you're like winning cross your KKK watch it wasn't Lucius Oh all righty let's add ding-ding-ding Lex was the winner nummy-nummy what was the winner with 86 ice blocks 53% was perfect 18,000 points all righty everybody so that was our video thank you so much for watching all right

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  1. Did you know that when they are playing the game with the water melon why they had low scores and they keep getting them wrong? Because they did it top to bottom instead of bottom to top. I laughed sooo hard????????????

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