Financial Wellness Philosophy

life is an unpredictable journey an exciting adventure across oceans of possibility it's not all easygoing there are storms as well as windless Khan's islands of surprise and joy dangerous rocky reefs and Sun filled beaches we cannot predict what the future holds but the way is open for us so much is made possible or simply not possible by the state of our financial wellness I don't know where it all goes how do I cut back everything feels like a necessity I'm not extravagant if I mean you have to eat I have insurance policies in place but I can't remember them all I can't remember what I have cover for I don't know whether I am over covered or under covered I don't even know where my various policies are I just keep playing direct debits I never have time to get my act together do you know that I found out I've been paying short-term insurance for a car that I sold last year I know that I ought to have my finger on these things I have a person who does my tax returns she has helped me with my pension but I wish I was more in the picture what I really need is someone to help me manage my spending on a daily basis but I can't afford a PA that would be insane weed takeaways I keep the receipts and throw them in a box I know I should check them but I don't perhaps we should get takeaways every two weeks instead of every Sunday I don't know how much I spend on groceries I know it's what I know what my mortgage is but they're not how much my house as well I feel that I'm just drifting towards a disaster up the creek without a paddle financial wellness is a compass the direction finder and a map it is a navigation path that shows us exactly where we stand and how to chart our route momentum aims to inform empower educate and enable you quickly simply and in a fun interactive way either on your own or in partnership with an advisor we will help you cut through the noise and make it easy to understand with this knowledge you will have the power to be the captain of your own ship Momentum's financial wellness philosophy is a way of life based on a passion to empower people to take charge of their lives and steer for themselves it's an outside-in philosophy driven directly by people's needs goals and desires momentum will engage with you together with your advisor on your voyage will be your partners throughout your journey for your financial wellness you

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