Fitness Kashtalu || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

Fitness Kashtalu || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

okay [Applause] let's start witness put the t-shirt a booth put a cap Susan Bob our in the grave and knee Fitness era running time for rape in the way huh in rowdy running a LA Fitness fitness level but a bum Chiki bum chick lara time and every time a raindrop in the waist will come on running dinky Kaunas wonder your name warning la surrounding Angelica's together I attained it Plan B younger than in excuse me I said ah me Jimmy I know no fees enter luckily for it wasn't sir okay okay three months mm-hmm sorry encanta wrong key Oh nah now to special training to go to Cowell in-service special mm expose ah popular the swipe choose conduct boxing very creative bombing drainer hi sir now Perce I ideologically not ever first of all shut down sir Guam oppa momma fiction abettor laga they'd give or coach Adam nor go to the surface to mom didn't sit there whatever together well cottage at down in Chile Pelican missed Nana na into the heavy bitch heavyweights is going to occur surface below maybe rates is Kandra so they're gonna say ah you don't get certainly love these courses sir me loser desire Goethe what consider law okay sir okay sir they hav first a waiter even though we came into the data lose one kissable they say not chicken Monty revetment else can you accumulated a telly hey Stella or Allah is forgetting to tell us oh no no no yeah the other three no jack uh-huh so good fact you that I'm on tight Abu how my lemon juice just didn't bother Arabah lunch Adama Hey ha ha ha ha raisin the carbohydrates it carbohydrates and a fatter Tillis cousin tight round on any do the new okay new indelible mark on a Calaca Nicholas tan okay now ah 25 grams rice tea the mughal donna moonda got 25 grams want a chip – nincada diet alone honey tea we put in there.put in it and you see Ronnie Kalen oh my god allah Jew girl in the blue vodka they do start Jason Connie Alan Oh Lord oh hey lantern upon to thee happy gone now Oliva I'll take hourly rebound Rosemont Kiku and also I wanna know have you wasn't it a on today do you find a look at Tony much were there

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  1. Happy ga vunam ha ledha???? … Ha last punch manadhithy ha kick a verappa….. super video …full navena??? tq bro….

  2. Babulu anna…nuvu last lo annav entadi….happy ga unnava leva ante….manchi arogyam untene kadha happy ga undedi…inta chinna logic ala miss ayyav

  3. Nenu full ga connect ayanu bro iam also following the last diet but akali ekuva aipothadi… Super video bro really natural…

  4. babloo annaaa keka nuvu….. Ni videos keka Anna

    Lavu ga vunte enti anna ni face lo vunna glow super. Ni voice keka Asalu
    Ni punchlu exordinery Asalu. Totally I'm big fan you Anna

  5. Dieting Unthe Dieting Chesi Fail Iye Prayogyanam Em Ledhu Dieting Anthe Dieting Cheyyali Anthe Dieting Ani Peru Cheppav Anuko Bonds Week Apothei Babloo Sai Kumar

  6. aa last dialogue matram correct anna lavu ga unte em avtundi kakunte mareee ekkuva avvakunda chuskovali konchem boddu ga unna em kadu aa mataram danike diet lu, gym lu running lanti extra curricular activities em avasaram le, kani fitness and health concious unnollu cheste ok. pushti ga nachinavanni kadupu nindaa tintee aa happiness a veru kada em antav babloo anna superbbb

  7. Bro ma dad kuda 10k gym ki pay cgesasi 1 mo th velli maneesaruu.. ayana taggaledu dabbuluu poyayii… gud bro.. baa chesavuu….

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