Fitness model diet, cycle and training

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  1. Tarun bhai main aap ka bahat bada fan hu.. Aap ka haar vedio dekta hu… Mujhay aap say milna hai…

  2. Normally, it's is said or secretly believed that workout (intense work out) makes the nature of the person rough and vigorous.. You may experience the same when u walk out the gym.. And ur nature toward others for a couple of hours or minute maybe or may not be so cooperative or mild.
    But but seriously.

    I must say that coming across this man sahil bhai/sir/Legend. He is such a wonderful personality, humble personality. Is mind blowing. A a real beast by the body but yet a mildest by the tone and personality.. I am witnessing for the first time ever.

    And yeah!! One thing is very much clearer that he loves his wife a lot? having her also be interviewed is a kind of sign which says that.

  3. Please can you tell me sir how can i transform my body….pls.pls are bodybuilding idol sir…

  4. Bhai bas aap log protine protine karte rhte ho ye sab ham to dal sabjee kela dudh soyaben chana mungfalii chawal roti kismis badam se aa jata h …
    Aap log ye sab dikha kar chutiya kyo bnate ho …..
    Powder kabhi help nai karta h …
    Water sab se jada jaruri h …..

  5. Pune me aise trainer nahi h
    aur 21 st century me bhi Pune me koi gym 7 days open nahi hota
    Physc gym bhi nahi rehta open 7 days
    sabhi gym owners paisa kamane k piche lage h

  6. Sir 4month se shoulder me pain. Mai pull-ups kar raha tha. Achanak pain start hua. Rest, physiotherapisy bhi kiya but effect nahi ho raha hai. Mai last 1year se gym kar raha tha but yah prblm ki wajah se Mai gym nahi kar pa raha ho.. Plzzz help me

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