Funny Workout Video

Funny Workout Video

it's time for both beautiful and bitchin the at-home workout with bureau de Milo hi I'm Yura to buy low thanks for tuning in you know before I learned how to exercise properly I was a poor excuse for a woman to look at those unsightly lumps of love who treat him for life turning I was so weak and frail back then I couldn't even tear a telephone book in half but I made that change and you can too so let's get busy burning off of bothersome bazoo growth are you ready alrighty let's start with a stretch and Dad okay now you try see how those big breaths just weigh them down you can't float till you get rid of a thinker now the shoulder come on girl oh yeah that's right Oh hence now this one I just put and pull it oh really oh wow that's gonna be thorough in the morning but it hurts so good and you know what they say no pain no gain now before attempting any serious lifting I can't stress enough the importance of eating a healthy breakfast of course I prefer mine and concentrate another advantage of my ad home workout is that there's no need for investing and costly wait fence with just a little imagination a few hectic alliances with you just as well deidre secret with strong flat championship chat if grift bombardment with maximum weight are you ready all right that's the spirit sure those memories no Murphy hey kid it's time for various Canada Channel you know some women spend a lot of money on lipsticks and glosses to make their lips look fuller I fade you can get the same effect naturally nice hot curling iron watch of course it needs to have a high pain threshold but believe me when the babies start to blister look out Michelle Pfeiffer you

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  1. Вступаем в лучшую группу вк о рыбалкеб

  2. Hahahahaaaaaaaa .. lmfao ., that death drop was so unexpected. I knew he was very flexible & could dislocate his arms, cause he's done it before a couple of times. So I knew it was coming but still bloody intense.
    .. and lol the snaggle tooth needs mentioning??❤️ Thanks for posting this I haven't seen it for a veerrrryyy loooong time :))

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