Fusion Yoga | Yoga for Cardio workout - Part 2

Fusion Yoga | Yoga for Cardio workout – Part 2

it's important to warm up our muscles and seasons were looking for weight loss should focus more on a great cardio workout but only if your has allowed to add energy to your workout you can start with six rounds of Surya Namaskar which I showed you last time followed by these three exercises for running jumping jacks and squats for sports running have hip and resistance between the feet and to make sure that your shoulders are away from the ears and your hands are tight so just pull up and over and all you have to do is just jump on the balls of your feet that is the cushion part between your arch and your toes so all you have to make sure is that your breath is normal so we were walking on the stamina at the same time and do it for a minute now with jumping jacks you have to remember two things number one you have to jump on the balls of your feet and number two you have to take care of your breath so inhale go out anything come back to work on the stamina at the same time so it goes like so do this for at least 50 counts and come back to a nice forward stretch to end your jumping jacks so we're gonna do squats and it's a great lower body walkout and we can work with the ball to maintain our balance all you have to do is make sure that there is show the level distance between the feet and your feet are parallel the toes inside and heel the outside slightly walk through your abs and focus on your hips take it out and you need to bend automatically and want to watch stretch your knees out put up in oil and shows it away from the earth and inhale up and when you squat to take the ball out to maintain your balance again and inhale up and all this time you're just walking through your core strength making your thighs value to the crown as much as possible inhale up and you can do 20 counts or in FASTA and go on with two to three rounds that's all we have for today I hope you enjoyed the video see you next time you

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