Gavin McInnes: 10 Celebrities Who Are Aging Really, Really Badly

Gavin McInnes: 10 Celebrities Who Are Aging Really, Really Badly

[Applause] hey guys let's talk about ten stars who aged badly like really badly okay number one Britney Spears here's her when she's 18 look at that gorgeous face her skin is so smooth it's like she's a little 18 year old look at that alabaster is that what you call that it's so turgid and now look at her at 35 look at her eyes they look totally different now that she's not 18 no thanks ugly number two Lindsay Lohan okay there she is when she was 20 look at that shiny cheeks she looks so healthy she's got big huge boobs and now let's check her out at 31 oh it's you know if someone catches me halfway while I'm blinking and I happen to cock up and I I looked totally hot but this 31 year old doesn't look as pretty as when she was 19 number three you're gonna Bar for this one okay Demi Moore right look how pretty she was when she was 19 she looked totally attractive and now she's 54 it's only 135 years later and her skin looks different it's wrinkly look at that there's wrinkles on her skin at 54 she looks totally different than she did more than a quarter century ago at quarter century plus a decade gross what's that one two three all right number four this one is a puke stain Kate Moss okay one of the world's leading models there she is at 19 with Photoshop and makeup and post-production and a lot of stuff she looks beautiful when you look at that you go I'm glad you're the top model in the world then at 43 my age basically when she's getting off the plane at the airport after doing a bunch of Zanic so she could sleep for 17 hours and someone jumps in her face with a flashbulb and catches her with no makeup no thanks not as attractive as she was when she was under 20 no way aging badly Kate boo you're ugly as my son would say or here's a doozy okay check out Goldie Hawn at 24 this is probably before I was born she looks like a beautiful young 24 year old okay now look at her now you know she looks like she's 71 just cuz she's 71 and she goes for a walk with no makeup on and it's all sweaty and working out and she looks way older than when she was 24 it's only been 50 years you look half a century older gross all right here's a real puker look at Melanie Griffith here she is when she's 21 in a photo shoot when she's a model and they have hair blowing air blowing in her hair sorry that I was being cubic weather they always say that your air looks good when it moves around into hair and now check her out at 60 she doesn't look the same and when she's drunk at 4:00 in the morning and someone jumps up to her car and sets off the flash through the windshield she looks way older than when she was young like get it together lady what the fuck's the matter with you when I'm drunk at 4:00 in the morning I look exactly the same as actually pull up a picture of me when I was 18 look at this exact same face I haven't changed at all but all these women have these celebrities have aged super badly look at what are we at now one two three four five six seven Carrie Fisher okay that's 18 when she was a cocaine addict and she's on the set of a movie being filmed by a professional photographer and then at 60 she doesn't look like she did when she was 18 she looks super old and she has shit on her eyes and a bunch of sparkles in her hair ladies if you want to look like you're 18 stop becoming 60 it's gross it means that you're aging and that's fucking for losers here's the biggest barf yet alright number nine Brigitte Bardot here she is when she's 21 probably about 30 years before I was born she looks pretty when she's 21 in France and she's the number one model and movie star of the country where they make hot chicks she looks super hot then a mere 60 years later look how old she looks oh she looks like she's 82 or something could you have more wrinkles please your skin looks totally different than it did a long time ago and look at your neck it's all wrinkly it's like it lost moisture there's Marilyn Monroe that's my next favorite example okay there she is at 27 she looks breathtaking she's got nice full lips her makeups perfect okay now check her out now gross this is her in the morgue when she died she's got no makeup on her skins all gross look at her ratty hair ladies you are aging really badly and it's embarrassing everyone hey guys thanks for watching please subscribe to rebel edge where you can find all the videos that are exactly like this one but different you

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  1. Celebrity worship and demonic youth worship brought me here.
    The Wall is invincible. So be nice when you are young, gals. Misandry kills.. God speed.

  2. Gavin!!!! That one at 5:12 ? SMDH. Well I know what they say; "You gotta take the bad with the good!!!" Hhhhh!!!!! You're such a Man's man.? That isn't an insult either because I like it, but I sometimes have to roll my eyes and shake my head. ? I love your channel!!!!! ?

  3. I love this Man!!!!! ? He ain't here for nonsense!!!! ? Preach That Gospel!!!?? You do such great work!!!!?

  4. The WALL is real.
    These chicks are hitting it at full speed.
    I'm glad, as a man I can get 18 year old chicks no matter how old I get.
    You should have done Salma Hayek.

  5. The more dramatic transformation isn't from 18 to age 35 – the most dramatic transformation is BEFORE makeup and AFTER makeup

  6. I'm pretty sure that your not going to look same when your 18 and when you turn 35…its called aging in human nature. But I get the sarcasm, his jokes a pretty clever.

  7. Yeah, but a lot of those women also look older than they should because of too much drinking and smoking

  8. I havent changed either cant tell the 18 yo me from the 57 yo well except for the 40 pounds and gray hair

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