Grain Fed Beef makes you FAT and FLACCID

Grain Fed Beef makes you FAT and FLACCID

we've been led to believe the differences between high quality 100% grass-fed beef and cheap industrial grain fed beef are insignificant interesting that people say how meat is produced does it matter yet they won't touch farm raised fish with a ten-foot pole acting as if it's poisonous at least farm raised fish has plenty of wild fish in its diet feedlot cows don't even necessarily get a single blade of grass cheap grass-fed beef can be produced on a feedlot that only GMO feed and GMO corn stocks which are technically considered a form of grass cows in an industrial feedlot setting can't walk around and are not fed their natural diet disease and death become rampant without antibiotics as well as insecticides to control parasites without agro chemicals this way of raising animals would not be possible people bring up that omega-3 and omega-6 are more imbalanced in grains than beef and that it also has less micronutrients than grass-fed beef but this is the least of the problems as you can get omega-3 and micronutrients from other sources industrial beef has three big issues you cannot work around estrogen hormones antibiotics and herbicides the health effects of meat and the way the animals are raised is connected I don't think you can deny that hormones including multiple estrogens are injected and implanted in time release form in the animals to fatten them up the industry reports 15% increase in weight estrogens tend to lower testosterone in mammals as well Fila meat is also loaded with xenoestrogens from herbicides that are used on grain and even sometimes grass many people are afraid of plastic because of these xenoestrogens food is considered to be very high in xenoestrogens yet feedlot beef can have almost 300 times more xenoestrogens than canned food why aren't people talking about this atrazine is a xenoestrogen ik herbicide and endocrine disruptor here is a visual of it causing ovaries to grow in a frog's testicles FDA officially has a limit of point zero two parts per million of atrazine in meat but they don't routinely test even those levels our horrifyingly high compared to healthy male estrogen levels of point zero zero zero zero two parts per million over one thousand times more here is dr. Anthony J mentioning how feedlot cows in some cases have tens of thousands of times the levels of estrogen in a healthy man atrazine in the feed ingredients ingested by the cattle could be transferred into the biological samples and consequently can be considered as a potential hazard for Public Health moving on to antibiotics antibiotics in our animal foods alter and disrupt our gut microbiome impacting digestion and production of most of your neurotransmitters not to mention potentially impairing our body's ability to produce vitamin k2 which is used in testosterone production in the body these antibiotics have also been shown to reduce short chain fatty acid production aka butyrate something commonly associated with good gut health not only that countless men following a cheap beef carnivore diet have reported testosterone as well as libido crashing and we know how much the carnivore community loves anecdotal evidence shouldn't you be in ideal sexual health on a meat-based diet if so why are all these men losing their sex drive and why is there testosterone in the dumps I would argue that unexpected weight gain is the most significant problem people are having on this diet and all of these people are consuming and advocating for industrialized me official USDA numbers report low levels of antibiotics and beef but they only test a fraction of a percent of the cows and they don't test effectively for all of the metabolites as a result the official numbers mislead people to think that antibiotics aren't a concern there's no easy fix here it's impractical to test any large percentage of animals comprehensively we need to raise animals better balancing omega-3 to omega-6 ratio isn't being emphasized if omega-6 isn't well balanced with omega-3 like the diet most of us evolved on it can imbalance the endocannabinoid system today ECS imbalance has been linked to appetite control problems food intake dysregulation energy and balance and obesity neuroprotection neurodegenerative diseases stroke mood disorders and mises modulation of pain inflammatory response and may be relevant to cancer a mesa being vomiting a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is more desirable in reducing the risk of many of the chronic diseases of high prevalence in Western societies as well as in the developing countries that are being exported to the rest of the world human beings evolved on a diet that had a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids of approximately 1 to 1 some of you may remember Shawn Baker's blood work showing low testosterone pre-diabetic blood indicators and Shaun Baker appears unable to lean out usually fluctuating around 20% body fat given that the diet of the feedlot cow is optimized to cause weight gain and many of these obesogenic factors certainly end up in the meat this could explain a lot of Shawn Baker's health in addition to the obesogenic effects of estrogens and omega-6 antibiotics may be linked to weight gain the link between atrazine xenoestrogen ik herbicide found in feedlot beef and insulin resistance may explain his a1c levels as well testosterone therapy prevents diabetes so maybe just higher testosterone would fix his numbers basically Sean Baker seems like a good case study for the hormonal and obesogenic effects of industrial feedlot beef he is incredibly talented and gifted in the gym but can't seem to overcome the effects of his grain fed beef diet the more industrialized the production the cheaper the meat is the higher the level of agro chemicals the worse it probably is for you these chemicals extra junaid the animal fattening and faster that's the opposite of what you want in your body when you eat these animals many of these agro chemicals pass into your body I know some people have had good results eating bad grain fed beef imagine how much better results they might have had on a higher quality more grass-fed cleaner beef diet industries like Cargill and Tyson support laws that allow imported beef to be labeled as product of the USA these companies may be behind the USDA ceasing to regulate the term grass-fed agricultural marketing service will no longer verify applicants programs to the standard simply giving feedlot cows a little bit of herbicide sprayed GMO corn stalks qualifies as grass feeding at this point they don't want you to be able to tell the difference between their crappy mostly grain fed feedlot beef from overseas versus local pure grass-fed meat from a farm down the road we already talked about Shawn Aker as a case study but what about the population is there any data suggesting our bad grain fed beef could be harming the public in fact there is America has some of the lowest meat standards and one recent study found unprocessed American but not European or Asian meat was associated with increased mortality shout-out to gallon at optimizing me on Twitter for support on reference information here look for a live stream with him coming soon and get your questions ready thank you guys for joining me today if you could please like the video subscribe hit that Bell icon and share it if you can if you guys are on a budget and worried where you can get quality animal products I found that wild-caught fish mackerel herring sardines can be very affordable and it's arguably better to consume a small amount of high-quality meat with a carbohydrate source then it would be to stuff yourself full of industrial grain fed beef if you guys would like to support me further you can check out Frankie's free-range meat providing you guys with high quality nutrient-dense animal foods at an affordable price this includes grass-fed beef fat organ meats pemmican check out Frankie's for your inch me com2 see what we have available I also have Frankie's Naturals minimal ingredients minimally processed hygiene and cosmetic products so if you want to look like a statue on the inside and out check out both of those things guys thanks again and enjoy the rest of your week

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  2. Frank, do you please have any info on how it is in EU? I believe feeding animals antibiotics was banned here. But I might be wrong.

  3. What Carbohydrates do you recommend? cause if i could make a shipment of your beef last 2 weeks, i would totally opt for that, definitely would be affordable for me.

  4. Thanks again for the quality info Frank. I looked my best last year when I was eating mostly sardines and eggs. Now I have been eating more red meat sometimes even conventional ribeyes and notice my body composition isnt as good as it use to be. This video confirms my suspicion. I will be switching back to sardines until I buy some meat from you!

  5. My body can tell the difference between factory farm beef and grass fed. it takes several days but my appetite will shy rocket and I will see fat gain in about 6-7 days from factory beef. I think it was called N=1….?

  6. Eatwild's Directory of Farms lists more than 1,400 pasture-based Local farms
    It's the most comprehensive source for grass-fed meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.

  7. Yeah I feel bad for Shawn Baker when he tells people to heal by eating Monsanto Meat from Walmart. Atrezene, turns out the frogs are turning gay.

  8. Been eating the meat & crave & can afford as I was taught by 10+ year vets of this way of eating. I have not ever purchased grass fed meat because I cannot afford it. Today is my 365th day of just meat & water. I'm 58 & on no pharma meds of any kind. My libido is better than it was when I was 20. There is tons of iron in the ironwood forest once more! #MeatHeals

  9. Frank, the majority of people prefer free-range meat, but only few can afford to eat it, especially on a regular basis.

  10. Most Americans CANNOT afford to buy grass fed. Everything you just summarized, we “already” know / have previously heard off, this is old news.

  11. Preach!!! That's not even getting into glyphosate a super potent carcinogenic antibiotic. I've been preaching avoiding these synthetic chemicals for years. If people knew half of what was in thier food they would shit there pants. I would eat vegetarian again before going back to factory farm meat. A lot of people dont understand it's a cumulative effect. The body cant flush those toxins out effectively either. Spread the truth Frankie! You should do a video on the bullshit they are allowed to label as natural, grass fed, free range and organic! Big money always finds a way!

  12. At roughly 2:28, Notice how Frank describes his illustration in words, rather than assuming that the viewer or in my case listener, can understand. It is this that is a help to me as a blind person and Frank must be given credit for this.

  13. O-O
    i am so lucky i can get free roaming beef meat ._. we have scottish highlanders cows around here
    and every month or so they slaughter one, the meat isn't anything like the store
    bought' it is more like wild game meat in that it has a strong taste
    i like it and i feel great

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