GREEN SMOOTHIE Recipe | Clear Skin & Weight Loss

GREEN SMOOTHIE Recipe | Clear Skin & Weight Loss

hola muchachos welcome back this video it's been a long time I've had thousands of people asking me what is the recipe for my green smoothie I know I have shared this recipe on YouTube before but it was a long time ago and there has been some changes and the changes were made to get a more nutritious smoothie and they were also made to have different sort of ingredients complement each other nutrition wise so your body can really soak up all the vitamins and the minerals and the irons and the fatty acids properly if you didn't know there's a total science behind food and different foods complement each other where when you eat them alone the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals isn't as high or as strong in the body then if you were to eat them together so this recipe oh my goodness my nose is so itchy so this recipe I've been doing for about two issues now pretty much every single day well let's say about five times a week it's my favorite it's how I get my greens all my calcium very important as dairy-free person so in this video finally we are sharing our green smoothie recipe this smoothie will aid you in getting clear skin and also losing weight and it tastes so good it tastes so good so we're gonna get started with this video be sure to subscribe to my channel if you're new I love doing cooking videos I'm glad that we're kind of in this realm right now well this isn't really cooking you don't cook a smoothie but you know like food videos I love food I hope you guys do too and we're gonna go ahead and get started so this is the green smoothie that I just made and I'll show you guys how to do it in a little bit I don't know how big this jar is but it's about the size of my head I got a lot of questions about where I get my big jars from that I put my smoothies in the thrift store you can buy smaller ones for about 25 cents bigger ones for about 50 cents also I do like putting smoothies in a mason jar and the reason why is firstly it holds a lot of volume versus like a regular glass it looks good look say and also sometimes I make such ridiculously large smoothies that I'll have either like a little bit left or I'll be halfway done and I either can't finish it or I just need to pack it up and I'm gonna save it for later so putting it a mason jar you can put a lid on top also I'm getting tons of people being like what does Kieran have for his lunches how does he eat healthy this is a great way for any wife if you want to prep your husband a smoothie for the morning or the work day you can do it the night before and just put it in a mason jar and put a lid on top and that he's like good to go in the morning just shake it up a little bit you can throw some ice in there this is so so good so anyway I always get questions kind of on those things so there you go and right now I'm just gonna show you guys how I make my smoothie this is my pure original recipe that took me a long time to really make sure that it tasted good I got lots of vitamins full on nutrition from this sucker so here's my recipe so now that you know how to make it I wanted to go into it a little bit deeper if you're curious I am someone that if I'm learning about a certain recipe or smoothie I want to know the nutritional benefits behind it I can't stand when people say drink lemon water cuz this detoxing I did a video talking about tons of healthy habits that I implement into my everyday life well some things were my everyday life some things were like my weekly life if you want to see that video I can link it down below but I talk about kajillion more reasons why should drink lemon water than just because it detox is your body I'm someone that likes info so if you're interested in this green smoothie continue watching let me encourage you further on why you should be drinking it so you could see my first step was putting half a banana into my smoothie bananas are high in potassium we all know that also it gives the smoothie a lot of sweetness and one of the main reasons I'll actually incorporate half a banana into my smoothie is because of its ability to fight bodily infections and this covers everything from skin infections bodily infections like a cold or even like sore throats certain bacteria build up a banana really fights against that also the reason I don't put a whole banana in but only half is because I get yeast infection I should make a video on this had so many people asking I get yeast infections in my face I know what it's like gross but yeast is like the overproduction of sugar bananas have fructose in them which is a natural sugar and if I have too much of that I start to get tiny little flesh colored bumps starting on my forehead sometimes towards my chin on my cheeks I can actually make a video talk about how I fight that and how I keep it away for as long as possible so bananas are obviously good but I'm personally someone that doesn't want to have so much of it because it can cause my skin to hate me so idea of have an it works fine for me next I put in kale and I always freeze my kale so I always prep my kale and also my spinach this is a kale spinach mix that I have and I'll wash my spinach wash my kale chop it up and then I'll just put it in a big bin and I'll freeze it and then I just use that exclusively for my smoothies I like freezing it because it blends a lot better into the smoothie you don't get kale or spinach chunks and it gives it more of a thicker creamy frosty taste a lot of people in my previous video what I eat in a day vegan some people are saying that I'm not getting enough protein and I'm not taking care of myself just say no kale per serving has 3 grams of protein as well as fiber which means it's filling but it's also going to safely manage your blood Sugar's and also I had high-protein bread I had cashew butter I had protein powder my protein was above average for the day there's high amounts of folate and kale as well as vitamins A C K and B one of the best things about kale is that it's very cleansing to the body and it helps support a healthy digestive tract which pretty much means your body's going to be properly cleansed and it's gonna help you get clear skin and also aid in weight loss because it just kind of causes everything to move through and pass through so again I have spinach in there there's a lot of great benefits to spinach high in fiber magnesium zinc antioxidants and also contains vitamins A K and E it is anti-inflammatory which a lot of time acne stems from having inflamed skin so anything that says it's anti-inflammatory is gonna help you clear your skin up so overall it pretty much promotes healthy skin and healthy blood I love incorporating hemp into my everyday diet and I usually do that either by putting it into oatmeal or putting it in my smoothies hemp contains about 35% of plant proteins as well as essential fatty acids so that's just going to be good for overall health it also contains nine essential amino acids so good for your insides kind of causes everything to balance and move and groove properly and it's also a dietary fiber it's gonna kickstart any weight loss it's going to reduce your chance of having heart disease or stroke it's gonna improve your skin meaning it's gonna clear it up it's gonna help with the less to see in the skin it's gonna make your skin a lot more glowy and it's also going to help you with your hair and your nails next we're chia seeds very similar to heme they have certain essential fatty acids in them that are just key to a good healthy body very rich in antioxidants fiber iron and calcium again really important for someone who is dairy-free like me I also put in cinnamon as you saw there's a lot of health benefits to cinnamon and instead of spelling them all out here I just encourage you to go ahead and google it the amount of benefits that cinnamon is to the body is more than I can list here in this video it's still somewhat known as a medicinal product so go ahead and google it it's really really interesting but lastly I use unsweetened almond milk I feel like I'm not one that likes sweetened almond milk really unless I make it at home and I think I'll do a video talking about how I make my nut milk and make it tumeric nut milk regular vanilla and then cocoa maybe I'll do that for an upcoming video but for the most part especially in smoothies I keep everything as unsweetened as possible when it comes to the milk that I'm using I use silk almond milk unsweetened and there's always a lot of added minerals and vitamins a high amounts of vitamin D calcium is also added so very good at strengthening the bones and it's also very high in iron too oh and I add protein powder and the reason I do this is because I don't eat meat every day and I need to make another video about this I'm not a hundred percent vegan but I'm a flexitarian do you know what that is if you don't make sure to google it I am definitely flexitarian so I don't eat meat every single day or every single week or every single month so I find that having a vegan plant-based like pea protein powder is really helpful to my body my midwife says it's great she says it's good for me and baby it's just kind of helping to fill that protein gap that I'm not getting through eating meat I also do have a lot of nuts on a daily basis a lot of high-protein breads and carbs but I have to say this does not taste the same unless you have the Vega French vanilla protein and greens powder it makes it creamy it sweetens it and it's just delightful this will not taste the same unless you have that protein powder Vega doesn't know I exist I always eat their products I wish they knew I was here but I don't think they do but I'm obsessed with that protein powder and I buy it all the time anyway guys so that is how I make my smoothie that is how I fuel my body with greens nutrients and feel good every single day this is something that I can either eat as a meal because it is really really good for you and there's a lot packed into it or this is something I eat alongside of a meal in a smaller portion it's something that I can like sip on throughout the day it's important for me to have this as often as possible thank you all very much for watching I want to know if you guys are gonna try out the smoothie recipe and if you do be sure to send me a picture on Instagram I'd love to read Instagram it and put it into my stories and just talk with you guys about health and what we're doing and how we're feeling so yeah Vickey guys very much for watching and I'll see you all in my next video bye

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  1. I can’t get ove the “Hola muchachos” every time you open a video ? So cool! ✨✨✨ Totally obsessed with your channel!

  2. I have milia bumps on my eyelids and under my eyes. Does anyone know why I have these? I have had the same ones for months if not years. I can't pop them and I know I'm not supposed to. How do I get rid of these? Anyone else experience this?

  3. Anyone in the UK tell me if there is an alternative to that protein powder here? I need this smoothie in my life! Skin is terrible at the moment. ???

  4. Omg!!!!! I get yeast infections all over my skin! They started after I had my second miscarriage. My scalp was covered in them and then they spread down onto my face and upper body! I looked horrible! It took two doctors and a skin biopsy to determine what was going on with my skin. So painful and horrible! Please do a video!! I haven’t had a large breakout since I had my daughter in November but I still get them on my scalp. I can email you pictures!

  5. I found a hemp, chia, and flax seed mix from Walmart so I’m just going to be using 2Tbsp of that because I couldn’t afford the chia and hemp separately lol and on the bright side, the flax will help my milk supply !

  6. Hi Sarah, could you tell me what kind of Vitamix is it, cause I have my ninja but after many time blending the result is just not what I want, I want to change to Vitamix as it is apparently really good one, but dont know which kind i should buy. Thank you. btw I love your content, you are beautiful mama 🙂

  7. Made this today thank you so yummy! Subscribed today now binging on your videos! You inspired me to freeze my spinach/kale, add hemp and chia, wake up early before everyone and read bible, honor my husband more(10 ways husband video) , tried mushroom coffee, can’t wait to watch all birthing videos as I’m preggo, planning a home birth:) your an amazing role model!

  8. I have just discovered your channel today and you have given me motivation and I have subscribed. I know you used a Vitamix. Is it the 7500 VM with the 64 oz jug? Thank you for the motivation.

  9. I made this recipe this morning and it was so good! Even my hubby who hates vegan smoothies enjoyed it ????

  10. Great video, thanks. Even it is 9 PM, I will go out to buy the ingredients so that I can try it first thing in the morning. Just FYI, I don't know about kale, but I had read a couple of articles saying that spinach loses heaps of its nutritional value when frozen.

  11. Kale and other cruciferous vegetables are high also ESSENTIAL for the regulation of insulin in women. If you are a women, and have trouble loosing that last ten pounds, or are significantly over weight and can never seem to significantly loose weight. It’s 100% hormone problem that is caused by our bodies miss managing insulin. Kale also detoxes excess hormones in a woman’s body. I just learned these facts and it has changed my life. So long I have suffered with weight and hormone issues. Thought I would share

  12. I just made a comment on one of your other videos asking for your smoothie recipe! I should have checked to see if you had already made a video for it. I tried finding the comment but I've watched so many of your videos now, I can't find which one I commented on lol! Sorry 'bout that. I'm so glad I found this video!

  13. It looks like you buy spinach and freeze it your self, have you ever tied using it from the spinach you can get already frozen? Would it make a difference? It's cheaper to by frozen so I'm thinking of just doing that if taste wise there's no difference.

  14. Can you do a video on everyday ways to consume Coconut Oil? I know you can cook with it, but I don't cook ever single day, I meal prep on the weekends. However, I've heard it's really good for you and something to add to your diet. What are some ways I can add it to my daily food? Thanks!

  15. I'm finally gonna try this for me and my family. I am so excited. By any chance, anyone use it with the chocolate Vega protein powder? let me know and if its good. Thanks for this video Sarah. God bless everyone.

  16. Do you think rather than a banana I can use blueberries? I have insulin issues and bananas spike it

  17. Sarah, are all these ingredients safe to eat while breastfeeding ? Sorry if that’s a dumb question..

  18. I tried this today for the first time and YUM!
    I used a whole banana, swapped hemp for flax, and used a Stevia-free vanilla vegan protein powder. (Stevia tastes like soap to me for some reason!)
    I will be making this again soon! Thanks for this yummy late breakfast!

  19. Girllll! Just stumbled upon your channel and dang…I can’t beliebe I haven’t found you sooner!!! Keep up your incredible videos!!!! ❤️

  20. Hi, I just made your green smoothie here in Australia. IT IS AMAZING!!!! So yummy. Thank you for sharing everything on your channel. I binge watch your videos over and over, so uplifting and inspiring. Thank you from Australia.

  21. Thanks! I made this but didn't have chia seeds or hemp hearts or protein powder…I put in flaxseed powder stuff though. Still so good! I love how you explained everything so thoroughly…how do you find out all these things about foods??

  22. OMG WOW! I just tried this smoothie and it's AMAZING! I'm a believer now and I will make this all the time!

  23. I also avoid the term vegan, but I find “ plant based diet” covers most of what I want to convey- because I Do eat honey, and also have pets. Thank you for the recipie! ( I’m sorry that you had so many people hate on you-compassion should be a cornerstone of any “ compassionate” way of eating.

  24. Just made this and Oh My Gosh….so good!!!! I don't know what took me so long! My toddler doesn't like veggies at all and she loves this! #momwin

  25. I love your vlogs, they are so inspiring, especially for a first-time-mother-to-be 🙂 I just have a question if this scoop of protein is really necessary? I am kind of suspicious towards all kinds of protein powders etc.

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