Groin stretches – 6 ways to stretch adductors

Groin stretches – 6 ways to stretch adductors

– Hi, and today we have six
intense groyne stretches for you. So, the first stretch
we’re gonna go through is the frog stretch. This we start on all fours,
feet together, knees apart. Now, the key here, this is
why I’m filming from the side, is that when we go back, that
we don’t go back and down. We need to go back and tilt the pelvis, forearms down, and stretch. And if you wanna get it more intense, just dropping down through here
is what you wanna be doing. Let the knees slide apart, which is great on this laminate floor. And then just hold for 30 seconds. The next stretch that I like
to do is up on the wall, ’cause it then gets the
back out of the equation. Super simple. All we’re gonna do is take our legs and let gravity open them out. Hold this one for 30 seconds. Then, going to squat on
the wall, knees apart. I find that we need to bring
the feet a bit further down to get it a bit more intense. Push apart. 30 seconds. The next easy one that you can do is just modifying the hamstring stretch. So, to stretch full, we’re
just gonna bend one leg, other leg straight. Normally we’d lean into
this one for hamstring. So, all we’re gonna do now
is go to 12 o’clock position. Ho! And then just work our way round, feeling the stretch on the inside. And we can tweak this
by turning the foot out, but that’s too strong for me. Hold that for 30 seconds. The next two are lunge-based. So, we’ve just got a side lunge, which is the more traditional. So, we’re just gonna lunge through here, trying to stretch down. Put your hands down for this. And then we can then turn
it into the Cossack squat by then having the foot up and
bringing yourself right down. From here, hold for 30 seconds at a time. Then walk yourself across. Oh. (groans) Go on the other side. Ho! And then for the final one, go into a nice, wide sumo squat. So, feet nice and wide, knees
apart, spread and press. Hold for 30 seconds. And that is six intense
groyne stretches for you. Enjoy.

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  1. Nice stretches, will try do em before sleeping. Used to do the legs on wall stretch b4 bed for like 5-10 mins while watching youtube videos on phone.

  2. Uh, question regarding the frog stretch, because the first thing you said was 'feet together'.
    I always tried to have my shins parallel to each other and turn my feet outwards (that's what i thought was the frog stretch anyway) – now doing this i am very limited in how far i can rock back until i just hit a wall inside my hips:D With my feet together however, it's much easier.
    1. Is this just a different version of the frog stretch or maybe even a progression?
    2. Having trouble with the 'feet out' variation is a sign hitting me on the forehead saying 'Dude, do you even internally rotate', isn't it?^^

    Just discovered this channel yesterday and already found tons of good information i can add to my training, ha!
    Way too underrated! :3

  3. Wow, really like the video. My groin really gets tight after squats, so this helps. By the way, what sport do you train in? You have a very good build on you, strong looking legs, arms, and shoulders.

  4. Will this stretch help me to recover groin (probably it's not severe ) within week ?
    – Footballer

    Waiting for reply

  5. I honestly came here to learn to stretch and got completely distracted 10 seconds into it πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  6. Hi
    Have recently suffered a groin injury ans have found your video really helpfulπŸ˜„ how many times a week would i need to do the lunge based stretch?

  7. Thank you so much for this. Really does help. How long does it take for a groin strain to heal? or to start getting back at exercise like mma, football etc.

  8. Thanks so much. They really helped. Do u know how to stretch the gluteus. My bum muscle always hurts from all the sitting

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