Health goals for the New Year/ Your way to the perfect body / New Thought

Health goals for the New Year/ Your way to the perfect body / New Thought

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Except through the link that is exclusively in the video description may God give you happiness Happy new year In this new year I greet you with the greeting of Islam
May peace and mercy and blessings be upon you New Year We want an episode in which we put our vision Or what do we want in the new year What will our health goals be? Our goals about the things that we want to change and those things we failed to change
In previous years that we define those clearly as 1,2,3 In health and in “new thought”
family of fekr tany “new thought” I will draw you a new year plan this will be direct talk Goals you will score and put them in your mirror Or on the wall, or next to your mother’s picture In order to work on those throughout the new year A new episode, I’ll see you after the break let’s go welcome I will put you the big headlines of this episode I will list the goals for you under each heading The first thing if you want to lose weight in the new year If you want your body to be perfect I will tell you the bottom line today The first thing if you want to lose weight You should increase your body burn rate And you should reduce calories Summary of the two things, how is that? Lower your insulin How does insulin rise? Eating carbohydrates Or sugars Or fruits If you cut down on these three things Insulin drops And if insulin decreases Your body changes itself From storage to burning If insulin rises Your body transforms its state This is the “Switch”, the “on off” button From burning to storage Keep your insulin low 2- Improve digestion If your digestion improves You will not have gas You will eat the necessary minerals and proteins To run your body burning calories Your digestive system will burn well it will itself consume calories in digestion
it will burn those How can I improve my digestion? Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with food With a glass of water 3 times a week Drink green tea a lot Take a lot of matcha You take probiotics 10 days
Before breakfast every two months Take digestive enzymes with food This improves digestion It increases stomach acid It improves your digestive system And if your digestive system improves You will lose weight your depression will go away Your nervous problems will be addressed The stress will decrease The immunity will rise I say otherwise?
Wouldn’t I say otherwise? The other thing This is if you want to lose weight Exercise
And sleep well OK? The other point
If you want to cure any disease First, fix your genes Refer to the EPIGENETICS episode The press that prints diseases The printer that produces proteins That makes diseases or makes health You are the one who controls it Control it with proper nutrition Control it with good sleep Control it with your love for life Your optimism Expecting and waiting for good things to happen And your trust in God’s Mercy And that the coming days are better than the previous one Your belief that any disease has a cure And anything that God tests you with
It is test and will pass You will not stay in this situation
It is not the end of your life So the first thing is to fix your genes I will put to you the link to the EPIGENETICS episode (in the description of the video) The second thing is to reduce stress “We have certainly created man into kabad (hardship)” (Koran 90:4) Kabad is hardship, I know that I never mean
When I tell you to lower the pressure The lack of emotion and nervousness Or away from pressure We all live under pressure
No one is happy with everything in his life Be it rich or poor Famous or not famous Whether small or old Rather, what I mean Reduces stress How to deal with stress
Correctly ? If you think about everything that happens in an organised way You will improve a lot If you believe that every problem has a solution With thinking, arrangement and comfort You will be able to control the pressure If you take vitamin C. And sleep well
and nurture your body with proper nutrition And refrain from consuming sugars You will have the ability
To handle pressure well If you drink water and walk bare feet
to get rid of the (electrical) charges And expose your body to the sun And the percentage of vitamin D is regular in your body The stress will be reduced by these factors This will (reduce your stress) no matter what And certainly before all of this
First and foremost, resort to prayer When you have a problem
Go to prayers and supplication to God first If you handle stress well Your body is unlikely to change to an emergency state
in which cortisol rises and pressure rises
and sugar rises Insulin is disturbed And you become obese (and suffer from) Atherosclerosis And insulin resistance The thyroid gland is disturbed The adrenal gland is stressed Why does all this happen? Because you live under stress
And cortisol rises in your body If you adjust your cortisol … All of this will improve One of the most important things Which we will face O family of “Fekr Tany”, next year What is there, family!? Next year, how to deal with stress God, many things and many diseases
would disappear worldwide If you fix your genes And if you reduce stress The third thing If you live a good life I don’t want to lose weight
I do not want to gain weight I do not suffer from any disease, praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds I want to lead a healthy life I am healthy and want to stay healthy Like what you say Until I reach the age of 70, 80 or 90
what should I do? At first I will speak on the health side not the aspect of success in life First you must refrain from three things We will refrain from sugars and sweets forever And we will absolutely refrain from glutinate We will refrain from cow’s milk And absolutely refined vegetable oils For any individual at any age and for all reasons We get rid of them completely Let’s talk about them separately Sugar substitute If you are healthy I am talking about those who are healthy Honey spoon is an excellent alternative and organic stevia is excellent And fruits are excellent Like dates And figs And grapes In a small amount 3 times a week as a snack in between the main meals Eat any fruit
It is a good type of sugar If you are in good health So we prevented sugars The second gluten What is its replacement? Buckwheat is excellent Oats are excellent Or quinoa is very excellent White basmati rice When washed well
Until you get rid of the white starchy substance in it You can take it without worry And you can eat oats without worry You can eat sweet potatoes without worry All these things are healthy and good starches And gluten free And in the types of milk Avoid only cow’s milk God created many animals from which we take milk Why do we insist only on cows ?! The buffalo is excellent The camels are awesome Goats are many Sheep are many But cow’s milk
It makes the calf big in size This is on top of it containing casein and lactose Please prevent cow’s milk Take any other alternative Like almond milk without sugar And coconut milk And if these things are highly priced Look for goat’s milk Sheep, camels, and buffalo In Egypt, buffalo milk is abundant Drink buffalo milk If you do not suffer of lactose intolerance very important And in fat We use butter Or cold olive oil Or coconut oil Or sesame oil These are the fat substitutes for the new year For those who have not really changed it, family of “New Thought” So the first thing to do is to live right The second is to play sports Drink enough water We forget to drink water If your urine is dark This is evidence that your body suffers from toxins Urine should be light in color The presence of water in your body makes you not age (stay young) The presence of water in your body makes it not store water The presence of water revives the cells It makes it thriving Water is life You should drink 3 or 4 liters of water daily very important Next thing, what do we do with drinking water? Oxygen Breathe properly By God, then By God again,
there are people who have recovered from hypertension Just by breathing I swore to God
Say I am a liar, what do I say? When you breathe properly It causes oxygen to reach the brain
Stress decreases When you breathe properly Oxygen reaches every cell
Stress decreases The cell gets rid of its output And its energy increases Just through deep breathing, morning and evening Refer to the EPIGENETICS episode People who meditated Or correct breathing They practiced yoga They recovered from heart disease The Heart Institute is the one that did these studies Review the episode, I don’t want to repeat it Breathing Learn to use all of your lungs Don’t just use only the top part of your lungs Which is what we do with normal breathing You are only using this part (a very small part) of the lung Fill your lungs, that’s free Fill your chest with air Ten times in the morning as soon as you open your window Thank God for the blessing
Hold a little the breath that you have taken Then slowly let it out Ten times in the morning Ten times in the afternoon Ten times at night Breathe free oxygen Your life will change Fourth sleep Your hormones get regulated during sleep And your bones regenerate during sleep Those who tell me “your skin is excellent” Praise to God, Praise to God The secret is Sleeping. When will your cells regenerate? If you did not sleep at night from 10pm
Until 5 am When will you renew? How will your hormones be regulated? How will the body fix the food you eat? How will it fix the brain cells in which litter was found? It does not repair except at night Your hormones are regular only at night You do not lose weight except at night Do you think that you lose weight in the gym? No this is calorie burning But the body cleans itself from fat And actually get rid of them while you sleep at night When do your muscles get bigger?
When you are in the gym? By God, that does not increase any muscle one centimeter at the gym. When you sleep Construction begins It turns off the energy that goes into the digestive system, the eye and the brain, and it works in the muscles
and clean itself up Like big cities When do cleaning workers work in (big cities)? when people sleep..
They start cleaning until dawn People wake up and find the city clean God created this system in your body When you do not sleep from 10 am to 4 pm what shall I say ? The other point Eat safe food Generally pay attention to food sources And if the organic food is highly priced, Refer to the episode How to get rid of pesticides Do not put any food that you do not know what it is
to your mouth or your children’s mouths As long as you can choose
Between what God created and what humans made You eat things that God created, that’s beautiful Anything implanted is definitely better than anything manufactured such as a packaged potato (chips) bag Anything planted Even fruit is certainly better than processed meats such as
Basterma Mortadella, sausage, or burger Or Indumie anything that humans make
like pasta Whatever things God created from earth Or from an animal Try resorting to living things That God created It is not the things that are sourced from factories The easiest way is to ask yourself
Did this stuff exist 100 or 150 years ago or not If it did not exist
Do not buy it for your children and do not feed it to them The other thing to keep my life healthy Live for something you love The (famous) study that was held in Harvard For 75 years They found that the healthiest people And the happiest people are those who do things they love Whoever marries someone they love Who does a job they love We in Egypt say (about something very bad)
“This way of living shortens life” I will leave you and go
By God, people say this (as an idiom) It really does not reduce age
It eats up of your life The poisoned relationships surrounding you Son, you live one life! Don’t get lost in a troubled relationship Don’t waste it on a meal that harms you Do not sit with bad company Do not poison your environment If the environment around you at work is not something you enjoy By God, there are people who do a job they do not like and they married a traditional marriage, (without having known each other)
And they could not love each other after that And their financial level is low and they wonder why they suffer from depression What do you do that you love? What do you do that you love? Of course people who are 60 or 70 years old Do not say “what is gone is gone” (it is too late for me) “and there is certainly no way out for me”
We will adjust what we can, God willing I talk about the youth Always make your choices for what makes you feel happy Sit with the person who makes you happy Friend, companion, wife, or, or, … Do the job that helps you achieve yourself And if the work is not something you like Don’t quit, but make a plan
To quit within 5 years And if your financial level is simple,
make a plan to change that in the next 5 years Take steps this is what I mean
And not to quit your job now and beg Plans
Plans I tell you the new year New Year’s plan If you ask me I’ve got a year plan And a five-year plan And a ten-year plan
If God gives me age All this is recorded and considered This is supposed to be for everyone If you do not have a dream to live for What for do you live? I do not want to speak on personal development
Let us return to “New Thought” For your health A very important factor Be in a place you love With someone you love And do what you love The beginning of the new year episode I ask God this would be a happy year to you And that everyone can achieve their goals And everyone approaches their dreams If you are in the “planting” phase, Wait for your harvest, it will surely come And if you are in the harvesting phase, Always thank God And look for a bigger dream you will “reap” (achieve) in the coming years “And my success is not but through Allah. Upon him I have relied, and to Him I return”. – Koran, Hud 88. Follow the “New Thought” channel And publish it, it is in English and the “Your Food, Your Medicine” Channel (links in the video description) Peace be upon you Bye

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  43. اهلن بالبطل كل عام وانت بالف الف خير يا غالي عزيز علينه يا انسان الصحيح الله يجعلك المخلص للصحه من الامراض الكاذبه الي كذبو علينه بيه وسود حياتنه

  44. ماذا اقول وما توكلي الا على اله الله يرزقك حسن الخاتمه الله يرزقك الشباب لداء بحق الصلاة على محمد واله

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  48. أذكرو الله


    ║وصـلوا ؏ الحبيب " םבםב "ﷺ║


  49. لوسمحت يادكتور
    أثناء التنفس هل الزفير نخرجة من الأنف او الفم

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  53. هذا الحلقة اختصرت كثير امور يا ريت تنزلها علي القناة الرسمية

  54. فكر تانى

    العيلة كلها بتحب دكتور كريم
    هو جدنا وكبير العيله

  55. ربنا يوفقك يارب في القناة الجديده ويزيد متابعيك يارب وينفع الناس بك أخيك (جمال صلاح)

  56. السلام عليكم
    جزاك الله كلخير ووفقك وسدد خطاك لوسمحت يادكتور كل غيديو تنزلو يكون بالوصف تحت رابط كل قناة عندك سواء طبية او تنمية

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