Healthy BBQ Baked Beans | #10HealthyMeals | DJ BBQ

Healthy BBQ Baked Beans | #10HealthyMeals | DJ BBQ

What’s that? You guys want a baked bean recipe? With BBQ flavours? Where you bring the BBQ in doors? Well it is that time of the year Food Tuber’s. I’m DJ BBQ. You ask and you shall receive. BBQ’d baked beans. It’s a tasty, healthy, rad dish. We’ve got vegetables, we’ve got flavours, we’ve got beans, we’ve got pulses, we’ve got all that awesome noise coming your way. In our foundation of flavour. We’ve got two chopped red onions, we’ve got two chopped whole carrots, two chopped cloves of garlic, and the all important chile. Everybody say with me. Chile. One more time. Chile. Okay, so now we’re going to add a bit more flavour to the foundations of our awesomeness. One level teaspoon of chilli flakes. Leave out the chilli if you want to. A level teaspoon of cumin seeds. Get in there cumin seeds. A heaped teaspoon of paprika. And then we hit it with some olive oil. And mix all those lovely flavours together. Lets have a party. Woo! So, there’s our lovely base flavours. So these go into the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, until they turn soft. 350 degrees Fahrenheit for my friends on the other side lake Atlantic. There you go. Have fun little dudes. Whilst those cats are cooking in the oven I’m going to prep the sweet potatoes, So we;re going to get six sweet potatoes rocking. We’ll hit them with some olive oil, Sea salt, and pepper. And then we give them a lovely massage. Hey, can we play some baby making music right now? And we massage our sweet potatoes. Make sure that all that sweet, sweet love comes pouring out. Our sweet potatoes have been seasoned and massaged with olive oil, so we’re going to go into the oven for about an hour at the same temperature as the vegetables. And these guys get to come out, and that’s what you want to see. Nicely softened up, and these guys need the next layer of flavour. Two cans of beans, you can use any beans. So get them in there. It all goes in. Then, we’re going to add a big old bottle of possata. Two sprigs of rosemary. Finely chopped. So stir up all those flavours. Now, we bring the outdoors in. With 100ml of BBQ sauce. Now, you can use store-bought stuff, or you can make mine, or you can make Jamie’s. Mine’s a little bit better. But Jamie’s is so good. Try mine. 100ml of BBQ sauce goes in. Smokey, sweet, goodness. So the BBQ sauce, the beans, the possata, the chopped tomatoes, all those flavours, with that chopped rosemary all go into our tray. And it goes back into the oven to join our six sweet potatoes. Until they are done. Remember, a 180 degrees Celsius, 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So in the mean time, I’m going to do some popping and break dancing for the next 45 minutes. Hey what’s up guys. Alright, I’ve got one more layer of rad flavour. You don’t have to do this, but if you do it’s going to take this thing to the upper atmospheres of radiliciousness. And that is. Cheesy croutons. So, we got our tray. You know, any kind of left-over bread you got, make some croutons. So I’m only going to use half this bad boy. Alright, so I’m going to grab some olive oil and drizzle it on the bread. And now we’re going to need about 40 grams of cheese. And we’re going to make it rain. Cheddar cheese. It’s my favourite kind of rain. So forty grams onto our ripped up bread, So it goes in the oven. You guys need twenty more minutes and then you all become one. Get a room. Food dudes. So the beans, they just smell phenomenal. And the sweet potatoes are looking lush. We’ve also got the croutons. Oh man, there’s a tear trickling down my cheek because I’m so happy with these beans. Get down here. Look at these guys. I mean all that kind of juice has reduced and intensified the flavours of that BBQ sauce. Man, those onions and that kind of spicy chillis have all embedded themselves into these beans. These are so good! But we’re not done man. We’ve got to add the sweet potatoes. Throw them in there. We’re going to give them a little bit of a smush, and then we’re going to add our croutons. That you can take to the table, and serve it up and share it. Or say you just want a meal for one, right? So you grab yourself a plate, You grab yourself a sweet potato, you grab a knife and you go for the lightening bolt cut. Push it up like that. You get a big spoonful of the beans, and you drizzle some yogurt on top. Throw a couple of them croutons on the side there. Goodness gracious. Lets get in there. Those beans are so smokey and sweet and delicious with a tiny bit of a kick. Oh man, that is so good. Now this dish, and loads of other healthy recipes are on There’s a link down below. And if you haven’t subscribed to Food Tube yet hit the button over there. And I’d love to see you guys over on my channel DJ BBQ for lots of outdoor smokin’ and grillin’. And if you want to take a break from your screens, you can check out my cook book. There it is. The BBQ Book, by DJ BBQ. 50 recipes to change the way you grill. I’m DJ BBQ and I’m going to finish the rest of this rad sweet potato, with baked beans and cheesy croutons. Check you guys next time.

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  1. I skip most of the parts because you're making a fool out of yourself. You are loud and annoying. Please stop doing that, you make delicious food, thats pretty much enough.

  2. DJ be you and always be you thats whats great about YOU love the videos makes my happy to watch as a matter of fact all you guys on Food Tube are great with that being said WHYYY YOUUUU COOKINGGGG SOOOOOOO GOOOODDDDDDDD!!!

  3. i'm probably one of the youngest viewer but i love cooking so much and did this recipe for my family and it was soo good!

  4. This recipe looks awesome, will try it. 
    Regarding the presenting style: It is really not my cup of tea, it reminds me of Jamie in his Naked Chef period. But hey, as long as the recipes looks and tastes good, that`s really all that matter 🙂 

  5. Thank you for your answer DJ BBQ. You wrote:
     I did.  Pay attention
    But please have a look at minute 1:52. There I see four fingerrings dripping of oil. And sorry, I think this is not OK for public cooking.And yes, I think I did pay attention.

  6. G'day mate, 

    Would love to see you use this recipe and expand on it as a brekky dish using eggs and chorizo and some halloumi. Sounds amazing and will definitely be checking it out.

    I know some blokes and sheilas are giving you some flack on your mannerisms but hey, it makes you unique and entertaining and i'll bet a bloody ripper of a cook. Keep it up mate and as another request I would love to see you do some cold or hot smoking (salmon or other fish) and also how to do a bloody decent stir fry without stuffing up the veggies or the meat so they're tough or over done!!!

    Cheers from Down Under 🙂

  7. I'm a vegetarian and i tried it. Personally I'm not a fan of BBQ sauce, so I dropped it. But even without the BBQ sauce it was absolutely AMAZING, so rich and so delicious. I'll cook this again. So glad that i have some leftovers.  

  8. Looks lovely!! Quite a big portion though, could I freeze it? If not how long would it last in the fridge?? Thanks!!

  9. Just made this for dinner – IT WAS AMAZING
    my two flatmates loved it too . Thanks for the awesome recipe – it was great for us uni students and so cheap!

  10. Another winner in our house, nothing there we don't like, have some guys in the family will polish that off in no time, chilli burgers and a couple of crates of beer, happy times, keep 'em coming DJ BBQ.

  11. tried the recipe a couple of days ago for my guests, it was awesome! (Just for the barbecue sauce I used my own recipe, though I am sure DJ barbecue´s and Jamie´s recipes make a great job as well) greetings from Vienna!

  12. I tried making the beans yesterday with a few minor changes and the result was delicious. Instead of canned beans I soaked mine overnight and instead of passata(which we don't get easily here in the US), I blanched, de-skined , de-seeded and pureed some fresh roma tomatoes. Served it on warm toasted french bread with some cheese on top.

    I also have some left over. I'm going to toss that up with some crispy bacon today evening. I'm sure that will take it even beyond the upper atmosphere of radeliciousness and put it into a foodgasmic orbit. After all, everything tastes better with bacon.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe DJ BBQ.

  13. Definitely gonna try this out, with added peppers and pulled pork stirred in with the beans. <3

    Also, would the beans be freezable? 🙂 Thanks!

  14. OK, good I have seen a enough… , switching back to Genaro Contaldo, after watching Italian and French FOOD TUBE , this look like a joke … 😀

  15. Im just 16 and i was feeling i wanted baked beans and i searched it on yt and BAM! This comes upp! Damn i really need to try these when im older!

  16. Just sitting here unsuspectingly getting recipe tips and taking in the high energy presentation, then the body-popping interlude had me cracking up 🙂

  17. I made this last night. Didn't have pasatta, but just used a can of tomatoes that I blended smooth. It took almost en extra hour to reduce properly. Totally delish.

  18. omg i just cooked this and it was soo good. i also used the bbq sauce that i made from dj bbq's recipe and it greatly enhanced the overall flavor. i will definitely make this again sometime, thanks!

  19. I just made this last night and it turned out amazing! not only is it simple to make, I used all organic and gluten free ingreidients and it worked perfectly! this is a must for my recipe book 🙂

  20. After 20 minutes my onions were not nearly that cooked i had to turn up the heat to 420(blaze) and bake for 30more minutes!

  21. This vid made my day, and hopefully the recipe will make my evening! Thanks for the positive vibes and the instructions for this dish I can't wait to devour.

  22. So glad your hat is not a Santa Cruz one cause then the baked beans would be mixed with pre-workout and Redbull and I don't think that would be a good flavour.

  23. Hi all, i want to use this recipe but cook it in my bbq smoker? would i just use all the same ingredients and just smoke everything? thanks

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