Healthy Recipes: Refreshing Protein Packed Fruit Smoothie

Healthy Recipes: Refreshing Protein Packed Fruit Smoothie

What’s up, kids? Kris Gethin in the
kitchen again, the place that I hate to be
but anyway, it’s gotta be done. We gotta fuel this workouts. So what I’m gonna do now, again,
something quick and easy ’cause that’s what I’m all about, easy. I’m gonna put together a shake. I’ve got like a cup
of cold water here. I’m gonna put 3 teaspoons
of low-fat yogurt in there. I got some strawberries here
that I’m throwing in, five strawberries, and I’ve got some
mixed fruits here, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. I’m gonna throw in like
3 teaspoons of that in there. You’re gonna have to count that
up yourself of how much that is, I don’t know, but it’s 3
spoons of that mess there. I just like to mix it
in because it’s easy. I don’t care so much
about the taste, even though this
tastes damn awesome. I care about getting the
antioxidants in there more than anything. We build up a lot of free
radical damage when we’re training so it’s essential that
we have a lot of antioxidants to, you know, to beat down
that free radical damage and obviously, you know, the
catabolic scavengers that we put our body through every
day, you know, through stress, through cortisol and
through the working out if you’re training hard,
that is, you know? Then I’m gonna start
putting some flax in here. So I love my flaxseeds. I’m putting in about
a teaspoon in there. I’m gonna put in some almonds. Is this open? I guess not. Okay, I’m gonna put in six,
seven almonds in there and the same with the walnuts just
to make sure that we get some essential fats. And then the protein that I like
to use, I like to use a blend and this is the
banana flavor by CNP. I love the CNP because
it mixes really thick. So I’ll put in 1-1/2 scoops
of that which will give me about 40–
35-40-grams of protein. Reseal that. And then this is a up to
you, I like to put some cinnamon in myself. I just add a little bit of
cinnamon on top of that. But again, you can put any type
of protein powder that you want in there, if you want
chocolate, you want vanilla or what have you, you know? And then we’ll
blend that bad boy up. I like to have it
relatively thick. Again, it’s entirely up to
you how thick you want it. Okay, that’s pretty much done. You can add sweetener in there
if you want Stevia like I know a lot of the Americans they love
their sweets but, you know us, Brits, we’re a little bit more
hard core than you guys, you know, so we
have it just straight, straight laced like that. So there you are, your
protein-packed smoothie. Now the macros in that,
you probably got, you know– I don’t count my macros. I don’t count my
calories, so to speak. You know, I pretty
much eyeball everything. You know, if I’m training larger
body parts, I’ll bump it up a little bit as opposed to
like smaller body parts or non-training
days or whatever. So but in here, you know,
you’ve probably got around 45 grams of protein. Carbohydrates, you’re got
anywhere–you know, it’s not that many because, you know,
it’s mainly coming in from the fruits. But, you know, you
probably got about 15, 20 grams of carbohydrates. Sometimes if I really want to
bump this up first thing in the morning, then I’ll put in
probably like a cup of oats in there as well. When you put oats in there, just
dry oats, it’ll really nice too. So that’s good, you
know, as an option. But if you want this just
in between or, you know, later on in the day, it’s
great, especially in this hot Indian weather,
it’s nice and refreshing. Okay, so there you go, your
protein-packed fruit smoothie.

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  1. Iv got that same blender and its awesome! Perfect amount every-time, its so easy!! I got mine from Curry's in the UK and it cost me 17 pound i think!? Bargain!!

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