High Protein Smoothie Recipe | Vegan | Bodybuilding

High Protein Smoothie Recipe | Vegan | Bodybuilding

what's up guys today I thought I'd try something a little bit different and share my go-to protein smoothie with you the main ingredients are a ripe banana 100 grams of strawberries 50 grams of blueberries and 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder for extra calories and taste I'm also using coconut water and peanut butter and I have some chia seeds and goji berries thrown in for good measure I have this movie in the morning or after a workout the calories for this smoothie are high so if you're cutting back on your calories this probably isn't for you as you can see each serving has 616 calories 82 grams of carbs 15 grams of fat and 39 grams of protein so the banana goes in first followed by the strawberries and the blueberries a few of the blueberries were trying to avoid blender but there is no escape next add in the goji berries for taste and the chia seeds or some extra nutritional goodness for this smoothie I use 200 milliliters of coconut water as you can see I went a little over but I won't tell if you won't coconut water really add a nice taste of the smoothie next is the peanut butter and you can use any nut butter you like an almond or cashew if you don't like peanuts I had some issues getting this off the spoon so you have to lick it off I normally use vegan smart protein powder but today I am using spirit een once everything is in if there's any space left I had a little bit of water so the mixture isn't too thick next I screw on the lid give it a quick shake and blend it for about 30 seconds watch out for the blueberries their skins do tend to get stuck in your teeth as you will see the end result looks and tastes amazing it has a really thick consistency it's a bit like cake batter if you liked this video don't forget to give it a like and subscribe if you want to be notified about new videos

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  1. Smoothies are becoming more popular. This thick, blended beverage might be a meal unto itself. Maybe it's an effective breakfast, or even an after-school snack. This website gives you great smoothie recipes: https://goo.gl/myXe70 Perhaps you're reducing your weight or adding more fruit and veggies into your diet from a workout, then proceed with the recipe and initiate making your own personal smoothie. Take advantage of the fun and joy at the same time experience the healthy non-fat meal for that refreshing day.

  2. I want a smoothie maker to make some badass fruit juices, right now its crazy heat and all I have is tea and coffee, yeah i love them but in this weather is too hot haha

  3. Great video, except the peanut butter…. yuk!!

    That clip of you licking the spoon will haunt my dreams for day….. :'-(

  4. dude I frickin love this video, just the right length, all the info you need and a bit of comedy lol GOOD JOB 🙂

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