Hip Opening Yoga ♥ The Hipster Release | Wanderlust Yoga

Hip Opening Yoga ♥ The Hipster Release | Wanderlust Yoga

hey guys welcome to your hip release yoga today is going to be a 10 minute yoga sequence thats going to focus on opening your hips if you’ve been sitting a desk for a really long time or travelling on an airplane or perhaps even over working through hiking or walking u feel tightness in your hips thats caused by the tightness in your gluten and hip flexors that are working together and striking back at you complaining what are you doing to my body so this 10 minute sequence will help u release all that tension open up your hips and leave you feeling relaxed and open so if your ready grab two yoga blocks, or two books a mt and some water and lets do this hipster yoga alright guys so where going to start laying down on your mat with your knees hugged into your chest so whenever your ready bring ur feet forward and come to the florr give yourself a big hug and a gentle rock side to side and extending your legs and reaching for the back of your thighs give the back of your legs a little bit of a massage where going to take our happy baby posture open the legs bend your knees and reach for the ankles to the feet or peace fingers reaching for the toes and then you’re brining the knees down to the floor as far as you can and then adding a little rock side to side or just stay here on the floor and breath so you really want to think about pulling those legs right into the floor and then from here extending your legs bring your knees into the chest where going to get ourselves all the way up so bring ur feet down tuck your chin into your chest and lift and then from here were going to cross our feet come up to hands and knees position lets take a few steps back tucking your toes under and taking our downward facing dog stretch out your legs and were going to take a quick flow here to warm up that body chaturanga or knees chest chin upward dog and downward dog and then from here walking your hands towards your feet and rounding up through the spine two and three finding a good centre rolling your shoulders back a couple times and inhale reach your hands up and hands are going to come to center as we take a big giant step with your left foot and turn your body width wise along your mat from here were going to take what we call a yogic squat and this again really opens up your hips your going to turn out your feet hands in a prayer position and begin to slowly bend your knees and come down as far as you can ideally you want the elbows touching your knees and you’re pushing your knees away from your body with your elbows good and just hold here if having your hands at your knees is to much you can always let go and push your knees with elbows and breathe and then from here slowly come back up wide legged forward fold transiotiing right into our full side split don’t get intimidated by the name deep breath in exhale and fold forward from the hips not the lower back all the way down hands to the floor or you can always grab a prop or a book or chair and slowly lowering your body our goal is to get that forehead to touch the floor ok were now going to get a little bit more trickier your going to walk your feet out as far as you can this is where your going to take it to your own level and you can come down all the way to your elbows if thats possible for you I want you to feel this stretch inside your inner thighs opening your hips come all the way down hold here breathe again for me i feel the stretch all the way down I’ve been doing this for a little bit longer so my body needs a little more but for you your going to whatever level is good good now when you’re ready to come out just slowly press your hands lift your body begin to walk your feet a little bit closer hands to your hips bend your knees and slowly begin to round the spine good coming up to a nice standing position inhale reach up and exhale bring hands all the way down beside your body opening your left foot and taking a big step with your right foot to meet both feet at the top of your mat lets take our flow here reach up exhale fold half way exhale step towards the back into plank chataranga knees chest chin up dog down dog inhale reaching your right leg up opening your hips now so staking your right hip over your left hip bending that top knee and reach your heel to your butt hold here now were going to take our pigeon stretch to get deeper into glutes right knee goes over to right thumb sit tall again if you like to place a block or book under your hip go right ahead you can place a pillow or a book or yoga block if you don’t have one you can always just hold yourself like this and if you’re of course going a little deeper you can get yourself all the easy down couple more breathes here feel stretch along right glute and then slowly coming back up now were going to take our double pigeon stretch so were going to call it the log posture going really deep into the hips your going to shift your weight into the right side frist and take that back leg and swing it around gonna face towards you so you’re going to place right knee in front of you about 45 deg your left heel comes over top of your knee this is again your going to see how far you can go if your here that totally fine just hold and push that knee down if you’re a little bit more open in the hips you can let that hip come down and slowly take your body over now here were feeling this in our left side breathe in exhale one more time and let go very nice slowly coming back up and taking the top leg and swing in back around and back hands to the floor and step backing downward dog and going right into the other side inhale left leg up open up the hips stack left hip over right hip bend that top knee deep breath exhale pigeon on the left side left knee left thumb and then from here again feel free to come all the way down or stay up with your prop one more deep breath here and exhale slowly come up were going to take your double pigeon take that back leg swing it all the way around right heel comes over top of your left knee and you’re going to see how far that other knee will go take it to your own level deep breath in and exhale see if you can take ur body forward make sure you’re breathing here never want to hold your breath you want to give your body oxygen so you can go deeper and deeper and slowly coming up back into your piegone and then come over to downward dog and a little walk on the spot and then slowly taking your knees down sitting over to one side and bringing your feet to the very front were going to take our butterfly stretch again good stretch to open the hips so placing soles of your feet together open nice and wide hold on to your toes inhale reaching from the crown of your head and taking your body forward you can also reach your arms forward if you like and then slowly coming back up very nice and bringing your knees together and extend your legs out and give them a nice little shake and then cross your feet infront very nice guys thank you so much for watching i hope your hips feel a lot more open a little more stretched out if you have any questions feel free to comment below or like my video if you like to see more videos like this thanks so much and enjoy the rest of your day ill see you again soon bye

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  1. Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here. Love you guys and thank you so much for your support!! <3
    Stay connected with us and check out our DVD program www.bohobeautiful.life.

    Love and Light*

    Juliana and Mark

  2. Thank you <3

    you have to know that you have been such a great help for me in my life especially in the hard times i have been going through…
    I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And i keep telling people here about your Amazing Channel Because i want everybody to feel the well being through your videos

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I rarely ever stretch but because I'm trying to take better care of my body I want to incorporate yoga and stretching with my wrought training routine. Thank you so much I don't know if I'll be as flexible as you but this helped lol

  4. Love this workout, I can't believe how my hips are actually not that stretchy, even though my back is very flexible so I found these exercises great!

  5. Your videos are wonderful! I can’t believe you even have any thumbs down…as a former dancer, I appreciate how well thought out your exercises are and love them! Thank you!

  6. I would love some more of your hip opener videos, I really enjoy them and I feel that they are helping me =) thank you so much for your help I love your virtual yoga classes!!

  7. This should have been super easy . . . I’m a dancer and have really big oversplits. But wow, I still felt the stretches! Thanks!
    P. S. I subscribed today. 🙂

  8. How to get the forward bends? I seem to have trouble with that. Also, I have loose joints so prone to injury. So how to build up muscle strength first before really stretching into a pose?

  9. You have an amazing body. You inspire me. I need to stop eating sugar and get this pain out of my body. In another ten years I will be 60 and I don't want to be on a walker. I wanna be doing what your doing. Btw what music is that ?

  10. Hi, i m french and i m not vert good in english,but i suscribe to your Channel because i love your training and i Troy to understand something sometimes…..🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️lets continue.thanks for thé beautiful location….Jennifer

  11. Your videos are quickly
    Helping me become more limber, sleep better as a result of the relaxation, and I’m finding strength in muscles I didn’t know I had, haha.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate you greatly for what you do. 🙏

  12. If our stretching is clear and we don't open it till 6 months and our stretching is closed ,so,how to open it in faster way?

  13. Thank you for giving back freely! The best yoga series! The scenes, the quick series, the music, the gentle guidance and safety! I feel great!!

  14. Thank your for this video. My range of motion in my hip joints are better than ever. Better than physical therapy. Keep up the great work. Outstanding!

  15. I’ve just added this as part of my evening routine. Having tight hips has been an issue for me for a little while now, but after just one session, I can already feel this will be a great decision. Thank you for your video. I’m excited to explore more

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  17. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have ridiculously tight hips, my question is will this routine just loosen my hips or will it gradually increase my hip flexibility aswell? Love the video !! liked and subscribed

  18. I really wanted to make it all the way through this video, but the music was overpowering the lovely instructor and honestly it made more anxious than calm.

  19. I must have done this class a thousand times now and is equally as good today as it was a few years ago , you are an inspiration!!😃

  20. Great stretches for hips and opening up those hipsters as well.love this stretch definitely will be doing more of these in my yoga workouts

  21. Boho, firstly thank you so much for sharing your yoga practice with the world, it truely is some of the best guided yoga videos i've come across!.

    This video and your 20min Ashtanga Sequence, filmed in the Maldives, are my 'go-to' Yoga sessions. If there was a way you could combine the two into a full body sequence with the flows in Astanga combined with the hip focus in this video, it would be perfect!

  22. I cant do the yoga but I just try stretching and I can feel the tension releasing it feels all warm in the muscles almost hot is that normal? When I stretch my arms it feels hot all over my chest, is that good?

  23. I saw you smirk on the butterfly stretch, you know this hard to do. I can feel the stretch from my groin all the way to  for head.

  24. Please never take this video down… I've been doing this almost every day after work and I love it. I also love your five minute miracle workouts which pair very well with my other workouts. Thank you! I need all of these since my back surgery several months ago!

  25. For god sake, this is for an advanced level not for some one who was traveling or working 🧐🧐🧐

  26. U look great doing this but as a beginner, I think this was way too advanced looking. I think u should have shown a modified version as well as the way advanced

  27. Hello Dear ones <3 I remember you asking awhile back new Ideas and I thought I could share with you something Ive been missing in lots of yoga videos! I have skoliosis and I have found a lot of relief from yoga to it. Id like to tend to it in the morning before I continue my day, but I dont have lots of time. So my fisrt Idea is that you could do Morning yoga vid, for releasing skoliosis, Ive found alot of relief from the twists and neck stuff and streching my chest. Like 15 minutes or so. Also what I have missed is proper explanations toward each pose safely, when they are new to me. And the Ive missed Slowmotion kid of yoga where you could yummy the poses like in yin put not so stagnant. Also I have fantasized about this kind of 30 day challence where you strenghten the muscles in 3-fold schedule, like in gym day one legs day two core day three upper body, and also included the streching aimed to that specific area in the resting days. And It would get harder each month. And also I dont know if its possible to do yoga for singers or yoga for astral travel, yoga for different phases of the year, or yoga for when you are sick, depressed etc. I dont know if you still have the need for Ideas, or this is even the right place to say my ideas… I also would like to thank you both I started doing yoga independently with your videos and it really helped me along my way when I was struggling along period of time few years back <3 Thank you! You do Great and important job <3 Also, Greetings from Finland <3

  28. I don't play this video if my bf is around cause I am pretty sure he'd be more interested in watching you than me 🙁 Wish I looked like you!!! Omg. I can lose weight and tone up, etc but I cannot grow longer legs. BUT I really do enjoy this one! It gets deep in there were my hips and booty are seriously too tight and sore. My flexibility was starting to improve as I stretched alot a number of years ago and now I am like this giant introverted knot now. My only issue is that I can't really see what you're doing on my screen while I am upside down! Instead of wireless bluetooth ear buds we need wireless goggles that connect to your tv or whatever lol I am sure it exists somewhere.

    My back just cannot stretch. I find it impossible to flatten my back doing so many moves! Is it possible to really become flexible even after being inflexible your whole life?

  29. I love you because of your choosen life style, your open soul for yoga, keep it up girl👍I am going to try this definitely

  30. I try today that's grt, but in your next vedio will keep the music volume little low, your voice is important it's should be clean and clear.

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