Homer Super Fat

Homer Super Fat

this new exercise program is great yeah every muscle in my body's getting a workout especially my big fat mouth yeah especially your big fat Oh mustard South must hurt South lost herself both tunnel syndrome no lumber lung no jugglers despair no achy breaky pelvis no never gonna be disabled I'm sick of being so healthy any doctor will tell you that oh yeah well we'll just see about that Little Miss smart guy my god that's monstrous a bastok what can I do to speed the whole thing up doctor be creative instead of making sandwiches with bread your pop-tarts instead of chewing gum your bacon you could brush your teeth with milkshake 225 that means I lost weight hmm Homer you're uh on the towel rack No hey Flanders bad day at the rat races yeah crazy guys shot a bunch of people and subway ran over my hat so that's it isn't it Marge looks I didn't know you were so shallow oh please I would love you if you weigh 1,000 pounds beautiful good night dad I'm pleased just go with a MooMoo daylight savings days lousy farmers to start press any key where's the any key I see esque Kotaro and pickup where's my tab okay then yes vent the stupid gas this whole thing is really creepy are you sure you won't talk to dad mm-hm I do honey but I'm not sure oh no we need to have a serious talk you dragged me all the way from work for that let's quietly and calmly discuss the pros and cons of your controversial plan for me you never had faith in me before but let me tell you the slim lady armor you knew is dead and where's that you scum I'll pick spike why why what the heck are you doing over there there you pawned a floor I can't feel three kinds of softness what isn't he doing just because he's overweight doesn't mean he's bad he's a sweep that overweight guy wants to see the movie I'm terribly sorry sir but I'm afraid our facilities are not equipped to meet your needs what are you talking about Oh what I'm saying sorry are just as smart and talented and hardworking as everybody else and they're gonna make their voices heard harder than ever before it's yo the world over West's place you're too high manually I never should've put you in charge why are you because I'm a big fat guy okay go anywhere because you're gonna be either poison gas I'm really gonna be really good good I'm gonna be dead especially me yes we Map Reduce please they'll be time for the frozen pudding wagon later you still owe me ten more Eirik wait quick-thinking have turned the potential to noble into a mere three mile island [Applause] mr. birds can you make me then again a guaranteed one oh no he's going over the falls snagged that tree branch oh no the branch broke off across a month away that dummy worked like a charm at best 600 bucks I ever spent come on boy in Tibet what that's ridiculous mistake no no mistake your electricity is in the name of Ouma Jason deceased the juice stays off till you get a job now just make the change here cooler dictator what are you having that secret government file anyway I have a right to read it you sure Dean wife Margot I'm sorry I never come to see you I'm just not a cemetery person I thought you were dead you know didn't anybody this dadgum the cemetery did let's just enjoy this moment mom there's something you should know about me they almost always spoil the moment I'm sorry hey since you were a no-show at all the big moments of my life you owe me years of baddest moments like this I saw all your awards Lisa they're mighty impressive I just keep him out to bug bargain don't be bashful When I was your age repor gotta run grandma stuff these are the calling cards of a con artist so glad to have my mom back I never realized how much I missed her mother Simpson we'd like to ask you a few questions about your past reminisce sleeping goat and flaky tender keiki outside wrap the inside in the outside is it good you're doing a big is the tricky part build untamed facial hair revealed a new world of rebellion of change a world where doors were open for women like me but Abe was stuck in his button-down plastic fantastic flower it's no match for my glow that's some nice flowering poor men let me help you up come on mom we used that same line and the kids when they're at camp but I did I really did I'll prove it to you any undelivered mail for home a jet engine now keep looking dude are you sure this is the woman you saw in the post office yeah absolutely who could forget such a monstrous visage geez the sloping brow and cranial boobies you've aged terribly you expect you left me to raise the boy on my own I had to leave but you didn't have to tell home or I was dead or tell me peace man bomb Vietnam four more years I used to think maybe I was adopted Wolfie back thirty years we're only now finally caught up to more ladies come by earlier that day was pretty true to play I better start with Greektown that's Homer – Simpson chief you ready to get upside-down ah cancel that APB but I'll bring back some of them gyros yeah chief you're talking into your wall oment I'm sorry sir I must the tape over that were you why did you tip us off well it's cuz of your old lady that I got rid of the asthma that was keeping me out of the economy dang sure just think of me as an anonymous friend who rose through the ranks of the spring 20 minutes of juice left don't forget me don't worry Homer you'll always be a part of me harder than ever before it's your the world over white people aren't undisciplined lazy and irresponsible rookies please they'll be time for the pros and pudding wagon later you still owe me ten more Iroquois twists ten if there's anything else I can do for you please don't hesitate to keep looking are you sure this is the woman you saw in the post office yeah absolutely who could forget such a monstrous message geez the sloping bro and I used to think maybe I was adopted I couldn't understand how I fit into this family now that I met you

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  1. Okay, at least the end filled in some gaps. Homer's legs are impossible to forget. ? And Lisa gets the bone, again, time after time.

  2. Curs out some good stuff, like the wheelbarrow (if memory serves correct ?) falling onto the guy at the construction zone. "Probably better if that didn't land on me.."

  3. "Obesity is really unhealthy, any doctor would tell you that" Lisa would not be making that statement now

  4. This is fantastic. Zoomed in 30% with all the best jokes cut out.

    You’ve really streamlined it

  5. Ralph: I heard your dad went into a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant ?

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